Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Mardi Gras. Two little words with an infinitely large explanation.  For different people it’s different things—an event, an idea, a day, a way of life, piece of history, state holiday, or a million parades and countless memories.  Think you know Mardi Gras? That it’s all about booze and beads? Think again! 


10 Things About Mardi Gras


10. Carnival is a season; Mardi Gras is a day. Sure, we all do it. “Yea, I’m going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras!” we say, when we’re actually going to see parades the weekend before Mardi Gras, or the weekend before that. Technically, “Mardi Gras” is the last Tuesday before Ash Wednesday ushers in 40 days of best behavior, and “Carnival” is the season that begins on the Feast of Epiphany. A krewe (pronounced in the same way as "crew") is an organization that puts on a parade and or a ball for the Carnival season.

9. Your dog will love Mardi Gras. Dogs just want to have fun! And that’s what they get at their very own parade in New Orleans, the Krewe of Barkus.

8. Mardi Gras is for families. Got kids? Watch parades with local families in New Orleans’ favorite family parade-watching spots, which include St. Charles and Napoleon, where turning parades leave extra long time to wheedle for goodies, and St. Charles at 3rd or 4th, conveniently close Garden District lodging.

7. The Best Ways To Get Parade Goods Aren’t Always Obvious. Sure, you could say, “Throw me something, Mister!” or you could stick your cute kid on your shoulders, but if you really want to test your suitcases’ weight limit, head to the end of the parade. You’ll be showered by effervescent float-riders with a single goal: chuck all bags of beads off before they get off the float themselves.

6. You Never Know What They’ll Throw. Bathroom humor never grows old, as evidenced by the irreverent joy of Krewe of Tucks riders in their giant toilet bowl float! The screaming crowds line the street begging for their bathroom-themed throws, including monogrammed toilet paper, sunglasses shaped like toilets, mini-plungers, and more. In Shreveport, we love the Krewe of Highland, who throw Spam and hot dogs. Anyone can come home with beads. Only those in the know get miniature squirting toilets and dinner.

5. The Best Parades Aren’t Necessarily The Biggest: Thoth. Who? Thoth. The word Thoth rhymes with “close,” that is, if you happen to say “close” with a lisp. Not only does the Thoth parade look like they are having the most fun, but Thoth also has a higher-than-normal ratio of throws. The beads represent their Egyptian roots and are covered in hieroglyphics.

4. Why We Throw Beads at Mardi Gras? Legend has it in the 1880s, a man dressed like Santa Claus recieved such fame throwing beads, that other krewes followed suit. Makes sense, seeing before that, krewes threw any manner of items, including food and dirt. Today krewes buy plastic beads en masse which parade-goers prefer over dirt! Locals still love to see throws of tiny glass bead strands, which are rare and seemed to phased out in the 1960s and 1970s.

3. The Weight Of Revelry. Think your suitcase is heavy? Officials estimate upwards of 25 million pounds of Mardi Gras items get tossed from floats—more than half of which winds up on New Orleans streets. In fact, locals like to visit ARC of New Orleans and recycle their beads for next year.

2. Mardi Gras Is a Legal Holiday. It really is! Despite the preponderance of what might “seem” like illegal activity, Mardi Gras is a legal holiday in Louisiana, and has been since 1875, when Governor Warmoth signed the “Mardi Gras Act.”

1. Mardi Gras is More Than New Orleans. When you hear “Mardi Gras” do you think New Orleans? Think again. Get your Mardi Gras groove on at the Cajun Mardi Gras in Lafayette or go dance at a Baton Rouge Mardi Gras ball. Next, check out the Mardi Gras Museum of Imperial Calcasieu in Lake Charles or the particularly family-friendly Mardi Gras in Alexandria. Mardi Gras is also celebrated all over the world including many locations in Europe and massive celebrations are found in Brazil every year!


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The Best of The Yukon

The size of Germany, Switzerland and Austira combined, a holiday to Canada's Yukon is truly a Larger Than Life experience. 


Wilderness and Wildlife

Wilderness is becoming rare, yet most of the Yukon remains wild. Here, untamed rivers course through boreal valleys, and bears, moose and caribou are abundant. Canada’s highest peaks and vast icefields shimmer beneath a periwinkle sky. With dozens of clear mountain streams and vast stretches of undisturbed wilderness, the Yukon is an adventurer’s playground.


Northern Lights

Under the cloak of darkness, the northern lights illuminate Yukon skies. Witness the sight of green, purple and red aurora borealis dancing across the sky. Try dogsledding, take in a festival, or just relax and enjoy the show overhead. Expect to leave with your heart filled with joy.


Iconic Drives

With 5,000 km of scenic well-maintained highways and roads crisscrossing the Yukon, it’s a road tripper’s dream. Just beyond the dashboard are inviting towns, campgrounds and outstanding attractions. Along the way you’ll see jaw-dropping scenery and plenty of wildlife. Explore the iconic drives, from the historic Alaska Highway to the Dempster Highway across the Arctic Circle. Tour through history, visit towns, and enjoy Yukon’s spectacular nature.


Heritage & Culture

From the performing arts to festivals to its rich First Nation heritage, Yukon's cultural roots run deep. Soak in the big talent at small-town music festivals. Peruse handmade crafts, and visit contemporary cultural centres. Meet delightful people and listen to compelling stories. Before long, the spell of the Yukon will find its way into your soul.


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16 Reasons why Kissimmee should be on your Bucket List

With a variety of outdoor, natural adventures and year-round beautiful weather, this Central Florida destination is not only the perfect escape from the dreary winter weather, but a great place to check off some of those bucket list items.  Here are 16 of our favorites:


1. Soar over alligators at Gatorland.  Wave hello to the alligators and “jumping” crocodiles below as you zip across on the park’s “Screamin’ Gator” zipline attraction. But wait, there’s more! Dare to wrestle an alligator and, go ahead, sit on top of one… It’s much safer than you think and makes a great photo-op.

2. Take the plunge at Fun Spot America – Kissimmee. You'll realize how brave you are when you link arms with a friend or two and watch the ground slip away from under you as you’re lifted 300 feet in the air, only to feel the rush of adrenaline as you plummet back down and find yourself swinging on the World's Tallest Sky Coaster.

3. Become a fighter pilot for a day. For a unique view of the area, fly in a legendary WWII P-51 Mustang at Stallion 51 or become a fighter pilot for an afternoon by taking the controls of a restored antique fighter plane at Warbird Adventures at Kissimmee Gateway Airport.

4. Soar in a hot air balloon. Getting up before dawn is well worth the effort for the experience of lifting into the sky aboard a hot air balloon. Don't forget your camera because the view of the sunrise, the theme parks and the landscape below is both exhilarating and breathtaking.

5. Glide the headwaters of the Florida Everglades on an Airboat Ride. Take in the sights as you glide through the waters of this unique wetland ecosystem on a thrilling airboat ride in search of alligators, birds and turtles. With speeds reaching up to 45 miles per hour, you are sure to feel the rush.  Experience the natural beauty of Central Florida, just minutes from the famous theme parks. Take it one step further by going on a sunset or night time airboat ride.  Spot gators simply by the glow in their eyes. 

6. Get a bird’s eye view of Central Florida from 400 feet on The Orlando Eye.  Experience breathtaking 360-degree views of Central Florida, with sights of downtown Orlando’s skyline, theme parks, lakes and lush landscape, and on a clear day, views of Cape Canaveral.

7. Walk, or trot, in the footsteps of early explorers.  Take to the trails either by foot or on horseback through scenic trails along acres of pristine Florida ranch lands and lakes.  Experience old Florida and the unique history of the land and it's settlers.  Also great for spotting wildlife and beautiful lush vegetation. 

8. Zip through the trees on the only zipline roller coaster in the U.S. Forever Florida Ziplines & Adventures in the Wild provides an adrenaline rush like no other.  Swing, swoop, jump and zip through the treetops at speeds up to 20 mph along 1,000 feet of a thrilling zipline track.  There’s also the Panther Pounce, a 68-foot tower jump, as well as the Peregrine Plunge, the fastest and longest single, straightaway zipline in Florida.    

9. Climb the tree tops: Need more treetop fun? Orlando Tree Trek has you covered, with a variety of aerial obstacles such as moving platforms, Tarzan Swings, ziplines and more.  Climb through the trees like never before while testing your endurance, balance, strength and nerves. 

10. Paddling: Get close to Florida’s natural beauty by spending the day at The Paddling Center at Shingle Creek. This eco-attraction offers a variety of ways to enjoy natural Florida from tandem kayaks, single kayaks, aluminum canoes, large paddle boards and even an electric boat. Basic paddling instruction is provided prior to launching and no previous paddling experience is necessary. It is the perfect retreat and a serene break from the action-packed theme parks.

11. Escape to an exotic island for the day at Discovery Cove:  This one-of-a-kind experience is one to mark off your bucket list.  Swim with dolphins, stingrays and tropical fish and then spend the afternoon relaxing in your own private cabana. 


12. Fishing: The Kissimmee Chain of Lakes is comprised of approximately 80,000 acres of fishable waters, making it world renowned for its largemouth bass fishing.  You are guaranteed to catch something along these waters as well as spot a variety of nesting birds and gators. 

13. Take a #Slothie. Stroll through Wild Florida’s wildlife park for a glimpse of some of Florida’s native species as well as exotic animals like their sloth family; Guy, Ana and George. Interactive experiences are available and these sloths love to pose for pictures. 

14. Travel back in time to the 11th century.  Feast on a royal meal, in the company of the Royal family, as knights defend their honor through jousting tournaments, sword fighting and majestic horsemanship in the live arena of Medieval Times.

15. The Longest Ride. Pack those boots and cowboy hats and experience the Silver Spurs Rodeo, the largest rodeo east of the Mississippi.  Annually ranked among the top 50 events sanctioned by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA), this event, which originated in 1941, has come a long way from its humble beginnings.

16. Vacation like a celebrity in a luxury rental home - Pack your bags and head to Kissimmee, the vacation home capital of the world.  With homes that range from two to fourteen bedrooms, you will have plenty of space to stretch out and relax or play a good game of hide-and-go-seek.  Vacation home amenities include a private pool, in-home movie theater and an arcade to test your gaming abilities against your friends and family plus much more. 

Bonus:  For many, a trip to Florida isn’t complete without a visit to the world-famous theme parks.  Kissimmee’s close proximity to these attractions makes it the ideal place to stay and play. 


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The Little Known & Hidden Side of Arlington

Visit a place, and you touch its soul.


Arlington, Virginia’s line-up of icons and landmarks persuasively earn its claims to being a place where history and hipness intersect. A traditional Arlington tour might include national treasures like the Marine Corps War Memorial or the Air Force Memorial. But you’re the type who wants something off the beaten path and there’s nothing more exciting than locating the overlooked, best-kept secrets that no one else seems to know about.


Here are places that make Arlington truly one of a kind:


Dark Star Park

Show up at 9:32 a.m. Aug. 1. That’s when shadows cast by the poles align with permanent forms in the shape of the shadows on the ground. The date marks the day in 1860 that William Henry Ross purchased the land that later became the Rosslyn neighbourhood. Nancy Holt is the creator behind internationally acclaimed Dark Star Park, first built in 1984 and restored in 2003. It was Arlington’s first contemporary work of public art - and sort of like the UK’s Stonehenge that is aligned to the sunset of the winter solstice and the opposing sunrise of the summer solstices—Dark Star Park has become a capital area cultural icon.


Ball-Sellers House

Built in the 1740s, the Ball-Sellers House Museum shows how the middle class used to live in Virginia’s Colonial era. Step back in time, and envision farmer John Ball, his wife Elizabeth, and their five daughters spinning wool. Or hear about William Carlin, a tailor for George Washington, who also lived in the house back then. Visit free every Saturday afternoon from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. from April through October and the summer holidays of Independence, Memorial, and Labour Days.


Gas ‘n God

It’s a Sunoco Gas Station. And it’s underneath a church! Long-time residents nicknamed it “Gas ‘n God.” Located at 1830 Fort Myer Drive, underneath the Arlington Temple United Methodist Church, this is a gas station beneath a church that promises to help equip you “for the next stage in your life’s journey.” Arlington Temple says it may be the only church in the United States built on top of a gas station, and the lease income means all donations go to ministry and mission.


Lyon Hall’s Restroom
“Insider tip: best bathroom in Arlington,” wrote a TripAdvisor reviewer.
It’s not every day that online reviewers urge you to check out the restaurant’s bathroom. So it is at Lyon Hall, a restaurant more well-known as a classic French brasserie that serves freshly baked bread, house-cured charcuterie, and handcrafted cheeses on a daily basis.

“They also have an interesting open bathroom where the men's and women's bathroom can see each other when washing your hands,” wrote one reviewer on Yelp. Said another, “Crazy bathrooms, as you wash your hands, you can see into the bathroom of the opposite sex as they too wash their hands.  It's bizarre if you've never experienced it before.”


Tunnel Experience
Just across Arlington’s Army Navy Drive from Fashion Centre at Pentagon City, you can easily access via tunnel the National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial which honours the 184 lives lost at the site in 2001.
“You walk across the street to the outer Pentagon parking lot, through a really cool tunnel under the I-395 highway and a walk on a well designated path to the memorial,” wrote blogger Nick Saraceni.

“Never felt so safe with so many service members walking through the tunnel,” wrote one TripAdvisor reviewer.


Gallery Underground
Embedded within the winding hallways of the Crystal City Shops you’ll find artistic wonders. But this is no cave painting: Gallery Underground, the premier art exhibition space for Arlington Artists Alliance members, displays sculpture; glass; ceramics and jewellery as well as drawings and creations in oil, acrylic, watercolour and mixed media. You can explore artwork that changes monthly and a free opening reception held on the first Friday of every month.


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Route 66 in Missouri: Rolla and Cuba

Route 66 has been celebrated in film, story and song. Many tales have been told about the bootleggers, bandits, movie stars, hobos, writers and singers who have travelled on this famous route. More importantly, though, are the visitors on Historic Route 66. It’s the everyday visitor who keeps Historic Route 66 thriving.


Route 66 is the longest designated scenic Byway in the state of Missouri. It takes travellers through 10 Missouri counties and passes through communities such as St. Louis, Cuba, Rolla, Springfield and Carthage.



Cuba is more than 150 years old and boasts many historic attractions. It is referred to as the “Gateway to the Ozarks” and is located close to the Meramec River. It is home to a portion of Historic Route 66. While driving through Cuba, visitors should take notice of the murals and the World’s Largest Rocking Chair.


Cuba Murals comp:
Mural City – one of Cuba’s nicknames – has 12 murals, each depicting a different, intriguing scene from Cuba’s heritage. These scenes include conflicts from the Civil War; famous people who have visited Cuba, such as Amelia Earhart and Harry S. Truman; as well as ordinary people from Cuba’s past. Drive to look at the murals yourself or book a mural tour.

The World’s Largest Rocking Chair has been placed in the Guinness Book of World Records, so it is quite a sight to see. The town of Cuba has an annual Race to the Rocker, a four-mile run that ends when you reach the Route 66 Rocker.



Rolla is home to the Missouri University of Science and Technology and boasts a history that predates the Civil War. While driving through Rolla on Historic Route 66, visitors should take notice of the Stonehenge Replica at Missouri S&T as well as the Wooden Railroad Trestle Bridge located right outside of town in St. Robert.


The Stonehenge Replica was made using approximately 160 tons of granite and cut with Missouri S&T’s Waterjet equipment. It represents a link from the past into the modern. The Wooden Railroad Trestle Bridge was built in 1941 to bring building supplies to Fort Leonard Wood. It offers a scenic overlook located along an original segment of Historic Route 66.


After playing tourist, stick around Rolla for lunch and definitely dessert. The Public House Brewing Co. and Slice of Pie are great choices for any Route 66 traveller.


The Public House Brewing Co. are offering American Pale Ale for fall as well as chocolate porter, coffee and pumpkin flavours. They also offer artisan plates, sandwiches and snacks. A Slice of Pie has been a delicious part of Rolla for almost 29 years with apple being their most popular pie. There aren’t any wrong choices when it comes to their pie, though.


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Kid friendly attractions in Fort Lauderdale!

Whether you are looking for an educational destination, one filled with sports and shopping for the whole family, the perfect dining spots for kids or South Florida's best family-friendly special events and packages, look no further than Greater Fort Lauderdale.


Kids of all ages will enjoy the Museum of Discovery & Science in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Young at Art Children's Museum is a great choice for the younger child, while Dave & Busters will brighten your older child's day. For the animal-lover and budding environmentalist, don't miss a visit to the Everglades, Butterfly World and Flamingo Gardens. Scooter, canoe, jet ski and other watersports are sure to thrill the family.


Museum of Discovery & Science

The most unique event venue in South Florida. Spanning two floors, the Museum features over 200 interactive exhibits including live animal habitats, flight simulators and featured traveling exhibits. Immerse yourself in a five-story-high film adventure at the AutoNation® IMAX® Theater, home of the BIGGEST screen in South Florida.


Young at Art Children’s Museum

Enjoy South Florida's unique hands-on children's art museum. Ride a subway, visit a cave and discover a dig in ArtScapes. STOMP to the rhythm, create sculptures and recycled puppets in GreenScapes. Learn about faraway customs in CultureScapes. Explore the world of Alice in WonderScapes. Create a masterpiece in every gallery.


Dave & Busters

Offering an impressive selection of high-quality food and beverage items, combined with an extensive array of interactive entertainment attractions such as pocket billiards, shuffleboard, state-of the-art simulators, virtual reality and traditional carnival-style amusements and games of skill.


Butterfly World

The world's largest butterfly park, home to more than 20,000 live butterflies from every corner of the globe. Marvel at hundreds of exotic birds in the 6 Free-Flight Aviaries, hand-feed the lorikeets, and explore the butterfly museum and Bug Zoo! Waterfalls, botanical gardens, passion vines, and roses complete this natural habitat. The perfect adventure for everyone!


Flamingo Gardens

Spend the day in this 60-acre, not-for-profit botanical garden and wildlife sanctuary featuring thousands of rare, exotic and native plants, some of Florida’s largest and oldest trees, and over 90 species of Florida native animals. Visit alligators, eagles, otters, panthers, bobcats, a black bear and of course, flamingos. Step back in time at the historic 1930s Wray Home Museum.


Water sports

Greater Fort Lauderdale is flowing with water-based activities. Ramp up your vacation with scuba diving, jet skiing, parasailing, boating and sport fishing. If fishing is indeed your thing, don't miss the interactive exhibits at the International Game Fish Association's Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum.


With British Airways’ new service flying direct to Fort Lauderdale it has never been easier to explore!


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10 must see stops to appreciate The Palm Beaches’ past

Did you know coconut palms got their first foothold on Palm Beach because of a shipwreck? Or that the Jupiter Lighthouse has a direct connection to the North’s victory during the Civil War? Learning the history of The Palm Beaches is fun and fascinating for any family. Here are 10 historical landmarks that will introduce you to it's entertaining past!


Boca Raton History Museum/Train Museum – Boca Raton, FL.

The City of Boca Raton takes pride in its beautifully designed old town hall. With a domed bell tower and gabled roof, this building hails back to 1926 and flaunts the elegant Mediterranean Revival style of design. But there’s more to this landmark than just its exterior. Inside, you’ll find exhibits that touch on many important moments in Boca Raton’s history, including early personal computer technologies from IBM and a study of celebrity architect Addison Mizner. There are special “museum hunts” for small children and families, and the kids are sure to enjoy a visit to Boca’s restored 1930’s train depot, complete with steam train and passenger car.


Cason Cottage House/Delray Beach Historical Society – Delray Beach, FL.

Just a short drive up the road from Boca Raton is Delray Beach, a city with a sense of history and appreciation for the pioneers who created it. There certainly is a lot of history here, with the first evidence of settlement dating back to 1841, four years before Florida became a state. The charming Cason Cottage House is the home to the Delray Beach Historical Society and its permanent exhibits. The carefully preserved 1924 craftsman cottage is beautiful to see and the grounds are carefully landscaped.


Whitehall/Henry Morrison Flagler Museum – Palm Beach, FL.

This Palm Beach landmark was originally built as a wedding present and winter retreat for Henry Morrison Flagler and his third wife, Mary Lily Kenan. The 75-room Gilded Age mansion, also known as Whitehall, was built in 1902. The building façade is breathtaking even today, with massive marble columns and topped by a red barrel tiled roof. Today, Whitehall is a National Historic Landmark and is open to the public as the Flagler Museum, featuring guided tours, changing exhibits, and special programs. During your tour, you will learn about Palm Beach’s beginnings, including the wreck of the Spanish brig Providencia in 1878. The ship was carrying 20,000 coconuts when it ran aground, and the lost cargo soon filled the island with its first generation of palm trees. Henry Flagler named the island “Palm Beach” two decades later.


Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum – Jupiter, FL

A few minutes’ drive north from Palm Beach is Jupiter, home of the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum. The construction of the lighthouse dates to 1853 when a young Army Lieutenant named George Gordon Meade selected the site and created the original design. Meade went on to defeat Confederate General Robert E. Lee in the Battle of Gettysburg, a campaign that changed the course of the war and American history. The museum on the site contains interactive exhibits of the area’s native Americans, early pioneers, lighthouse keepers and much more. And yes, you can climb up the 105 steps to the top of the lighthouse for a breathtaking view of the Inlet!


1916 Palm Beach County Courthouse/Johnson History Museum – West Palm Beach, FL.

Near downtown West Palm Beach is the beautiful and painstakingly restored 1916 County Courthouse building. This is the home of the Johnson Palm Beach County History Museum, packed with displays and rare photos from The Palm Beaches’ earliest days. One gallery focuses on the area’s natural environment and the other looks at the pioneers who made The Palm Beaches what it is today, including railroading entrepreneur Henry Flagler, architect Addison Mizner and sports figures like Jack Nicklaus and Chris Evert. Video presentations as well as special exhibits make a visit here a fun afternoon for the entire family.


Lake Worth Historical Museum – Lake Worth, FL.

Located in the Lake Worth City Hall Annex Building, the Historical Museum preserves the history and culture of Lake Worth with a collection of books photographs and documents. Displays show how pioneers lived and dressed in the late 1800s, a time where air conditioning and insect control was non-existent. Local ethnic groups contribute to cultural displays, showing Lake Worth’s colourful past.

Lawrence E. Will Museum of The Glades – Belle Glade, FL.

Drive inland through the vast western sections of The Palm Beaches and you will find yourself in Belle Glade, a community with many historical tales to tell. The Lawrence E. Will Museum of the Glades acts as a research center and document repository. Indian artefacts, photos and letters tell the story of the area’s earliest settlers. You’ll learn about the challenges faced by pioneer farmers and the notorious 1928 hurricane, a storm so powerful it changed the Glades forever.


Spady Cultural Heritage Museum – Delray Beach, FL.

An important historical resource in Delray Beach is the Spady Cultural Heritage Museum. The facility is dedicated to discovering, collecting and sharing the African-American history and heritage of Palm Beach County. The museum has exhibited shows highlighting the talents of many Americans with ties to Africa, Haiti and other parts of the Caribbean. A trolley tour is available as well as photo galleries and other minority-focused shows.


Yesteryear Village/South Florida Fairgrounds – West Palm Beach, FL.

Located at the South Florida Fairgrounds, Yesteryear Village is less of a museum and more a living history demonstration. Built on nine acres, the park showcases buildings originally constructed in The Palm Beaches between 1895 and 1945. Interpreters in period clothing tell stories of life in those simpler days, and the kids will find out what it was like to live without air conditioning or indoor plumbing!


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10 Dark-Sky Adventures in North Carolina

Discover locations in the North Carolina mountains for incredible views of the night-time sky


Excitement is building for the total solar eclipse that’s scheduled to pass over Western North Carolina on August 21, and it could attract record crowds to that part of the state. But the reality is, not everyone will be lucky enough to get there.


Don’t fret! There are several other “dark-sky” adventures you can experience in North Carolina this summer (and beyond), where you can easily plan a trip around. From exploring an underground gem mine at night to climbing to the top of a lighthouse during a full moon, here are 10 experiences that are sure to eclipse your expectations.


Experience Total Darkness at Linville Caverns
Marion | Just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Pisgah National Forest, natural water has been carving passageways deep into Humpback Mountain, creating North Carolina’s only caverns: Linville Caverns. Since 1937, visitors have been able to glimpse at the grand work of nature below the surface and learn the history of the mountain. The caverns stay a cool 52 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s also an ideal spot to beat the heat during summer. Before a trip, check the caverns’ website as it’s open at different times each season.


Find Gems That Glow in the Dark
Little Switzerland | Unlock hidden colours and have an “out of this world” experience by heading out after dark for a Black Light Mine Tour of Emerald Village. Here, visitors will find some of the world’s largest deposits of Hyalite Opal, a true form of opal that glows a vivid lime green under ultraviolet light, and it’s the only known underground Hyalite Opal deposits open to the public. There are 10 of these special tours throughout the year, so it’s a truly rare and unique encounter.


Zip Across the Sky at Night
Archdale and Fayetteville | There are more than 20 zip line attractions across our state, including some of the top-ranked in the country. And what's even cooler is a few of the adventure parks allow you to zip across the sky after dark. Go on a Night Flight with Kersey Valley Zipline, where you leap off a 60-foot, solar-powered sky deck with a glow stick in hand. Or embark on a NightQuest with ZipQuest Waterfall and Treetop Adventure, as the light on your helmet leads the way.


Take a Closer Look at the Dark Sky
Burnsville | At the Bare Dark Sky Observatory in the Appalachian Mountains, stargazing is taken to another level. The Sam Scope at the observatory is the largest telescope in the Southeast dedicated for public use. Visitors are able to experience the wonders of the night sky with a 360-degree view at an elevation of 2,736 feet. Lighting is kept to a minimum at night to preserve the dark sky for viewing, so remember to bring a flashlight for your sky-watching visit.


Search for the Blue Ghost Fireflies
Transylvania County and Henderson County | Similar to the small window of totality during a solar eclipse, the elusive Blue Ghost Firefly can only be found for a short time each summer in the woods of two of our largest forests. These secretive insects hover just above the ground on humid nights and can stay lit for as long as one minute, creating the appearance of an eerie blue mist moving through the DuPont State Forest and Pisgah National Forest floors. Search for the Blue Ghosts when tours are available through the Cradle of Forestry and Pisgah Field School.


Solve the Mystery of the Brown Mountain Lights
Morganton | Some say the strange lights that appear in the Brown Mountains are just natural gas formations. Others insist the pale lights that move through the trees — sometimes slowly, sometimes whirling and darting — are alien spacecraft, ghostly lanterns or even a government conspiracy. Create your own theory by looking for the Brown Mountain Lights on clear nights from vantage points along North Carolina Highway 181 and Wiseman’s View in the Linville Gorge Wilderness area.


Climb a Lighthouse Under a Full Moon
Buxton | During the day, the sweeping views from Cape Hatteras Lighthouse make a picture-worthy backdrop, but from June through September, visitors can climb the tallest brick lighthouse in North America the way the keepers would have on their nightly watches. The hour-long tour also includes a peek into the lantern room and a view of the full moon reflected in the Atlantic Ocean from the lighthouse balcony. Tickets are required and go on sale three days prior to the tour date.


Howl with a Red Wolf
Manteo | In the case of the red wolf, it’s night owls, not early birds, that get the reward. The nocturnal animal still exists in only one untamed place on the entire planet — the 152,000-acre Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge on the Outer Banks. On select evenings in the fall, winter and spring, visitors can participate in a two-hour educational Red Wolf Howling Safari that allows them to hear the “music” of the wolves.


Hunt for Ghost Crabs
Corolla and Currituck | When day turns to night, some North Carolina beaches trade bright towels and umbrellas for pale and stealthy ghost crabs. The notoriously shy creatures emerge to feed, forage and mate when the crowds head home for the day. Ghost crab hunting is an excellent excuse for a late-night walk and a free way to enjoy the beaches. Grab a flashlight and see how many you can spot scurrying across the sand. As a reminder, “hunters” shouldn’t hurt the crabs; this is strictly a chasing activity.


Stroll Through Haunted History
State-wide | North Carolina has a rich and diverse history, and it’s even rumoured that a few past-life characters are still hanging around. A tour through the streets of Bryson City, Charlotte and Beaufort after sunset will uncover myths and legends as well as unexplainable encounters in our historical cities and towns. Pack your walking shoes and a camera to see if you can capture ghostly evidence of your own.


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Come and explore all that Georgia has to offer!

Discover historic small towns untouched by time, charming main streets, home-grown restaurants and unique local shops. Georgia’s thriving arts and cultural scene is comprised of some of the nation’s finest interactive museums, unique galleries, a rich music history and countless filming locations from iconic motion pictures. Share traditions and experience outdoor fun at one of Georgia’s 63 state parks and historic sites filled with breath-taking foliage, waterfalls, canyons, preserved beaches, trails and much more. 


The Year of Georgia Film
From iconic film favourites like Forrest Gump to mass market fandoms such as The Walking Dead, Georgia’s been steeped in movie magic for decades. Travel the Georgia Film Selfie Spot Tour and snap the perfect photo at iconic locations. Enjoy up-and-coming masterpieces at one of the state’s many film festivals. Follow in the footsteps of celebrities and popular characters as you dine, zipline and “rise from the dead.” Visitors will be able to build film-inspired road trips to immerse themselves in their favourite movies and TV shows. 


Craft Breweries
The craft brew scene has exploded in Georgia, with local breweries, brew pubs and growler shops popping up across the state on a regular basis. Visitors to the big cities and small towns alike can stop into the local brewery for a tour and a sampling of Georgia’s unique local flavours. And while discovering that new favourite brew, visitors can also experience Georgia’s wineries, distilleries and – of course – moonshineries. 


Established in 1733, Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia and the location of one of the largest National Historic Landmark districts in the country. This eccentric Southern city beguiles with Old World glamour and romance, culture, and entertainment. Savannah's stunning architecture, 22 historic squares and Low Country landscape make the city a top travel destination. Hip and historic, robust and refined, Savannah is where you'll find amazing architecture, spooky cemeteries and rich history-along with global sophistication, funky nightlife and fabulous food. Travel + Leisure readers recently named Savannah No. 3 best travel destination in U.S., No. 9 in world!


The Great Outdoors
Georgia is full of spectacular outdoor adventures to spice up a vacation. Zipline through the trees of north Georgia and several of Georgia’s popular state parks. Join the Georgia State Parks Muddy Spokes Club and check out mountain bike trails, ranging from light trails through the forests to challenging courses down mountains and into some of the state’s spectacular canyons. Check out the state’s off-highway vehicle trails and enjoy dirt biking mere minutes away from incredible Antebellum architecture or major shopping meccas. Or strap on your backpack for a scenic hike to your new favourite camping spot – and, who knows: that camping spot might just be a yurt or a treehouse.


To see our new 'Georgia & Carolina's Coast' itinerary with 13 nights from £1655pp click here
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Explore the Beaches of Alabama

Thinking of relaxing beach holiday? Look no further than the sugar-white sands of the Alabama beaches.

From peaceful seclusion to an adrenaline rush and a bustling nightlife, you’re sure to savour the pace on the fine, sugar-white beaches with turquoise waters.

Gulf Shores
Sugar-white beaches, fresh seafood, championship golf courses, charter fishing trips, wildlife areas and historic sites are just a few of the treasures Gulf Shores has in store for its visitors. Foley, a town about 20 minutes from the Gulf, is a water-sports paradise. Surrounded by back bays and rivers, there are many opportunities for outdoor recreation and fresh seafood. This area is the perfect getaway and has a little something for everyone.

Orange Beach
Located on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, Orange Beach offers miles of sugar-white sand beaches and access to the interior bays and bayous lying just north of Perdido Pass. Visitors can also enjoy a lengthy list of other attractions including Adventure Island, deep-sea fishing, Orange Beach Golf Center, Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, Waterville USA and The Wharf.

A vibrant town that lies on Alabama’s Gulf Coast, Fairhope has long been known for its lovely parks and its sweeping panoramic views of Mobile Bay. Make sure to visit the shops, boutiques, cafes, art galleries, gift shops and fabulous seafood restaurants in Fairhope and the surrounding area.

Dauphin Island
A barrier island located three miles south of the mouth of Mobile bay in the Gulf of Mexico, Dauphin Island is reached by a three-mile-long high-rise bridge. Once you arrive on the relaxing and family-friendly Dauphin Island, you will discover why many of our visitors keep returning year after year, some becoming permanent residents.


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Satisfy Your Thirst in South Carolina

Satisfy Your Thirst in South Carolina

Take a look at South Carolina, from the mountains to the sea.

Embark on the Satisfy Your Thirst Tour to sip and see South Carolina's wide variety of breweries, distilleries, dairy farms and wineries — as well as the country's one and only tea plantation.

From moonshine and craft beer to sweet tea, discover the history, craftsmanship and unique stories behind South Carolina’s most iconic drinks.

South Carolina Moonshine - Discover the lore of South Carolina's "Dark Corner," where you'll find a variety of moonshine distilleries serving up handcrafted renditions of one of the South's most treasured spirits. Whether you call it white lightning, hooch, mountain dew or just plain 'shine, South Carolina's white whiskies are perfect for mixing up one-of-a-kind cocktails.

The Birthplace of Sweet Tea - Summerville, SC has the proud distinction of being the Birthplace of Sweet Tea. Its Sweet Tea Trail provides the perfect opportunity for travellers into and out of Charleston to get off the beaten path for a look at the places and businesses that draw from the area's sweet tea legacy.

South Carolina Craft Beer - Flavour and variety are both signatures of the Palmetto State, and the same applies to its craft beer. Sample a variety of home-grown ales, lagers, IPAs and stouts and taste for yourself why the craft beer movement has been growing so rapidly across South Carolina. With so many different flavours and styles, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Wineries - The state also has a number of wineries, producing vintages using locally grown fruits, notably scuppernong and muscadine grapes, and a small but growing collection of cideries. Hub City Tap House and Ciclops Cyderi in Spartanburg claims to be the only combination brewery/winery/cidery in the US.

If you're looking for a softer drink to excite your taste buds, pick up a bottle of Blenheim Ginger Ale. These unique, spicy brews were developed in the South Carolina town of the same name in 1903 and are still bottled nearby. That makes it, according the company website, the “earliest, smallest and many say finest independent soda bottling company in the United States of America.”

So whether your tastes run to sweet tea, the “hard stuff” or, in the case of Blenheim, the hot stuff, South Carolina has a brew to satisfy everyone. It is, indeed, a great time to be thirsty in the Palmetto State.

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Nevada Summer Bucket List

Nevada Summer Bucket List: 5 Things You Gotta Do | Credit: Heather Bartman & TravelNevada

As the weather warms up, people begin to daydream about the ideal summer. To ensure that those dreams live up to expectations, we've put together a summer bucket list for adventurers, explorers and travelers of all types. Here's five things you MUST DO in Nevada this summer...

Most people have heard of Burning Man, perhaps the most unique festival experience there is, but that isn’t the only one-of-a-kind festival Nevada has to offer. The state has options for art-admirers of all kinds, such as the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival, with nightly performances from July through August that use Lake Tahoe as a backdrop. There are also public art installations you can visit without planning ahead, like Seven Magic Mountains, colorful stacks of boulders just outside Las Vegas, or the International Car Forest of the Last Church, decorated vehicles of all shapes and sizes that stick straight up out of the desert.

Dubbed the Silver State, Nevada is home to hundreds of ghost towns, former mining boomtowns from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Though it is fun to explore those empty towns during Halloween, the longer daylight hours of spring and summer enable visitors to learn about the history of each town and take in the structures that remain. Whether you visit Berlin, the town possibly inhabited by ghosts of humans and dinosaurs, or check out the beautifully crumbling structures in Rhyolite, you’ll get a glimpse into life during the mining boom.

Nevada’s diverse landscape includes stunning Lake Tahoe, mountainous Red Rock Canyon and the vast Black Rock Desert, making it the perfect terrain for all kinds of outdoor activities during the summer. As long as you’re not afraid of heights, try a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon. For those who prefer exploring on land, take an ATV tour of the Ruby Mountains near Elko. If water sports are more your fancy, waterskiing on the 12,000-acre Lahontan Reservoir could be a dream come true. The options are endless.

In 1986, Life Magazine published a daunting review of Highway 50, but in true Nevada fashion, that turned into a challenge for road-trippers near and far. This summer is the perfect time to bravely travel the Loneliest Road in America, perhaps with the top down and tunes blasting, considering no one will be close enough to the road to hear your music. Starting in Fernley and ending in Ely, the nearly 300-mile route includes several important pit stops like Middlegate Station, the perfect spot for lunch if you’re up to the challenge of the Monster Burger. Request a free Official Highway 50 Survival Guide to track your journey.

Nevada’s clear skies and rural areas without light pollution make it an ideal place for stargazing. Great Basin National Park even hosts an annual astronomy festival where amateur and expert astronomers can learn tips and tricks for spotting constellations and identify galaxies and planets with their own eyes. Spontaneous stargazing is also encouraged in Nevada, and rural areas like Tonopah are ideal for seeing the world beyond.


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Discover the Mississippi coast and all it's offerings!

Drive east from New Orleans for an hour or so along the scenic and historic Highway 90 and you’ll pass through seaside towns who bore the full brunt of Hurricane Katrina but now 10 years on are flourishing.  Bay St Louis. Pass Christian. Biloxi. Ocean Springs. Pascagoula.


It’s a relaxing world  away from Bourbon Street and New Orleans and with sixty-two miles of scenic shoreline, it’s easy to find a perfect place to set up for a day or week in the sun.  And the sun shines year-round on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


Hop on a Ship Island Excursion to West Ship Island, part of Gulf Islands National Seashore. 12 miles offshore from Gulfport, the island offers gorgeous Gulf waters for swimming, sunbathing and dolphin-watching.  Choose from a host of blueways (or “water trails” if you’re a newbie) to canoe, kayak and paddle stroke your way through the warm Gulf waters.  One of the most popular blueways is the Old Fort Bayou Coastal Preserve in Ocean Springs. Board a fishing charter boat and discover the mysteries of the deep blue Gulf with more than 200 species of fish up for grabs.


On dry land, golfers can enjoy award-winning play at nearly 20 courses with sprawling views of the Gulf Coast. World-class golf courses created by legendary designers like Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Mark McCumber, Jerry Pate and Tom Fazio.  That said, the Mississippi Gulf Coast offers something for every golfer’s budget.


And talking budgets, the Coast’s mouth-watering cuisine is a cornerstone of the local culture and there’s a menu to match any budget. Pick from beach front restaurants with gulf-to-table seafood and oysters stacked high to fine dining at local gems like Mary Mahoney’s where many a US president has feasted on the famous steaks.


If you’re feeling lucky, with 12 casinos, 24-hour gaming, nonstop entertainment and perfect places to wine and dine, you’ll never run out of ways to take full advantage of the fun the Coast has to offer.   The Vegas-style casinos boast an array of table games. Not to mention slots on slots, delicious restaurants, relaxing spas and beautiful pools.


For retail therapy, the Coast is dotted with boutiques, factory outlets and souvenir shops. Go antiquing.  Browse works by talented local artists and crafters. Home grown artists whose names you might recognize include Walter Anderson and George Ohr, to name but two. Their work is on display in museums for every type of art-lover.


If you’re more of a history buff visit the Maritime & Seafood Industry Museum, where the Coast’s maritime history and heritage are brought to life. Or stop by the beautiful Beauvoir, home of Jefferson Davis, the last president of the Confederate States of America.


For all you night owl types, the sun never sets on fun on the Coast. From beachside bars to juke joints to cocktail lounges, there’s live music on tap all over the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


Enjoy every mile, every wave and every minute of the Coast before an easy return journey back to New Orleans and your flight home.


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Top 5 Things to See & Do in Tennessee

Top 5 Things to See & Do in Tennessee

Tennessee is all about authentic experiences. Whether in the major cities of Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville or Chattanooga, or in some of America’s most inspiring small towns. When it comes to music, Tennessee brings the foot-tapping, soul-saving kind - the blues, rock ‘n’ roll, soul, country, gospel and everything in between. Tennessee’s creative spirit is the stuff America was built on. It is infused into every sip of Jack Daniel’s oak-barrel-aged amber gold and every bite of “I’ve-died-and-gone-to-heaven” Memphis barbeque. The state’s beauty is highlighted by America’s No. 1 most visited national park - Great Smoky Mountains - and scenic rivers that sculpt the landscape.

1 Great Smoky Mountains National Park
There's no better place to begin your Great Smoky Mountains National Park adventure than in the small town of Gatlinburg with its many big-ticket attractions such as the excellent Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies. From here, you can easily drive to the park's most popular areas or simply jump on the chairlift and head for the hills and the fun Ober Gatlinburg, a ski resort and amusement park offering year-round activities. Park highlights include a variety of flora and fauna, more than 900 miles of hiking trails, and the 6,643-foot-high Clingmans Dome, with its Observation Tower perched atop the mountain's summit and offering 360-degree views. 


2 Elvis's Graceland
Elvis Presley’s Graceland has officially opened its new, $45 million, state-of-the-art entertainment complex, “Elvis Presley’s Memphis” –its largest and most significant expansion since first opening to the public in 1982.  The largest entertainment complex of its kind -- exponentially larger than Graceland’s previous visitor centre -- “Elvis Presley’s Memphis” enables music fans, pop culture enthusiasts and  visitors to follow the path that Elvis took, surround themselves with the things that he loved, and experience the sights and sounds of the city that inspired him.  Guests will fully immerse themselves in his life and career like never before -- his roots, his influences and his artistry.   

3 Memphis and Nashville
No US state can claim the rich musical tapestry that's evident everywhere in Tennessee. The centre of the nation's country music scene, Nashville is home to the Country Music Hall of Fame in the city's famous Music Row, as well as the Grand Ole Opry. Then, of course, there's Memphis, the home of gospel and blues, and famous for Beale Street where the greats like Elvis got his big break. Highlights include: the Memphis Music Hall of Fame; WC Handy's House where the "Father of the Blues" lived and worked; the Memphis Rock 'n' Soul Museum, highlighting musical pioneers from the 1930s through to the 1970s; the STAX Museum of American Soul with its replica of the original Stax Records studio; and Sun Studio, where stars such as Jerry Lee Lewis, BB King, and Roy Orbison began their careers.

4 Dollywood
Named after country singer Dolly Parton, Dollywood has long been Tennessee's most popular ticketed attraction, luring more than three million visitors per year. In the small town of Pigeon Forge, this always busy theme park provides family fun with its mix of folksy Smoky Mountains traditions and crafts, thrilling rides, and entertainment. The site boasts more than 40 rides - including the Tennessee Tornado roller coaster - spread across 10 themed areas such as Timber Canyon and Jukebox Junction. Other highlights include live concerts and festivals, as well as an old steam railway, the Dollywood Express, which circles the park.

5 Lookout Mountain
Overlooking Chattanooga and offering some of Tennessee's best views, Lookout Mountain makes for an excellent day or half-day outing. Getting there is half the fun, especially aboard the wonderful Lookout Mountain Incline Railway, a mile-long journey on trolley-style cars at an incline of 73%. Once at the top, you've got a number of excellent natural attractions to choose from, including Rock City with its dramatic cliffs and great views, and Ruby Falls, the deepest cave and largest underground waterfall in the US. 


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Top 10 Free Things to Do in New Orleans

New Orleans has so much to offer and these free things to do will make your New Orleans activities even sweeter!

1. Comedy Gold at the House of Blues
Comedy Gold is the House of Blues’ Wednesday night comedy series, featuring some of the Crescent City’s best and brightest up-and-coming comedians. The show is free and we know how valuable a good laugh can be. Wednesdays; 7 p.m.

2. Free Concert Series 
YLC Wednesday at the Square is a free concert series that features local musicians playing their hearts out at Lafayette Square from March through May. Enjoy food, drink and good music that all goes to a good cause supporting the Young Leadership Council of New Orleans. 5-8 p.m. Corner of Maestri Street and St. Charles Avenue

Head across the Mississippi River to Algiers Point ferry landing for the Wednesdays on the Point shows, held every Wednesday evening June through July. 

The musical mecca Tipitina’s pays homage to the jazz legend Professor Longhair with its Foundation Free Fridays concert series, held on Fridays throughout the summer. 

3. Crescent City Farmers Market
Shop for fresh, local produce, locally made cheeses, breads, jams and more. Also learn a bit about the famous New Orleans cuisine with free cooking demonstrations at the Crescent City Farmers Market, held at various locations throughout the city every week. 

4. Besthoff Sculpture Garden
Located amid the beauty of City Park, the Besthoff Sculpture Garden features one of the most impressive collections of contemporary sculpture in America. Wander the gardens, take in the art and even have a picnic while soaking in the beauty. 

5. Stroll Along the Mississippi River
Walk up the levee across the street from Jackson Square and you’ll find yourself at Woldenberg Park, a lushly landscaped open space overlooking the Mississippi River. It’s an ideal spot for a picnic or an easygoing stroll along the riverside.

6. Literary Tours of the French Quarter and Garden District
See where some of New Orleans’ most renowned authors lived on a self-guided walking tour. Among the writers who called the city home were Tennessee Williams, William Faulkner, Truman Capote, Thornton Wilder, Walker Percy and Anne Rice.

7. Gallery Hopping
It seems like you can find art in every corner of New Orleans—and you can! Check out the galleries on Julia and Royal Streets, Jackson Square vendors and the Mid-City and Frenchmen art markets.

8. Glassblowing Demonstrations
See two of the hottest free events in New Orleans with a visit to the New Orleans Glassworks & Printmaking Studio and the Rosetree Blown Glass Studio, where free glassblowing demonstrations are offered daily. 

9. Jazz History Audio Tour
The New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park honours the music that made the city famous. Embark on a free self-guided audio tour that takes visitors to sites including the Old U.S. Mint, Preservation Hall and Congo Square. 

10. Magazine Street Window Shopping
Magazine Street, located in the affluent Lower Garden District and following along the river uptown, is a shopper’s dream destination. Regardless of whether you’re spending or just browsing, this strip offers plenty to please the eyes and makes for the perfect morning or afternoon walk.

Bonus: Let the Good Times Roll During a Free Festival in New Orleans
New Orleans hosts festivals all year and many offer free admission. Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival held in October, Oak Street Po-Boy Festival held in November, or Tremé Creole Gumbo Festival held in November are beloved by both locals and visitors.


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Discover the Deep South USA on a Food Tour

Deep South USA is a gourmet's delight and restaurants come in all shapes, styles and sizes. There are five-star establishments offering fine dining and beachfront shacks cooking the freshest seafood. Be sure to sample sumptuous Southern specialties such as fried green tomatoes, mint juleps, peach cobbler, gumbo, soul food, jambalaya, fried chicken, barbecue ribs, iced tea, grits, catfish and soft-shell crabs. You'll be spoilt for choice!

When you talk about cuisine, Louisianans really come into their own. Their passion for great food is an intrinsic part of their heritage passed down through generations. From Gumbo, e'toufe'e, beignets, boudin, jambalaya, pralines and TABASCO® using the very best local ingredients lovingly prepared from shared family recipes and not to be missed. New Orleans even invented the cocktail, so make sure you sample a few on your journey!

From the Hill Country to the Coast restaurants make travel in Mississippi a culinary adventure. Catfish and tamales rule in the Delta, as places such as Airport Grocery in Cleveland and The Donut Shop (yes, it serves tamales) in Natchez. Seafood and barbecue take the spotlight on the Coast, as exemplified by the Blow Fly Inn in Gulfport and The Shed Barbeque in Gulfport and Ocean Springs. Traditional favourites include the Crystal Grill and Lusco's in Greenwood, and The Little Dooey for barbecue in Starkville. For a quick stop try Brent's Soda Fountain in Jackson featured in the movie The Help.

The essential made-in-Tennessee product, besides music, is food. Naturally, you'll crave something soulful. At Puckett's Grocery in Franklin and Nashville they're serving the same mouth-watering barbecue that launched the family business back in the 1950s. Also in Franklin is Gray's on Main which skews sophisticated - go for a grilled pimento BLT and pecan-crusted okra inside this handsomely repurposed pharmacy. For stripped-down soul Mason in the capital with two West Tennessee originals: Bozo's Hot Pit Bar-B-Q and Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken.

From sophisticated seafood to decadent desserts, Alabama's signature dishes have loyal fans the world over. Stone-ground baked grits at Highlands Bar & Grill in Birmingham, oysters at Wintzell's on the Gulf Coast and mouth-watering ribs from Dreamland are just a few of our 'Sweet Home' specialities. Alabama is also the home of barbecue with more eateries than any other US state! Read about '100 Dishes To Eat In Alabama Before You Die'.

While best known for its signature drink offerings (bourbon, wine and the famous Kentucky Derby mint julep), The Bluegrass State is also home to a number of innovative food dishes such as Louisville's "hot brown" and a hearty culinary heritage. And of course, Colonel Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, perfected his secret recipe and launched his global empire from the café that you can still visit. Kentucky country ham is cured by dry-rubbing rather than soaking, giving it a deliciously unique flavour different from other states. Kentucky barbecue, usually pork or mutton rather than beef, is smoked in a hickory pit, sometimes for a full day, to achieve its distinctive taste.


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'I Am Ali' Festival in Louisville, Kentucky

“I Am Ali” Festival Celebrating Legacy of “The Greatest” To Debut in Muhammad Ali’s Hometown in 2017


The “I Am Ali” Festival will open on the one-year anniversary of Ali’s death on June 3, and will mirror Ali’s “Six Core Principals” with six weeks of programming that will culminate on July 15.


The celebration of Ali’s legacy will include local arts and cultural groups, performances and exhibits – along with two premier girls’ basketball tournament events that will bring 10,000 young female athletes to Louisville.


The inspiration for the event was the quickly-arranged “I Am Ali” celebration that was held at the Kentucky Center in June 2016 during the week of Ali’s death and memorial, attracting 15,000 young people.


Many of the events will take place at the Muhammad Ali Center, the $80 million museum and international cultural center located in Ali’s hometown that has honored his life and legacy for more than a decade. The Kentucky Exposition Center will also play host to festivities.


Several local attractions and organizations have events and exhibits planned in honor of the festival, including the Muhammad Ali Childhood Home, Kentucky Center for African American Heritage, Louisville Quest, Looking for Lilith Theatre Co., Copper & Kings, Louisville Bats and Louisville Bicycle Tours.


Ali, originally known as Cassius Clay, was born in Louisville on Jan. 17, 1942.  It was here he honed his ability as a boxer, and it was here he returned to after winning an Olympic Gold Medal in the 1960 Rome Olympics. He returned often after capturing the title of Heavyweight Champion of the World and was actively involved with the vision and direction of the Muhammad Ali Center. 


Having lived most of his young life in Louisville, the city is full of “landmarks” that are the backdrops of the events and experiences that molded Ali into the man who was both loved and respected throughout the world as a legendary sports figure and humanitarian, as well as a man of true principles. A self-guided tour brochure helps fans trace some of Ali’s “Footsteps of Greatness.” A local tour company also offers visitors an opportunity to experience many of the stops that have historic relevance to Ali’s life.  

Make a visit to Louisville for the “I Am Ali” Festival part of a special summer getaway in Louisville. In addition to the festival, take the self-guided Muhammad Ali Footsteps of Greatness Tour, which highlights local landmarks that celebrate “The Greatest,” including the Muhammad Ali Center, the Muhammad Ali Childhood Home, Columbia Auditorium and Cave Hill Cemetery.


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Manitoba - Out of the Ordinary Outdoors

In Manitoba, the opportunities for outdoor adventure are endless. Hikers, cyclists and skiers can choose from hundreds of kilometres of trails winding their way through Manitoba’s provincial and national parks. Make your way to the top of a magnificent waterfall at the northern Pisew Falls Provincial Park. Leave tracks in the sand at one of Manitoba’s natural oddities, the ancient dunes of the Spirit Sands in Spruce Woods Provincial Park to the west. Trek across the rugged beauty of the Precambrian Shield in Whiteshell Provincial Park to the east. 

Immerse yourself in Manitoba’s thrilling nature as you paddle your way down a historic river, following traditional fur trader routes. Or get a different perspective of Winnipeg by paddling on the city’s urban waterways. 

Manitoba’s largest lake is Lake Winnipeg. It boasts one of the world’s finest natural sand beaches, just an hour’s drive north of Winnipeg. The aptly named Grand Beach features shallow water perfect for wading and soft white sand perfect for lounging. Strap yourself onto a kite board and let the waves and the wind take you for a ride. 

Explore Manitoba’s outdoors on a canoeing adventure. We offer trips from 5-15 nights, both guided or self-guided. For more information contact us on 020 8742 8299 or email


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Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD)

This major travel hub just 26 miles from downtown DC supports domestic and international air travel on a wide variety of airlines — more than 30, in fact. Dulles boasts one of the fastest security processing times in the US with numerous Passport Kiosks and offers a Customs mobile app to help expedite completing forms.
Aside from being a world-class travel facility, Dulles offers fantastic amenities including a variety of high-end retail outlets, award-winning restaurants and spa services.

Other Dulles highlights include speedy AeroTrain service to move between terminals, the Silver Line Express bus connecting Dulles with Metrorail, free WiFi and charging stations, and online duty-free shopping.

With nonstop service from London on British Airways, United Airlines and Virgin Atlantic; nonstop service from Manchester on United Airlines; nonstop service from Dublin on Aer Lingus and United Airlines there has never been an easier time to visit the Capital Region!

Visit the Washington Dulles IAD website


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From mountain hiking and biking to boating and beach-front pursuits, enjoy the outdoors in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia on any number of tailor-made holiday itineraries.


1. Cruise Chesapeake Bay
Book a cruise along the Chesapeake Bay to enjoy fishing, experience the culture and heritage of the region, or to simply enjoy the scenic beauty of Maryland’s famous estuary.


2. Cycle or Jog in Washington’s National Parks
The National Mall is a DC hub for active residents and visitors. In the early spring, the cherry trees along the Tidal Basin erupt in pink hues.


3. Paddle the Potomac
Calm, convenient and inviting, the mighty Potomac River beckons kayakers, canoers and stand-up paddlers. Any number of shops will get you kitted out properly and on the water in no time.


4. Trek by Moonlight at the National Arboretum
Though there’s plenty to appreciate in the Arboretum’s collections of plants and flowers during the day, a night-time hike offers an entirely different perspective. Sign up early for guided full-moon hikes that occur on select nights throughout the year.


5. Glide at Wisp Resort
Tucked away in the western Maryland mountains lies a golf resort that becomes ski and snowboard heaven in the winter, with beginner and intermediate slopes and a terrain park for all skill levels.


6. Watch Wildlife at Virginia Beach
At the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, on a barrier island off Virginia’s Atlantic coast, you’ll find the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, established in 1938 and home to shore birds, marsh birds and wintering waterfowl. 


7. Tee Off
Three superb golf courses are among dozens in the Capital Region, including DC’s East Potomac Golf Course, the Virginia National Golf Club and the Lake Presidential Golf Club in Maryland.


8. Paddle Assateague State Park
Maryland’s only oceanfront park, the barrier island’s bay side offers canoers and kayakers a chance to see shorebirds, waterfowl, deer and wild horses up close.


9. Explore Luray Caverns
Go underground in Virginia for a look at the largest and most popular caverns in the region. Make your way through surprisingly expansive rooms — some with ceilings 10 stories high. Towering stone formations will leave you in awe, among them the musically wondrous Great Stalacpipe Organ. 


10. Backpack the Appalachian Trail
In total, the Appalachian National Scenic Trail stretches 2,180 miles, with 590 running through Virginia and Maryland. Though people of all abilities enjoy short walks and day hikes, more intrepid adventurers can take on long-distance backpacking journeys and camping trips.


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Kentucky Solar Eclipse August 2017

August 2017 brings excitement to the state of Kentucky as the solar eclipse will be taking place on 21st August and Hopkinsville is the place to be!
Hopkinsville in the western part of the state will be the epicenter of the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse, where you will be able to view this extraordinary event longer than anywhere else on the planet.  There is also much more to see and do all within an easy drive.
Approximately 1 hour away you will come to Bowling Green is a National Geographic Top 10 All-American City, home of the Corvette and Mammoth Cave National Park. Be sure to also visit, Paducah which is home to the National Quilt Museum and a UNESCO Creative City, Paducah offers unforgettable and immersive experiences which engage visitors in authentic culture.
For all you foodies out there, have no fear, if you get hungry while viewing the Eclipse, you’re in luck as Western Kentucky is home to some of the truly greatest barbeque in the United States. 
Experience Kentucky with our new 8 night Kentucky Eclipse itinerary from £1,992 per person including flights, car hire & accommodation. Price based on two people sharing.

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10 family activities in Sarasota and Bradenton Area

10 Family Activities in Sarasota & Bradenton Area


1) Mote Marine Aquarium, Sarasota
Interactive Mote Aquarium starts the day breakfasting with sharks and more often than not ends up moonlight kayaking round Sarasota Bay. Conservation and education are as important here as fun. Early risers can join sharks for first feed, help with Morning Rounds or book a tour of the Seahorse Lab. Eco-boat rides and guided kayak tours extend the aquarium adventure out into the Gulf for sightings of manatee, dolphin, eagles and osprey. Mote easily fills a day – leave at least two hours to see the aquarium alone.


2) Treeumph Aerial Adventure Course, Bradenton Area
Head for heights? Head to Treeumph, South West Florida’s biggest, tallest and zippiest aerial obstacle course in over 14 acres of sunny and soaring Bradenton forest. The courses are a combo of zip-lines, bridges, slides, pulleys and spectacularly inventive obstacles you have to see to believe. All harnesses use advanced Clic-It technology. And nobody climbs anywhere until they’ve been thoroughly briefed by the friendly Treeumph team at Base Camp. Treeumph junior courses are designed for kids from age seven.


3) Kayak Tours, Anna Maria Island
For the laid-back, beachy and old time Florida charm, only found in ice cream paint colours, soda parlours, cute little stores, seafood shacks and acre upon acres of pure white sands; you want Anna Maria Island. Just 20 minutes from Bradenton Area, this pretty offshore island is a perfect family holiday base and land of adventure for nature lovers. If you need proof, take a guided kayak tour of Anna Maria Sound. Sailing through deeply mysterious Mangroves, spotting pods of dolphin feeding, gliding around rookeries, under bridges and close to oyster shoals, it’s an archetypal Gulf Coast experience guided by fun and ridiculously knowledgeable locals. Beach Bums on Anna Maria Island rent everything from bikes to paddle boards and even deliver to your holiday home.


4) Deep Sea Fishing, Bradenton Area
You don’t need more than a passing acquaintance with Florida’s Gulf Coast to be aware of its world class deep sea fishing. Hemingway was a big fan of the local sport and countless keen amateurs and hardy professionals follow his lead here every year. Truth is, you don’t need to know the difference between a Sea Bass and a Trigger for a family fishing trip. Expertise, tuition, equipment and encouragement are all part of a day out with Cortez. They even clean your fish, so all you have to do is catch and cook. The experience is nothing like sitting on a dock, patiently waiting for something to bite: it’s high energy, all action and far, far out to sea. No worries about bored younger kids, and teens will rise to the challenge in minutes. Plus there’s nothing quite like satisfying that primal urge to feed your brood – from scratch. Cortez go deep sea fishing twice a day, 363 days a year, weather permitting.


5) Family Boat Tours, Sarasota
When a boat tour is upfront with a guarantee of a dolphin or manatee sighting, you have to put it to the test. Especially if the tour company are so keen to keep their word, they’ll take you out sailing again for free if they don’t come good on cetacean spotting first time round. Le Barge Tropical Cruises in Sarasota aren’t shy on promises of dolphins, they’re good for manatee and stingray too and big on wild birds doesn’t even begin to describe their in-depth knowledge of what flies above the Gulf on any given day. A great choice for families, they offer discounts on group bookings, can be hired for private charters and if their boats could be cuter, it’s difficult to know how.


6) Circus Arts Classes, Sarasota
Sarasota’s circus traditions stretch back almost 80 years to the days when John Ringling first made the city his winter home for Ringling Bros. and the legendary Barnum & Bailey Circus. The historic legacy’s kept alive today by Circus Sarasota where the smell of greasepaint and the roar of the crowd are up for grabs all summer long, thanks to an innovative Circus Summer Camp. A week of non-stop thrills, skills and unique adventure aimed at introducing kids to the art of everything from clowning to high-flying, tightrope walking and ring mastery.


7) Sarasota Jungle Gardens
Year-round kids event programme, special occasion celebrations, adventure playgrounds and extensive nature trails are part of the fun. Jungle Gardens has been a firm favourite with generations of local families but still manages to stay fresh and exciting. Look out for star attractions like feeding flamingos, playing with mini-pigs, caring for injured animals and exploring Old Florida.


8) Manatee Village Historical Park, Bradenton Area
If you’ve ever wondered what life was like in Florida before orange juice and theme parks, visit Manatee Village and all will be revealed. This beautifully recreated pioneer village is precise down to the tiniest detail and sweeps you back to a time of mills and blacksmiths, wooden courthouses, dry goods’ stores, smokehouses, potteries and well-tended vegetable gardens. It’s a living museum without a hint of stuffiness thanks to a community of resident artists and artisans who work and exhibit here. There are events, big and small, all year round from farm markets to heritage open days – everyone welcome. And even the playground has a touch of history mixed in with the slides, chutes and swings. Manatee Village Historical Park has free entry year round.


9) Coquina Beach, Anna Maria Island, Bradenton Area
In 2015, Conde Nast Traveller named Coquina Beach one of the ‘Top Five Beaches in the World for Perfect Sand’. Fortunately this accolade hasn’t brought crowds flocking to Anna Maria Island to see for themselves. So, the sugary white shore is as flawless as ever but there’s still plenty of space to spread out, have a picnic, play with the kids and compose your own glowing review. Coquina Beach is part of Gulfside Park at the south end of Anna Maria Island and famously good for marked hiking trails.


10) Siesta Beach, Sarasota
TripAdvisor’ Traveller’s Choice Awards 2017 named Siesta, ‘Best Beach in USA’, and ranked it in the world’s top ten best. There are several volleyball courts, safe and shallow waters for swimming and full time lifeguard patrols. And, just for good measure, Siesta also has Blue Wave status for cleanliness and water quality. Picnic pavilions and shaded rest areas make a day out easy-going with younger kids in high summer and the beach is just 20 minutes’ drive from Downtown Sarasota.


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On The Road in Oklahoma



With more driveable miles of Route 66 than any other state and an impressive collection of scenic drives and popular motorcycle routes, Oklahoma is road trip ready. Rev your engine, venture off onto Oklahoma's highways and back roads, and discover amazing finds along Oklahoma's winding routes and byways.

Discover scenic byways and back roads that beckon you to get off the beaten path and explore Oklahoma's charming hometowns, interesting attractions, authentic culture and destination dining spots across the state. Whether you take your road trip in a vintage car, on a motorcycle, or in an RV, point your vehicle toward adventure and drive yourself to peaceful outdoor recreation spots, local wineries, small town main streets and big city attractions. It's Oklahoma, it's authentic and it's fuel for your soul.


Lose yourself in the beauty of Oklahoma's scenic drives. Wind your way through the beautiful Ouachita Mountains in southeast Oklahoma, home of the famous Talimena National Scenic Byway. Twist and turn into picturesque settings of breath-taking foliage in the fall and delicate wildflowers in the spring. Slow down to enjoy the drive along scenic highways and byways that crisscross Oklahoma offering access to the state's natural beauty and charming small towns.

Venture up Mount Scott on the Wichita Mountains Scenic Byway for a panoramic vista over the ancient mountain range. Follow winding roads along the wooded riverbanks of the Illinois River or through the incredibly scenic Ouachita National Forest. Gaze out your windows and see majestic bison grazing in the Tallgrass Prairie or watch a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher dart across the sky before you.


Get your kicks on more than 400 miles of Route 66 in Oklahoma. The nation's longest driveable stretch of Route 66 cuts through Oklahoma, making its way past charming towns, roadside diners and quirky attractions. Experience Oklahoma City, Tulsa and authentic hometowns along the Mother Road where you'll meet friendly people and find unique shopping and dining opportunities. Take a nostalgic ride on Route 66 and let the golden age of the road whisper to you through brightly coloured neon signs, quaint motels, drive-in movie theaters and friendly small towns in Oklahoma.


Carry on a time-honoured tradition or create new family memories while RV camping in Oklahoma. Whether you’re looking for wooded seclusion in an Oklahoma state park or a full service private RV resort with all the amenities, you’ll find a tailor-made camping experience perfect for you and your family in the Sooner State. Fuel up your motorhome, hit the road and discover Oklahoma’s diverse outdoor landscapes – from the rugged Wichita Mountains in the southwest to the forested beauty of the shaded campgrounds along the Mountain Fork River, Oklahoma is ready to provide a grand RV adventure.


Kick start your engine and get ready to embark on a thrilling motorcycle trek across Oklahoma. Whether cruising along stunning stretches of scenic highway with the wind in your face, or revelling in the melodic rhythm of unending twists and turns on the state’s winding back roads, Oklahoma has a motorcycling route perfect for your next road trip. Home to a wealth of motorcycle-friendly byways, Oklahoma will show you how a fuelled-up bike and a stretch of our highway equals the most electrifying adventure around.

Grab your bike and a group of road-worthy friends and visit museums filled with vintage motorcycles, Harley Davidson attractions and diners that are popular with bikers. Whether meandering down the Mother Road, or cruising through the curves of the motorcycle paradise known as the Talimena National Scenic Byway, your adventure in Oklahoma starts here!


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5 Best Outdoor Adventures in Kansas


Kansas is a nature lover’s playground waiting to be explored, with plenty of opportunities for travellers to get off the beaten path. The Sunflower State is worth a trip, offering something for everyone from peaceful hiking through the wilderness to paddling and fishing on one of the many lakes or rivers. And if you like a cold pint after a long day of adventure, new breweries are popping up all over the state.
Here are our top 5 Adventures for you to explore….


Rent a bike in Great Bend, Salina, or Hays and head to Wilson Lake. Ride through red sandstone rock formations as you cruise along this Epic trail. Switchgrass opened in 1995, offering more than 20 miles of challenging and scenic single-track mountain bike trails, including a 2.5-mile loop that’s perfect for beginners or running a warm-up lap. The route is well-maintained and has something for every level rider. Part of the trail skirts the rugged edge of Wilson Lake, where you’ll likely see a paddler or two.


The state of Kansas is home to more than 300 miles of equestrian and hiking trails, including a mix of seasonal and year-round options. Clinton State Park, for example, has 35 miles of trails along the south shore of Clinton Lake, ranging from flat and easy to rocky and more challenging. About a half hour north of Clinton Lake, Perry Lake State Park has a couple easy trails that traverse woodlands, open prairie, and across streams. And the 12-mile Boulder Bluff Trail at El Dorado State Park is a good one for spotting wildlife. Venture into the prairie at Flying W Ranch in Flint Hills with a moonlight ride to view the Milky Way from horseback.


The state name "Kansas" comes from the Kansa or Kaw Native American tribe, who called themselves “people of the south wind.” And what better way to connect with the wind than to harness it for sailing on nearly 10,000 acres across the Cheney Reservoir? This manmade body of water was built in 1962 to manage flow to and from the North Fork Ninnescah River. For “trailer sailors” who like to travel with their boat in tow, join the Ninnescah Sailing Association for a memorable day on the water. It’s one of Kansas’s best-kept secrets.


At one time there was more than 170 million acres of tallgrass prairie across the United States. Today, less than four percent of it remains, and most of it is in Kansas, preserved at the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. With more than 40 miles of trails to explore, the best time to visit is in the fall, when the tall grass reaches its peak height. You might even see the resident bison herd roaming around—just don’t get too close! 


No outdoor adventure trip to Kansas would be complete without visiting one of the main life forces that keep Kansas thriving. Also known as "the Kaw," the Kansas River is 173 miles long from its origin in Junction City to its confluence with the Missouri River. The entire river system has more than 700 miles of blueways and drains almost all of the northern half of the Sunflower State. Canoes or kayaks are the best way to paddle this gorgeous National Water Trail, and you can set up camp on any sandbar.


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Family Fun on The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel!

Find your Island…Discover the Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel

Located in Southwest Florida and made up of over 100 barrier islands along the Gulf of Mexico and renowned for being a family friendly, laid back, barefoot destination, The Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel are the perfect spot for your dream family getaway!


Enjoy the white-sand beaches, turquoise waters and 27 degrees Celsius of perpetual sunshine, whilst spending your days seaching for sea shells or dolphin spotting, building sandcastles or enjoying the warm gulf waters with the kids. The best way to explore all of Fort Myers and Sanibel is to jump in a kayak or boat and Island hop until you find the Island that best suits you. 


Get close to the natural side of Florida and spot the pink Roseate Spoonbill and more than 300 kinds of birds in the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge, the largest undeveloped mangrove ecosystem in the U.S. or watch dolphins play in the wake of your boat, or glide beneath the shade of mangroves while on a guided kayak tour of the Great Calusa Blueway.


Art galleries of every colour and variety burst from the seams on Matlacha and Pine Island.  The Boca Grande and Sanibel lighthouses are inspirational to visit and the brilliant minds of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford enjoyed their visits so much they put down roots here. Their historic estates are filled with tropical gardens, workshops and museums which encourage creativity in every heart and prove the only limit on success is one’s imagination. 


When you are tired from a long day at the beach, hit the shops and pick up some bargains at the outlet malls before spending the evening enjoying delicious seafood at one of the many restaurants on offer.


Each community holds its own personality - take in the music and nightlife of Fort Myers Beach, or find bohemian beachside craft stores on Sanibel Island and jaw dropping sunsets on Captiva Island. Each island offers a healthy dose of peace and quiet, fascinating wildlife and beach life. The Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel are perfect for a relaxing beach holiday or as part of a fly-drive along the Florida coast. From the moment you arrive, you’ll feel connected to the people and unspoiled nature around you. 


Up until the end of April 2017 we have 2 special offers for you to choose from.....

  1. 10% off any family holiday booked to The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel (book by 15th April 2017)
  2. 1 night FREE with any booking of 4 nights or more (book by 30th April 2017)

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Adventure in the Yukon!

Adventure in the Yukon!


Canada’s Yukon is one of the most unique and memorable destinations in North America. With wilderness covering over 80 per cent of the land, the scenery is simply breath-taking.


Yukon is home to Canada's highest peak, the world's largest non-polar ice fields, Canadian Heritage Rivers and with caribou, moose and grizzly bear outnumbering the residents. From the crimson carpet of the tundra, to the majestic mountain peaks, the vast pristine wilderness of the Yukon makes for an exciting holiday like no other!


Yukon’s expanse of wild regions, varied ecosystems, and relatively sparse human population make the Yukon a haven for some of North America’s most rare and impressive species.


Wildlife viewing opportunities exist throughout the Yukon, from in town sightings to incredible wilderness encounters in the many parks and areas which provide an excellent setting to enjoy moose and caribou or experience the antics of smaller creatures like marmots, pikas, porcupines and red foxes. Road travellers can find plenty of opportunities to spot bears, moose, elk, bison, and sheep while driving the network of highways.


All of our itineraries can be tailor-made to allow you plenty of time to head off in search of these fascinating animals. Just tell us what you would like to see and we will make sure you have the best possible opportunities to spot them. Of course, sightings can never be guaranteed, but if there is one place that you are likely to come face to face with animals in their natural habitat it is in the Yukon!


Go on a winter adventure in the snow and take charge of your own team of huskies on a dog sledding safari, be amazed by the northern lights or drive the Ice Road to Tuktoyaktuk. For those of you who would prefer a warmer stay pick up an RV and discover the many national parks and vast highways that make up this unique province. Hike the Chilkoot Trail and discover the Stampeders route, canoe the many rivers or take a backcountry horse tour and join the ranks of legendary Yukon Pioneers such as George Carmacks and Martha Louise Black and help to break a back country trail that will take you into some of the most spectacular back country of the Yukon on a quest for gold!

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8 Things You Just Have to Bring on your Nova Scotia Adventure

8 Things You Just Have to Bring on your Nova Scotia Adventure

Getting ready for a trip to Nova Scotia? Here are some things you might want to bring to ensure your trip is the best!

1. Your Sense of Adventure – If you’re a thrill seeker, it’s definitely time to try something new. Go tidal bore rafting in the Shubenacadie River. Run the ocean floor in the Not Since Moses Walk/Run in Five Islands. Take a surf lesson. Zipline in the Annapolis Valley or on the Northumberland Shore. Kayak the ocean to a remote island. Or see it all from above skydiving or riding in a hot air balloon.

2. Your Taste Buds – Okay that might sound a little cheesy (speaking of cheese, you have to visit Fox Hill Cheese House or That Dutchman’s Farm) but there are some seriously delicious food experiences in Nova Scotia. If you’re a lover of seafood, your mouth is probably already watering - lobster, mussels, oysters, scallops, clams, haddock, seafood chowders and buttery biscuits – so good but not altogether unexpected.  There are also some unanticipated discoveries – like vineyards with their very own appellation – Tidal Bay. Did you know that Nova Scotia also has a thriving craft brewing industry and some really interesting spirits being distilled, like the Pear Eau de vie (brandy) you’ll find at Ironworks Distillery in Lunenburg - with a pear grown right in the bottle - or the single malt whisky at Glenora Distillery - or the historical Fortress Rum, aged in casks at the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site.  
Now back to the food - you can taste your way through Halifax, morsel by morsel, on a tasting tour, spend the day with the talented and animated Kilted Chef, stop multiple times along the Chowder Trail to eat delicious chowders, pick your lobster right out of the tank at Hall’s Harbour Lobster Pound - and so much more. All you need to bring is your appetite.

3. Your Swimsuit – To the surfers, who brave the water year round in Nova Scotia, one of the world's top cold water surfing destinations, ocean summer temperatures probably feels like bathwater. It's refreshing and you’ll find them on any given beach on a hot summer day. But we’ll let you in on a little secret. If you are looking for the warmest water – you have to check out the beaches on the Northumberland Shore. All along the Northumberland Strait, with its shallow depths close to shore, the water temperatures can reach as high as 25 Celsius. Checkout local favourites like The Merb (Melmerby Beach Provincial Park), Heather Beach Provincial Park, Caribou-Munroes Island Provincial Park or Pomquet Beach Provincial Park.  

4. Your Dancing Shoes – Nova Scotia has a pretty lively music scene, from the Celtic sounds you’ll find in many a pub, like the Red Shoe Pub in Cape Breton - to music festivals like the Stan Rogers Folk Festival or the Halifax Jazz Festival. You can take a party cruise around the Halifax Harbour and dance on the deck of the Tall Ship Silva or tap your toes in a lively pub almost any night of the week.

5. Your Rubber Boots – Did you know you can actually walk on the ocean floor in Nova Scotia? In the Bay of Fundy you can. That’s because they have the highest… and lowest tides in the world. It's really cool but it can get pretty muddy. Fundy Adventures offers some amazing hands on experiences where you can go dulsing (picking a seaweed superfood), clam digging, periwinkling and exploring along the ocean floor. You can also eat on the ocean floor at Burntcoat Head Park as your guide helps you to learn more about what the tide leaves behind. Just a few experiences where rubber boots will come in handy. Of course, if you like the feel of mud between your toes, feel free to abandon the boots and for an organic pedicure. If you want to save room in your suitcase, just bring a towel.

6. Your Sweater – let's get this standard question out of the way because it gets asked quite often by those visiting Atlantic Canada for the first time. What kind of weather can I expect in Nova Scotia? They have lots of hot, sunny days with an average temperature between 20-28 Celsius (70-80 degrees Fahrenheit) in the summer. And of course, there are usually a few heat waves too. But sometimes it cools off at night. Which is usually great - the perfect temperature for sleeping with the window open and the ocean breeze blowing through. Of course there are mornings when the fog comes gently rolling in too. You'll want your summer clothing. But don't forget to bring a sweater. Especially for those walks along the beach. We guarantee, you'll want to stay and watch the sunset.

7. Your Hiking Boots – Whether you are an experienced hiker or a trail walker, you won’t want to be caught without your boots. Take in the famous Skyline Trail – or any of the 26 trails in Cape Breton Highlands National Park and you’ll find amazing views of the Cabot Trail.  Looking for something a little more challenging? Try a multi-day trek to Cape Chignecto.  Want to see something unique? Check out Balancing Rock on the Bay of Fundy near Tiverton. Looking for some great coastal trails? Visit Taylor Head Provincial Park and Kejimkujik Seaside... just to name a few.

8. Your Binoculars – in addition to the amazing views you’ll find at many of the hiking trails, Nova Scotia has some amazing wildlife and you never know where you’ll see it. Sometimes you can get pretty close to it – it’s not rare to see a humpback spy hopping or breaching on a whale watching cruise in the Bay of Fundy or in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Cape Breton. But some of it you might see from far away. For example, it’s fun to watch the seals on the island in the distance at Kejimkujik Seaside or to see those adorable Puffins even closer on a birdwatching or nature cruise. While it’s not rare to see a moose meandering in the Cape Breton Highlands or an eagle soaring above, it’s not a bad idea to observe these beautiful creatures at a distance.
About Atlantic Canada

The Atlantic Canada region is coastal Canada on our doorstep.  Just five – six hours away from the UK, the provinces of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island have all the perfect elements for an interesting and inspiring escape.  Each province has its own character but all are renowned for their outstanding natural beauty, stunning coastline, friendly people, incredible seafood, UNESCO World Heritage sites and National Parks. This region really is Canada’s best-kept secret.

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New direct service to Houston with Singapore Airlines!

New Direct Service to Houston with Singapore Airlines!


Leading carrier Singapore Airlines launched its inaugural commercial A350 flight from Manchester Airport to Houston on 17th January 2017. The latest addition of the A350 forms a key part of the Airline’s fleet, enabling Singapore Airlines to offer customers an improved travelling experience, to introduce new destinations and enhance its current connectivity. It also introduces the Airline’s new Premium Economy Class cabin and the latest Business Class design to those flying from Manchester. The A350-900’s long-haul flights will seat 253 passengers. Class of travel deployment is subject to market conditions. 


The non-stop Singapore-Manchester flight operates five times weekly and continues on to Houston. Flight SQ52 departs Singapore at 0235hrs and arrives in Manchester at 0900hrs. Flight SQ52 then departs Manchester at 1010hrs, and arrives in Houston at 1530hrs. The return flight SQ51 departs Houston at 2015hrs and arrives in Manchester at 1005hrs. Flight SQ51 then departs Manchester at 1135hrs, and arrives in Singapore at 0820hrs (all times local, and subject to change).


As the fourth-largest city in the United States, Houston is home to a respected and energetic arts community, celebrated restaurants, world-renowned theater groups and the brains behind U.S. space exploration. Home to the third-largest consular corps in the nation, Houston is a mecca of diversity, giving breath to one of the most vivid cultural scenes in the country. 


Houston serves up nationally recognized dining, shopping, entertainment and nightlife with world-class attractions and events. Regardless of what your interests are, Houston has attractions just right for you. From Space Center Houston (home to NASA's Mission Control) to the largest Fine Arts Museum in the Southwest, the options are many. And with Houston CityPASS you can see it all at a great discount.


Best of all, you'll find a number of things that are budget-friendly or free. In fact, there are so many things to do in Houston; you may want to schedule an extra day or two to your trip!


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Meet the Whales of the Bay of Fundy

Adventures in New Brunswick - Take to the sea on the world’s highest tides and see some of the rarest whales in the world.


A whale-watching trip is a must on a New Brunswick holiday. And the draw of the world’s highest tides bring some of the world’s rarest whales to the waters of the Bay of Fundy. Want to get up close to these gentle giants? New Brunswick’s expert whale-watchers will help you have the experience of a lifetime.

Let's dive deep into the wonderful world of whales that awaits in the waters of the one-of-a-kind Bay of Fundy -

Humpbacks are playful whales, known for putting on a show by breaching, rolling, and peeking out above the surface to watch boats. Growing up to 18 metres in length, they can weigh up to 50 tons. Humpbacks in the Bay of Fundy are in the feeding part of their migration cycle, and can consume 4,400 - 5,000 pounds of plankton and krill each day. photo credit - Sea Watch Tours.

Minke Whale
Traveling in very small pods of two or three, the Minke whale can grow up to nine metres in length, feeding on plankton, krill, and small fish. While they can dive for up to 25 minutes, they tend to live close to the surface and dive for only 10-15 minutes on average, making them perfect for spotting on whale watching tours. photo credit- Quoddy Link

North Atlantic Right Whale
The waters off New Brunswick are the summer home of the North Atlantic Right whale - the most endangered whale in the world. Right whales migrate to the Bay of Fundy each summer to raise their calves in the bay’s protected waters. This ‘nursery’ is incredibly important, as there are fewer than 400 Right whales left in the Atlantic Ocean.

Atlantic white-sided Dolphin
The sturdy Atlantic white-sided dolphin is a frequent visitor to the Bay of Fundy. Growing up to three metres in length, they often travel in pods of 50-60. Photo: Sea Watch Tours

Finback Whale
At an average length of 19 metres, Finback whales are the second largest whale in the world. They can live for up to 100 years and their spouts can be as high as four metres above water, meaning they can be spotted from 1.5 kilometres away.

There’s plenty of ways to see whales in New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy, from old-fashioned tall ship to custom cruiser to catamaran. Each experience is a bit different, but just as awe-inspiring.

About Atlantic Canada

The Atlantic Canada region is coastal Canada on our doorstep.  Just five – six hours away from the UK, the provinces of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island have all the perfect elements for an interesting and inspiring escape.  Each province has its own character but all are renowned for their outstanding natural beauty, stunning coastline, friendly people, incredible seafood, UNESCO World Heritage sites and National Parks. This region really is Canada’s best-kept secret.

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Newfoundland and Labrador- Five Ways to Experience Icebergs

Five Ways to Experience Icebergs in Newfoundland & Labrador

In Newfoundland and Labrador, icebergs come in all shapes and sizes, travelling along Iceberg Alley to fill the bay, or your glass. Track these 10,000-year-old visitors with, and get yourself a front row seat.

1) By Sea
Icebergs migrate south just as whales and seabirds head north. If you're really lucky, you'll meet somewhere in the middle. Out in Newfoundland and Labrador, this is what passes for gridlock. See them with an experienced operators on a boat tour, or in a kayak.

2) By Land
To spot an iceberg around, you don't necessarily have to go out onto the water. Stroll along the coast, or sit by the shore and have a picnic. Sometimes all you have to do is step out of your car.

3) Bergy Bits
You can find these bergy bits sitting on beaches, in plain view, just waiting to be picked up. A chilly, but short-lived memento of your visit, they’re an excellent way to keep your drinks cool. Don't forget your mittens.

4) In a Stiff Drink
Icebergs are so plentiful in these parts, locals actually put them to good use! Try a beer made with 10,000-year-old glacial ice, or pick up a bottle of locally made Iceberg spirits.

5) Iceberg-Inspired Art
You can't take an iceberg home with you, so why not bring home a piece of iceberg art instead? It's easier to hang on your walls and chances are, it won't melt in the summer.

About Atlantic Canada
The Atlantic Canada region is coastal Canada on our doorstep.  Just five – six hours away from the UK, the provinces of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island have all the perfect elements for an interesting and inspiring escape. 

Each province has its own character but all are renowned for their outstanding natural beauty, stunning coastline, friendly people, incredible seafood, UNESCO World Heritage sites and National Parks. This region really is Canada’s best-kept secret.

For more information on ways to experience Icebergs  or to browse our other Atlantic Canada holidays click
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Prince Edward Island - The Family Friendly Island

Prince Edward Island - The Family Friendly Island

Traveling with children on a budget is not always easy but when you visit Prince Edward Island, it’s effortless! There is so much to see and do that is kid-friendly and affordable. For all of you family oriented travellers out there, here is a typical weekend spent in P.E.I. with ongoing family fun!

Day One
Walk through Victoria Park (and boardwalk) where you will find a baseball field, swimming pool, play ground and skateboard park. Explore historic downtown Charlottetown by walking the Victoria Row (pedestrian street) and enjoy some tasty treats, local art, or outdoor music.

Tour Downtown Charlottetown with the Confederation Players Walking Tour, a troupe of costumed, young, bilingual Canadians, trained as the Fathers and Ladies of Confederation. Join the Players for a guided walking tour or attend their historic vignette outside Province House — the site of the 1864 Charlottetown Conference.

Make your way to Peake’s Quay at the Charlottetown waterfront where you will find Cow’s Ice Cream, PEI Dirt Shirt and much more!

Day Two
Head to Cows Creamery and tour the factory of Canada’s best ice cream and learn how it’s made.

Make your way to New Glasgow stopping in at the Butterfly House located within the Gardens of Hope. This is a wonderful little greenhouse that is home to imported tropical butterflies from Costa Rica from June to September. The Gardens of Hope is a serenity garden for all to enjoy on a 12 acre site.

Pop into The Toy Factory just up the street where you will find many assortments of hand-crafted toys. Children of all ages are welcome to play-test hundreds of toys in the store. They can visit the toy-making workshop too, and if they’d like, they can help make a little wooden car or magic wand to take home as a special souvenir.

Spend the afternoon at Brackley Beach at the PEI National Park offering miles of pristine sandy beaches and majestic dunes to help relax on Island time.

Stay at a campground in Cavendish such as Marco Polo Land with over 100 acres of PEI camping, tailoring and RV sites and has all the services you need for your Island vacation. The resort will keep you entertained with a take-out, dairy bar, store, restaurant, themed entertainment, pools and large play areas. 

Day Three
Make your way to Victoria by the Sea where you will find Beachcombers, the modern family restaurant located at the end of the wharf. Wander the colourful fishing village’s shops and galleries in the village of Victoria, tucked neatly on the south shore of the Island.

Visit The Bottle House located in Cape Egmont and explore the three fantasy-like buildings that create the first-ever Bottle Village on P.E.I.

Tour the PEI Potato Museum located in the community of O’Leary in the western part of PEI. It is surrounded by fertile potato growing fields where the humble potato has played an important role in the economy for many years.

Check-in at West Point Lighthouse Inn where there are 13 rooms with great views, two of which, (The Keeper’s Quarters and The Tower Room) are within a historic Lighthouse. The West Point Lighthouse stands among the Island’s most recognizable places. At 69 feet tall, it’s also one of PEI’s tallest and most unique lighthouses.

End your holiday with nothing less but a spectacular sunset on the beach overlooking the Northumberland Strait.

About Atlantic Canada
The Atlantic Canada region is coastal Canada on our doorstep.  Just five – six hours away from the UK, the provinces of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island have all the perfect elements for an interesting and inspiring escape.  Each province has its own character but all are renowned for their outstanding natural beauty, stunning coastline, friendly people, incredible seafood, UNESCO World Heritage sites and National Parks. This region really is Canada’s best-kept secret.

For more information on Prince Edward Island or to browse our other Atlantic Canada holidays alternatively give us a call on 020 8742 8299 or email and we will be happy to put your perfect holiday together for you.

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Saskatchewan- A Paddlers Paradise

For avid canoeists and kayakers, the Canadian province of Saskatchewan ranks as one of the world’s great adventure destinations. With nearly 100,000 lakes and rivers, Saskatchewan offers remarkable scenery, tranquility and some of the best canoeing in the world. 


Churchill River Canoe Outfitters welcomes you to Saskatchewan’s majestic north. Offering canoe adventures on nearly every river and lake system in northern Saskatchewan, Churchill River Canoe Outfitters ensures no lack of excursion options. Knowledgeable guides will take care of every detail and see that you have a most memorable experience.


There is nothing quite like canoeing the historic Churchill River. The route has withstood time and civilization, navigating a landscape that remains in its pristine form, flowing over the Precambrian Shield, surging with rapids and tumbling over falls, and connecting dozens of quiet lakes. Imagine the First Peoples of the area as you paddle by ancient rock paintings. Trace the path of the rugged Voyageurs, and envision their fur-laden canoes as your guide tells stories of those adventurous times long ago. Perhaps you’ll spot bald eagles and white pelicans fishing below rapids, a moose wading in the shallows or a black bear wandering along the shore. After an invigorating day of paddling and fresh air, settle into camp, enjoy a hearty meal, and let the sunset serenade of the common loon soothe you. 


Feel the allure of the north and a permeating sense of serenity as your journey takes you from tranquil lakes to roaring rapids. Your voyage in Saskatchewan’s north begins with adventure...and ends with discovery.    


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Missouri Division of Tourism- Drink

By Stephen Foutes
Missouri Division of Tourism- Drink


Cheers to you


As the home to the world’s largest brewery, Anheuser-Busch, Missouri is naturally famous for its beers.
Along with the giant known for churning out Budweiser and Bud Light, Missouri has more than 50 craft-beer operations that have developed loyal followings.

One of my top picks is Schlafly Brewing in St. Louis. On a hot Missouri day, their Summer Lager is delightfully refreshing and I look forward to its release each year (it’s available seasonally only).
Across the state in Kansas City, Boulevard Brewing also makes top-notch brews. Their Unfiltered Wheat is an excellent choice year-round, as is the 80-Acre Hoppy Wheat.

While you probably aren’t surprised at Missouri’s prowess on the brewing scene, you might be surprised to know the state has nearly 130 wineries.
The area around Hermann, on the Missouri River, is perhaps Missouri’s best-known wine region, as its roots in winemaking date back to early German settlers of the 1800s.
Each year, thousands of people flock to Hermann for its Oktoberfest celebration and to sample drinks from wineries such as Stone Hill, whose Vignoles is absolutely amazing.
A little farther west is Missouri’s largest wine-producer, St. James Winery, which makes a variety of sweet wines, including cherry, blueberry and peach. 
St. James is positioned along Interstate 44 (formerly Route 66) and if you’re driving along the route, be sure to pick up a bottle of their specially labeled Country Red and Country White, which celebrate the area’s Route 66 history.

If spirits are more to your liking, Cooper Run Distillery is the destination for you. Located about 15 minutes north of downtown Branson, Cooper Run crafts a robust Ozark Mountain Moonshine that’s 60 percent alcohol (that’s 120 proof).
Yes, you have to take it easy with that. Very easy. Along with moonshine the distillery has whiskey and rum choices to suite your palate and you can take a tour of the facility, too.
These are just a few of the places to find comfort and fabulous food and drink in Missouri.

Learn more about the Show-Me State’s dining and drinking options at

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Missouri Division of Tourism- Food

By Stephen Foutes
Missouri Division of Tourism- Food


It’s a bad dietary practice to seek solace in food … but it’s oh so comforting.
That’s why it’s called comfort food, and in Missouri, it’s found in abundance.
For me, barbecue is the ultimate comforter. Slow-cooked meats coupled with rich sauces combining just the right amount of sweetness and heat make my mouth water and my taste buds sing.
That said, I’m also a big fan of pizza. And cheeseburgers. And ice cream.
Okay, it turns out there are a lot of foods in which I’ll seek comfort. Here are a few.


The ribs at Pappy’s in St. Louis are incredible and the first time I tried the brisket at Salt+Smoke (also in St. Louis), it literally made my knees buckle. 
For first-rate pulled-pork sandwiches, try Plowboys in Blue Springs (Kansas City), Wabash Barbecue in Chillicothe and Danna’s Bar-B-Que in Branson. 
MoJo’s BBQ & Grill is a new barbecue joint in Fulton, the city where Sir Winston Churchill gave his famous “Iron Curtain” speech. The house-made chips (crisps) there are an excellent complement to any main dish.


When it comes to pizza, for me, all conversations begin and end with Shakespeare’s in Columbia, home to the University of Missouri.
Sure, there are other pizza joints out there with equally delightful pies, but Shakespeare’s is and always will be my go-to. Their sausage and green pepper pizza is unbeatable, in my opinion.
Traveling in St. Louis? Visit Pi Pizzeria, it’s a regional favorite. In Springfield – the birthplace of America’s Route 66 – Vito’s Kitchen is an excellent option, while Missouri’s capital, Jefferson City, is well known for the Greek-style choices at Arris’ Pizza.


When pigging out is on the menu, cheeseburgers are ideal. Some of the biggest and best come from Lambert’s Café in Sikeston. Huge and flavorful, they’ll leave you full for hours. As an aside, note that Lambert’s dishes up generous portions of what many people consider more traditional comfort foods, including things like chicken-fried steak, mashed potatoes, green beans and rolls.
For a fun burger joint with 1950s decor, visit Billy Bob’s Dairyland in Branson. Enjoy a fresh, juicy burger at the lunch counter while listening to tunes from a vintage jukebox. Don’t pass up the opportunity to have one of their shakes, too!
For a great burger in an unexpected location, you’ll need to travel across Missouri on Interstate 70, the highway that runs from St. Louis to Kansas City.
On the eastern half of the interstate, you’ll see a sign for a town called Williamsburg at Exit 161. Take the exit and go north for just a minute to Crane’s Country Store.
Along with being one of most interesting places you’ll ever stop – they are regionally famous for, of all things, bologna sandwiches – they serve up great hamburgers, including one named for the community, The Williamsburger.
Take few minutes after you eat to stroll through Crane’s Museum, where you find an assortment of interesting items, ranging from a 1927 Chevrolet to vintage signs and home décor pieces.


Comforting sweets
The streets of St. Charles (west of downtown St. Louis) are full of history, thanks to the brick-lined streets, stately buildings and the city’s ties to American explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.
I have no doubt that, if Grandma’s Cookie’s had been in business when Lewis and Clark set out to explore the American West, the trek would have been a colossal failure.
The explorers likely would have camped in St. Charles forever.
The small brick building on Historic Main Street cranks out fresh cookies every day, tempting passersby with sweet smells that remind you of your grandma’s kitchen (assuming your grandma was an excellent baker).
If you time it right to catch a batch coming right out of the oven, it’s your lucky day.
About 30 minutes east of Grandma’s, Ted Drewes Frozen Custard on Route 66 in St. Louis is perhaps Missouri’s best-known place to find sweets.
The frozen custard treat known as a concrete is so thick, you can turn it upside down and it won’t spill out. In September 2016, Ted Drewes was recognized as the top ice-cream shop in the world!


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The Ultimate Shopping Experience

For the ultimate experience, include Simon Shopping Destinations as a part of your holiday. Choose from more than 100 Simon® Malls, Premium Outlets® and The Mills® and discover the largest selection of shopping centres in the United States.

All America As You Like It customers receive a complimentary Savings Passport featuring hundreds of dollars in added value discounts and special offers.

Find It. Love It - Simon® Malls

In 14 states and Puerto Rico, Simon Malls® offer the ideal mix of renowned style icons and the hottest retailers – Saks Fifth Avenue, Cartier and Chanel sit alongside Apple, ZARA and H&M. Sophisticated dining options like The Cheesecake Factory and The Capital Grille complete an unparalleled shopping experience.

The ultimate in outlet shopping - Premium Outlets®

New York. Las Vegas. Los Angeles. Orlando. Premium Outlets® are where shoppers want to be, with the finest designer and name brands at savings of 25% to 65% every day. From Burberry, Coach and Michael Kors to Polo Ralph Lauren, Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH and kate spade new york, each location will surpass every expectation for outlet shopping.

Knock-out brands. Knock-out prices - The Mills®

The Mills® offer unique shopping, entertainment and dining options that you won’t find anywhere else. Name-brand outlets and value retailers at savings of up to 70% off every day along with family-oriented attractions make The Mills® centres an essential part of your trip.

Shop untill you drop!!

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Top 5 sightseeing experiences in Seattle

Here are a few of the more unusual yet popular tours to enjoy on a visit to the beautiful and much filmed city of Seattle on the Pacific Northwest coast of the USA--- with direct daily flights non-stop from the UK on British Airways and Delta Airlines or one stop via Reykjavik on Icelandair and a range of other airlines.


Seattle’s Underground world
Seattle was originally built 12-20 feet lower than it stands today. Check out Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour and get a whole new perspective on the history, dirt and scandal of the underground city of Seattle.


Paddle Seattle!
From the Puget Sound to Lake Washington, from Elliott Bay to Green Lake there are beautiful water-scapes all over the city. Get fit and see the city from the water, renting a Stand Up Paddle Board.


Cook up a treat in Seattle
Tour Pike Place Market with a chef and learn to cook in a cookery class too.


“Flightsee” Seattle
Check out the city from a seaplane on a ‘Flightseeing’ experience taking off from downtown’s Lake Union.  Or head out for whale watching adventures on San Juan Islands, up to Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, over to the nearby Olympic Peninsula national park or charter a seaplane for fishing and other experiences.      


Washington state is in the Pacific Northwest where Seattle crowns the state and regular cruises head to Alaska. Seattle is a city where art and nature meet and foodie’s fantasies come true.  The ocean backcloth is the Olympic Peninsula Mountains and beautiful islands where whale watching and boating or kayaking experiences await.  Washington State has over 800 wineries offering tasting experiences, three national parks (Mt. Rainier/Olympic Peninsula/North Cascades), mountain ranges and rainforests of bearded mossy, massive girthed trees. It’s a state of spectacular contrasts and great fly-drive holidays with a choice of direct non-stop daily flights into Seattle’s SeaTac International airport.       
For more information on holidays to the Seattle, Washington State call 020 8742 8299, email   or visit x

10 must do’s in the Florida Keys and Key West

1. Key Largo: Dive/Snorkel at John Pennekamp State Park – the crown jewel of the state park system and the first undersea park in the U.S.

2. Key Largo: Kayak and explore Everglades National Park- it is the only eco-system of its type in the world with the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States, it boasts rare and endangered species.

3. Islamorada: Fishing – Sport Fishing Capital of the World – Take a charter boat out to one of the only places on Earth where it is possible to catch a sailfish in the morning.

4. Islamorada: Robbie’s Marina - A nostalgic destination reminiscent of why some of the most talented artists, writers, fishermen and presidents have called the Florida Keys home.

5. Marathon: Dolphin Research Centre - Bring your family to meet with dolphins and sea lions. Spend an hour or stay all day learning about these incredible marine mammals.

6. Marathon: Turtle Hospital – visit the Turtle Hospital and see how they rehabilitate injured sea turtles and return them to their natural habitat.

7. Big Pine Key: Visit Bahia Honda State Park and Recreation Area at mile marker 37. With its white sandy beaches and abundant wildlife.

8. Big Pine and the Lower Keys:  spend a half day or full day exploring the backcountry waters off the lower Florida Keys.

9. Key West: Sunset at Mallory Square – celebrate the end of the day at Mallory Square where every evening you can enjoy free live music and street entertainers, art and craft stores and enjoy a cocktail as the sun goes down.

10. Key West: Day trip to the Dry Tortugas National Park - Explore a 19th Century Fort and snorkel crystal clear water with incredible marine life.

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New for 2016 - Alabama Civil Rights Trail – 7 Nights

Alabama was at the forefront of the nation’s civil rights movement in the late 1950s and ’60s. Tourists today make pilgrimages to places such as Montgomery, Selma and Birmingham, where marches and protests galvanised the nation – and profoundly changed the world.


The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and the American Civil Rights Struggles that shaped the world are highlighted in this road trip around Alabama and Georgia.


A subject that is of great interest and huge historical significance, highlighted recently by several successful films released in the last year or so. We are very proud to introduce this new itinerary to our portfolio and look forward to welcoming our clients on a journey of discovery and history that has shaped the world we live in today.


For more information on this fly-drive tour contact 020 8742 8299,  or visit

Prices from:
£1084 per person

Top FREE attractions in Dallas, TX

Top FREE attractions in Dallas, TX


D-Link - Explore Dallas' arts, fun, culture and dining. Check out the Dallas Arts District and much more across downtown Dallas and historic Oak Cliff! Buses run every 15 minutes, 11 a.m. - 11:30 p.m., Monday-Saturday.


Stroll through 68 acres of art -The Dallas Arts District is the nation's largest urban arts district and home to a variety of festivals, performances, museums and local arts organizations. The Dallas Museum of Art currently offers free general admission.


Enjoy history with Samurai masterpieces - The Ann & Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Museum: The Samurai Collection brings ten centuries of craftsmanship as one of the world’s only museums dedicated to samurai art with suits of armor, helmets, masks, and weaponry. What makes this fine collection of Japanese armor a Dallas must-see is its location of the museum sitting in a historic 1920s elementary school building, now transformed into a museum and Saint Ann Restaurant & Bar.


Travel back in time - Dallas is home to some captivating and breath-taking neighbourhood communities. Walk, ride or drive through historic Dallas neighbourhoods such as Highland Park, Swiss Avenue, Kessler Park and Munger Place, just to name a few.


Explore the Orient - The Trammell and Margaret Crow Collection of Asian Art is a display of sculpture, artifacts and paintings dedicated to the arts of China, Japan, India and Southeast Asia. Its centrepiece is a serene sculpture garden that houses 15 contemporary and historical works nestled amongst bamboo, maples, azaleas and pine trees.


Economy in Action - The Economy in Action is a free exhibit at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Through interactive exhibits and multimedia displays, learn about the Federal Reserve, money and the economy.


Talk folk art with the best - View one of the largest collections of African-American folk art in the nation at the African American Museum. Located in Fair Park, the museum hosts several traveling exhibits including an ongoing display of objects and photographs.


For more information and for details on our holidays to Dallas, contact 020 8742 8299  or visit

Top 10 FREE Things to Do in Fort Worth

Free and fun come together in Fort Worth to give visitors a great time without breaking the bank. Here is a list of the top 10 FREE things to do in Fort Worth. 

10. JFK Tribute: The JFK Tribute in General Worth Square marks the place and occasion of President Kennedy's historic visit to Fort Worth. Admire the tribute which includes an 8-foot bronze statue, visuals and internet base teaching guides. You can also download the JFK Tribute mobile app for an audio tour and to see pictures and videos of the former President's historic visit. See the JFK Tribute at the Southeast corner of Main and 8th Street.

9. Sid Richardson Museum is located in Sundance Square and houses works from leading Western artists Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell. The American West comes to life through the art and inspires visitors to view Texas history in a new light. Free docent-guided tours are offered every Tuesday and Saturday at 2PM and the museum is open Monday - Thursday 9AM - 5PM; Friday - Saturday 9AM - 8PM; and Sunday 12PM - 5PM.

8. Molly the Trolley: Molly the Trolley is a vintage-style trolley that offers free, quick and convenient travel throughout the downtown area. This route runs between the Fort Worth Convention Centre and Sundance Square, and makes stops near downtown hotels, landmarks, restaurants, shops and entertainment venues. Molly runs every 15 minutes, 7 days a week, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

7. Fort Worth Water Gardens is a refreshing haven in the centre of downtown. With various pools of water and green spaces, the water gardens are both breath-taking and relaxing all at the same time. The active water pool wows, while the aerated pool entertains and the quiet water pool calms. The gardens are open from 7AM - 10PM daily.

6. Sundance Square was rated the No. 1 downtown in America by and visitors agree. Spanning 35 blocks, Sundance Square is the perfect place to walk around, window shop or even splash around. From yoga and zumba, to family movies and live music, enjoy the Sundance Square year round.

5. Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District was once a major supply stop along the Chisholm Trail and saw millions of livestock sold in its hay day. This historic district is a must see, decked out with western saloons, cowboys on horseback and much more.  Visitors will enjoy the world's only twice-daily cattle drive at 11:30AM and 4PM, presented by the Fort Worth Herd.

4. Amon Carter Museum of American Art is known for an assorted collection that links visitors to American history through art. Visitors re-live a piece of America's past as they walk through sculptures, illustrated books and photographs. Amon Carter Museum is open Tuesday - Thursday, 10AM - 5PM, and 12PM - 5PM on Sunday.

3. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing is one of the only two printing facilities in the nation. Visitors are able to see American money printed at the place where over half of the nation's currency is ordered. With a suspended walkway, visitors literally walk above billions of dollars. Free tours are conducted Tuesday - Friday, 8:30AM to 4:30PM.

2. Fort Worth Botanic Gardens is a 110-acre oasis from the Texas sun with over 2,500 species of both exotic and native plants. The gardens provide beautiful scenery for an afternoon walk with an added bonus of environmental education. The gardens are located in the center of the Cultural District and open from dawn to dusk 365 days a year.

1. The Kimbell Art Museum holds a collection of treasures such as an eighth-century Maya stone and Michelangelo's Torment of Saint Anthony - the only of his works in the Americas. It's not only the art, but the world-renowned building that is worth the visit. With a ground breaking design, the Kimbell allows natural light to take the viewing experience from great to magnificent. The Museum is open Tuesday-Thursday, 10AM - 5PM, Friday, 12PM - 8PM, Sunday 12PM - 5PM, and closed Monday. 

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Segway Tours of Louisville

Looking for something fun to do outdoors in Louisville?

How about a Segway tour, it’s a unique way to see the waterfront and city. On the tours you could glide along the beautiful Ohio River, discovering urban artwork by local artists, the Lincoln Memorial and water features within the 85-acre Waterfront Park. Be intrigued and entertained with ghost tales of American’s oldest operating steam boat, the “Belle” and learn the fork-lore of an Olympic Gold medal tossed into the Ohio by hometown hero Muhammad Ali. On the tours you could also include crossing the mighty Ohio River on the historic Big Four Bridge to see the Louisville skyline like never before!

America As You Like it offers tours to Louisville for more information click here,



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Fly direct to Washington Dulles!

Fly non-stop to Washington Dulles International Airport with British Airways, United Airlines and Virgin Atlantic.


As one of the busiest gateway airports in the USA, Washington Dulles sees on average a whopping 844,000 visitors a year from the UK.


Serviced by 3 major airlines with direct flights 5 times a day from London Heathrow, we can certainly give our customers more options when it come to tailor-making the holiday of their dreams. 


Coupled with its great location, not only for touring the beautiful and historic Capital Region but also as a gateway to the whole East Coast of the USA it makes the perfect arrival airport for so many fabulous holidays!


To see some of our most popular suggested itineraries take a look at our Capital Region page or contact us on 020 8742 8299 or and we will be happy to assist you with planning your perfect trip. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Follow in the Footsteps of Royalty!

With the upcoming tour of western Canada by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children on the 24th September, why not follow in their footsteps?


The Royal Tour will start in British Columbia and take in Vancouver Island, Victoria and the Gulf Islands region, a large sparsely populated area, home to one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems including rainforests, marshes, beaches, mountains, oceans, rivers and lakes, ideal for bear viewing (including the rare and beautiful Spirit Bear), whale watching and fishing. The Duke and Duchess will travel from Victoria to Vancouver by float plane. Float planes are the quickest way to travel between the two cities and are one of the real symbols of this part of the world and many of our own holidays use this method of transport to take you deep into the wilderness.


We have access to a number of specialist wildlife viewing lodges in the area. You can choose to spend time at the any of the lodges independently or combine then to make your own unique bear and whale viewing holiday getting up close to Orcas and Sea Otters


One of the stops we are most excited about is the Great Bear Rainforest – the world's largest temperate rainforest, and home of the Spirit Bear, located on the beautiful Central Coast of British Columbia. We offer Great Bear Nature Tours with guided hiking, boat cruises or sea-kayaking and bear viewing sessions.


They will then take part in the British Columbia’s Government's 'Taste of British Columbia' festival at Mission Hill Winery. The Okanagan region is producing world-class wine, cheese, and food and The Duke and Duchess will have a chance to sample some of the province's best offerings. Our own ‘Legends, Resorts & Vineyards’ of British Columbia tour lets you discover First Nations legends, resorts and vineyards on a spectacular and scenic adventure.


For more details of our holidays to British Columbia visit


Their Royal Highnesses will then fly to Whitehorse, Yukon. The start of many of our wildlife holidays including Husky Adventures travelling deep into the forest by sled, canoeing and camping trips on deserted rivers and  rafting along The Tatshenshini River. Our canoeing adventures extend from 6-21 nights!


You can also explore this wonderful region on horseback or go trekking beside lakes and mountains and take a spectacular train ride. The city is home to a vibrant arts community, great restaurants, buzzing coffee houses, glitzy galleries – all within a short drive of pristine wilderness.


The Royal Couple then travel a short distance to the beautiful Montana Mountain where they will visit what must be one of the world's most picturesque destinations for mountain biking. 


America & Canada As You Like It are offering a 7 night Yukon Family Package from £4,195 (based on a family of 4 travelling) including return flights from London to Whitehorse on WestJet, 1 night at the Delta Vancouver Suite Hotel, car hire, 1 night at the Westmark Hotel Whitehorse and 5 nights in a cabin at the Southern Lake Resort in Tagish. For more information contact 020 8742 8299 or email


We are delighted to offer not only these same wonderful experiences, but also many other fantastic destinations that the Duke and Duchess just don’t have the time to visit. Whatever you decide we’re sure like the Royal Couple and their children you’ll come back with memories that will last a lifetime.

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THE TALE OF TWO CITIES …a happy ending!…

Birmingham, Alabama, USA-----Richella Heekin’s story of booking a dream trip to Las Vegas through the wrong airport went viral earlier this year. 

Heekin had saved for months to surprise her boyfriend, Ben Marlowe, with the birthday present of a trip to the Nevada gambling paradise.  She was heartbroken when she learned that, instead of the BHX airport in Birmingham, England, she had booked the flight through the BHM airport in Birmingham, Alabama. 

The couple’s story, though, now promises to have a happy ending…along with a surprise detour through the Birmingham of the American South. When the story went viral, Virgin Airlines CEO Richard Branson stepped up with free roundtrip airfare from Manchester to Las Vegas, along with a complimentary hotel stay. 

Not to be outdone and as a city known for its true southern hospitality, Birmingham reacted quickly with a band of city boosters inviting the British/Irish couple---Heekin is Irish---to visit Birmingham, Alabama.  They happily accepted and a generous donor stepped up to fly them from Las Vegas to their Southern destination for a two-day whirlwind tour August 16 and 17 giving them the chance to experience two amazing cities in one trip!

The couple will be squired around the city to sample Birmingham’s award-winning culinary destinations and thriving craft beer breweries.  They also are scheduled to explore the Ziplines and other adventures at Red Mountain Park and to sightsee in the city center on new Zip Bikeshare bikes.  Another highlight will be a VIP visit to Birmingham’s internationally renowned Porsche Driving Experience at Barber Motorsports Park.

At a quick stop by downtown Regions Field baseball park, the couple will throw out the first pitch for the Birmingham Barons game.  Then it’s on to a concert by American singer-songwriter Jenny Lewis at Iron City, one of Birmingham’s most popular music venues.  Their visit coincides with Lewis’s local performance on her nationally-acclaimed “Voyager Tour.”

“Birmingham, Alabama, is in the midst of an astonishing rebirth, so this is a great time for Richella and Ben to visit us,” Tom Cosby, a local city booster and instigator of the couple’s trip said.  “We could not have put this trip together without the generosity of our local attractions and restaurants, along with an outpouring of help from stalwart donors.”

Cosby has worked closely the Greater Birmingham Convention & Visitors Bureau, Big Communications, REV Birmingham, the Alabama Tourism Department and Stewart Perry Construction Company to arrange the trip.

To visit Birmingham or Las Vegas or any of the wonderful destinations we offer give us a call on 020 8742 8299 or email and we guarantee to book you the correct flights!!

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Beautiful Birmingham, Alabama.

It’s difficult to explain what sets Birmingham apart from her like-size sisters---almost impossible really. People who visit Birmingham, as well as those who live there, swear they sense a vibe to the city that they don’t find elsewhere in their travels.

Birmingham is centre ring for Alabama’s attractions and entertainment. From Broadway shows, the Alabama Symphony Orchestra and other cultural events, to outlet mall shopping and the finest selection of antique stores in the region, Birmingham knows how to entertain.

Take a quilt and a picnic to Railroad Park in the heart of downtown and listen to Alabama music. Live music is the signature entertainment of the city. Visit the dozens of art galleries around the city for funk, fine and folk art treasures.

The city’s downtown buildings are a collection of Cinderella stories. Many early skyscrapers are now refurbished, dressed up and housing restaurants, law firms and luxury condos.

For all its small town charm, Birmingham is sophisticated, with a rich history of Italian, Lebanese, Greek, Asian, Hispanic and Eastern European immigrants, Birmingham benefits from the gifts of many backgrounds.  The influences are all around and beautifully melded into the diversity of our Southern culture.

Experience Birmingham with our new 7 night Music Triangle itinerary from £1,145 per person including flights, car hire and accommodation. Price based on two people sharing. For more information call 020 8742 8299 or visit

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Shop ‘till you drop in Nevada!

Whether looking for on-trend, upscale, outlet or value retail, Simon Shopping Destinations have you covered on your Nevada vacation. When booking your Nevada holiday with America As You Like It  you will receive a complimentary Savings Passport featuring hundreds of dollars in added value discounts and special offers at to use at the Simon Shopping Destinations Centres of your choice, there are 4 shopping destinations in Las Vegas and Reno!

Las Vegas

Unique Shopping along the streets of ancient, The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace® has no visual rivals anywhere in the world. The centre’s paved streets, changing Mediterranean sky, beautiful ornate fountains and distinctive spiral escalator create a unique shopping attraction. Discover over 160 speciality shops and restaurants as you enjoy the gorgeous features. Browse an exceptional collection of the world’s finest designer labels and leading brands at savings of 25% to 65% every day with two distinct outlet shopping locations in Las Vegas. The outdoor village styled Las Vegas North Premium Outlets®, located North of the Strip featuring 175 designer and name-brand outlet stores is a must shop. The climate controlled, indoor and outdoor Las Vegas South Premium Outlets®  with its 140 outlet stores is just one mile from McCarran Airport.


Reno, “The Biggest Little City in the World” is located near Lake Tahoe. Conveniently located near major casinos and the Reno/Sparks Convention Center, Meadowood Mall® is anchored by two Macy’s stores, JCPenney and Sears. The center features more than 100 stores and a large selection of eateries including The Cheesecake Factory. Area attractions include the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Reno, Lake Tahoe and the largest concentration of ski facilities in the world.

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Visit New England in the Winter

Winter could never be considered an "off-season" here — instead, it's one of the most action-packed times to visit. Adventure and active travel is booming year-round, and winter especially affords a chance to try some unique and unusual pursuits. In New England, you can learn how to ice climb, tour wooded trails on cross-country skis or a fat bike, and of course, enjoy some of the country's most reliable snow on a snowboard.

Wintertime truly sparkles in New England, when warm lights from cozy inns and along Main Streets cast an undeniable allure. Do as the locals do and uncover adventurous, cold-weather fun — on the slopes and off – with some of our winter highlights:

1.  Visit iconic ski towns in Vermont and New Hampshire.

2.  Ride to the top of the northeast's tallest peak in a snowcat.

3.  Drive Vermont's famed Skier's Highway through 33 villages, several ski towns, and past more than 12 ski areas.

4.  Don't worry about the weather at an indoor water park.

5.  Keep the non-skiers happy with snow tubing, shopping and more.

6.  Be adventurous! Try dog sledding, snowmobiling or ice climbing.

7.  Celebrate the holidays as only New Englanders do.

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Explore stunning Nevada

Nevada’s history is rooted in the Wild West, from cowboys and Indians to train robberies and silver and gold mines. Though much has changed over the decades (Nevada now draws more than 50 million visitors each year), much of the allure of the state is still found in its western heritage and wide-open spaces which makes it the perfect destination to embark on the road trip of a lifetime.


From cruising down Las Vegas Boulevard amid the sights and sounds of the entertainment capital of the world, to watching the sun go down on the rolling Nevada desert; travelling across this spectacular state will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.


Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a classic American lakeside resort, with log cabins, tall pine trees, soft, yellow sand beaches and a wealth of activities and water sports to keep you entertained. Whilst the north shore is anchored by the town of Incline Village, which boasts two golf courses, a ski resort, and lake front hotels, the town of Stateline is situated on the south shore and is known for its large-scale casino resorts, Heavenly Mountain Resort and Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course.

During the summer, Lake Tahoe is perfect for water and beach activities, hiking and bicycling, whilst the winter months turn Tahoe into a skiers’ paradise, with winter sports such as tobogganing, sleigh rides and ice skating.


Death Valley National Park

Just a short drive west of Las Vegas, Beatty serves as the eastern gateway to Death Valley National Park. As the hottest, driest and lowest point in North America, Death Valley is a vista of extremes. Extreme sports lovers will find adrenaline-pumping mountain biking trails in the region’s high-desert terrain, whilst those interested in days gone by can explore several ghost towns in the area deserted after the gold and copper dried up.


Survive the Loneliest Road in America

One of the best ways to experience Nevada is to travel Highway 50, the so-called “Loneliest Road in America.” Stretching for 287 miles across the state, Highway 50 is a scenic and historic corridor through a land seemingly untouched by man. Drivers will pass through mining towns and cemeteries, state parks and remnants of the historic Pony Express route are still visible for much of the way.


Ghosts of the Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah

Visit the Ghosts of the Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah situated in between Las Vegas and Reno. Once home to Gold miners and Silver Barons during the mining boom in the early 20th Century, this hotel is said to have ghostly characters walking the halls. Many hotel guests have experienced the presence of “The Lady in Red”. Legend has it that “The Lady in Red” is the ghost of a prostitute who was killed on the fifth floor of the hotel by a jealous ex-boyfriend. Her haunting presence is such that it has been featured on US television. See it to believe it...


Elko and the Ruby Mountains

Elevated over 5000 ft, Elko is known as “Nevada with Altitude,” a moniker to which it truly lives up to. The thriving northeastern Nevada city is bordered by the towering, snow-capped Ruby Mountains, and the lush, glacier-carved Lamoille Canyon. This means that there’s no shortage of outdoor activities to enjoy, everything from down-and-dirty ATVing to out of this world heli-skiing. Within minutes of downtown Elko, visitors can enjoy rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, hunting, fishing or backpacking – and that’s just the start.


The Ruby Mountains, also known as America’s Alps, rise majestically southeast of Elko.Experience the ‘Wild West’ at local ranches and stations in Elko and live like a cowboy with bonfires, stargazing, hikes and horseback rides. If you want a more upbeat experience, don’t forget about the bright lights of Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world.


Self-drive holidays give you flexibility, so whatever you enjoy, there’s plenty to do in Nevada!

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Summer in Philadelphia

Independence Beer Garden and PHS Pop Up Garden

From mainstays like Independence Beer Garden across the street from the Liberty Bell to Pop Up Gardens that transform spaces into lush urban oases on South Street and beyond, beer gardens and outdoor activities fill Philadelphia’s neighborhoods all throughout the summer.

Wawa Welcome America

Celebrate America’s birthday in America’s birthplace with the largest free concert in the nation! This eight-day festival, beginning Monday, June 27 and running through Monday, July 4, will feature 35 events, 350 performers and 100 hours of free family-fun all throughout Philadelphia’s vibrant neighbourhoods.

Blue Cross RiverRink

Experience Blue Cross RiverRink, Philadelphia’s first and only outdoor roller skating rink located on the scenic Delaware River. This summer the Blue Cross RiverRink Summerfest continues with a rink surrounded by unique landscaping and exciting new additions including an air conditioned crab shack and a 9-hole mini-golf course.

Spruce Street Harbor Park

Known as one of the top urban beaches in America, Spruce Street Harbor Park has returned to the Delaware River for its third year featuring a floating restaurant, hammocks, beer garden, and games for the whole family to enjoy, all under vibrant LED lights hanging from treetops!

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Sarasota-Bradenton, Florida’s Gulf Coast - May 2016

Holidays are all about memories and how about making some walking on America’s No1 voted beach in the year round sunshine? 

Siesta Beach in Sarasota boasts that it has the finest and whitest sand in the world as the powdery sand is nearly pure quartz crystal. 

Our Sarasota, Bradenton and Anna Maria Island holidays on Florida’s Gulf of Mexico coast are where you can kick off your shoes and the stresses of everyday life and walk on miles of beaches without an urban eyesore insight.

Explore Bradenton’s Old Florida history and visit its museums, parks and reserves. It’s vibrant downtown RiverWalk area and the Village of the Arts – a working artists community, not to be missed and only a short drive from such Gulf shores as Anna Maria Island, Holmes Beach and Bradenton Beach.

One of Florida’s primary Gulf Coast cities, Sarasota offers you a marvellous mix of fine dining, culture, and a wide variety of shopping attractions including the famous St. Armand's Circle. Why not have a look around The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, the family behind America’s most famous circus?  Check out the old costumes, wagons, and the world’s largest miniature circus. Art lovers can appreciate the largest collection of Rubens canvasses in the world, plus works by Old Masters.

Sandwiched between Anna Maria Island and the nightlife of downtown Sarasota you’ll find Longboat Key, attracting visitors who want to taste globally inspired cuisine at waterfront eateries and restaurants.

Or why not just paddle amongst the turquoise clear surf along picturesque Whitney Beach and enjoy acres of nature reserves and the wildlife? Either way you’ll soon blend into this paradise and when flip flops and bare feet take over you’ll never want to come home.

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Wine, Water and Wonders of Upstate New York

Our brand new Wine, Water and Wonders of Upstate New York tour includes flights, car hire and accommodation.

Starting your trip in the Big Apple, New York, visit its plethora of museums, restaurants theatres and some of the best shopping in the world.  Or take a city tour including a visit to the Empire State Building and a cruise to see the city’s skyline and the Statue of Liberty.

But this trip is really all about the stunning New York State countryside where you drive through the Catskill Mountains known for the Catskill Forest Preserve, with its rich wildlife and hiking trails, and ski resorts, farm-to-table restaurants and a slow easy lifestyle. No wonder New Yorkers come here for the weekend.

Drive on to the stunning Fingers Lake Region, home to The Corning Museum of Glass which attracts visitors from all over the world and then to the village of Watkins Glen at the south end of Seneca Lake. The Watkins Glen State park is a stunning narrow gorge that has steps and pathways that criss cross the 19 waterfalls found within.   Take a boat excursion onto Seneca Lake with many wineries along both sides before continuing your journey to visit Geneva and Syracuse. 

Visit Destiny USA, the sixth largest shopping destination in the US, combining traditional retail, outlets, fine dining and entertainment.   Onwards then to Rochester, the birthplace of Kodak's founder where you can leave the car for a while and stroll, bike or cruise between the charming villages that line the historic Erie Canal.

Finally take the SeawayTrail American Byway to Niagara Falls. You can’t get much closer to the falls than the famous Maid of the Mist but you’ll get a bit wet too!

There’s so much to see and do on this holiday but we think you’ll discover that for yourself.

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Bears and More Bears!

We suggest 3-4 nights to give a wonderful introduction to these magnificent creatures. Being near them in their own wilderness environment (as opposed to sanctuaries and zoos) is such an exhilarating experience that it’s difficult to describe.

When you see young bears and the returning bears, it gives you hope that these are the bears that will come back year after year with their cubs. Then there are the ‘extras’ that can occur making your experience even more memorable – young cubs playing, a wolf sighting, whales breaching nearby...if you love nature, this is one activity that you must do.

The meals at the lodge are wonderful and the hosts are fabulous. In the spring, the bear viewing would be by boat in the estuary when the bears come out of hibernation and feed on the sedge grasses.

In the late summer/fall, the bears move to the river inlets to feed on the spawning salmon. During the fall viewing, the grizzly viewing is done on land in viewing blinds along the riverbanks. This is truly a bucket list activity.

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Top 5 Ways to See Victoria

By sidecar: For the ultimate in quirky transportation, enjoy a two-person tour aboard a vintage-style Urual motorbike and sidecar with Sidecar Victoria. Tours are fully narrated by the driver, giving visitors the lowdown as they cruise the sights of the city in style.


By harbour ferry: Coast through the waters of the Inner Harbour or the Gorge on a guided tour past picturesque marinas, unique floating houses and beautiful parks with Victoria Harbour Ferry. Take a pub crawl with a twist as the tiny ferries "hop" from pub to pub! Rent a kayak with Ocean River Sports and enjoy paddling the Inner Harbour and Gorge at your own pace.


By bicycle: Explore local neighbourhoods or sample some locally made treats on a cycling tour with The Pedaler . Experience a cycling brewery tour or head out of town to discover the Saanich Peninsula. Cycle BC can assist visitors with rental bicycles and scooters, pointing them in the right direction for a great day exploring solo.


By seaplane: Take to the skies and see the city from above on a floatplane tour. Harbour Air offers spectacular panorama tours of the city along with a Butchart Gardens "Fly 'N' Dine" package. Sandpiper Air also provides stunning city and coastal tours along with Gulf Islands and Tofino adventures packages for extended trips.


On foot: As one of the most walkable cities in Canada, visitors will find it easy to explore on their own two feet. Join a guided walking tour with Discover the Past to learn about historic Chinatown and the city's diverse neighbourhoods, or wait for night to fall for the for the Ghostly Walks. Find the city's hottest local eateries with a food walking tour with the knowledgeable local guides at Off The Eaten Track. 


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Shop The palm Beaches

One of south Florida’s top luxury shopping destinations, Town Center at Boca Raton features an outstanding mix of upscale and elite specialty shops along with your favourite Mall stores in an indoor environment.

The impressive lineup of six department stores – Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and Sears – draws shoppers throughout The Palm Beaches and Broward Counties. Among the 220 stores at Town Center, you will find The Apple Store, Tiffany & Co, Louis Vuitton, Tory Burch, Lilly Pulitzer and many more.

There is a wide array of dining options, from The Capital Grille and Pinon Grill to our Cafes at Boca. A recent expansion - The Terrace at Town Center – introduces a number of new lifestyle shops. Parking options are more than ample, including three parking decks and valet stations. Conveniently located off I-95 and Glades Road, you’ll find just what you need and more.


Don't Forget!

America As You Like It clients receive a complimentary Savings Passport featuring hundreds of dollars in added-value discounts and special offers!!

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Philadelphia America's World Heritage City

Philadelphia has become the first World Heritage City in the United States. From its Colonial history to the present day the City has much to offer the UK visitor.  Independence Hall is where America’s Founding Fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence to give birth to a nation in 1776.  It is also where the United States Constitution was written and signed.

Because the city's oldest buildings are so well preserved, America's early history is in places more easily seen here than in Washington. It’s rightly known as a beautiful city that lends itself to gently exploring its sedate squares and cobbled alleways.

As well as the plentiful art museums and galleries, including the Rodin Museuem, visitors should not miss a visit to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Both part of Independence National Historic Park and after visiting places such as The Franklin Institute Science Museum honouring Benjamin Franklin you can try the all time classic Philly cheese steak sandwich. No less iconic are the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, immortalized by Sylvester Stallone’s triumphant run in the film "Rocky."

As the birthplace of America, with its rich heritage of history, arts and culture and an ideal location on the Northeast coast of the United States, Philadelphia has so much to offer and indeed only half an hour away by train from New York City and two hours from Washington DC makes an ideal base to explore the Northeast. 

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Florida's National Parks

In August, the U.S National Park Service celebrates its centenary. Although often overshadowed by parks such as Yosemite or Bryce Canyon, Florida  is home to a diverse collection of three National Parks,

The environmental crown jewel is The Everglades National Park, unique to the planet with millions of acres of tropical, watery grasslands, mangroves and ecosystems that hold incredible species of wildlife. With over a million alligators in the park, it’s not unusual to see one ambling across the road!

The park is a magnet for wildlife enthusiasts from all over the world because of the endangered species that thrive here such as manatees, sea turtles, Florida panthers, long-legged birds such as the blue heron and thousands of other wild plants and animals

Florida corals are home to countless species of sea life, protected within Biscayne National Park.  The offshore reefs within the park waters are only reachable by boat where snorkelling above the incredible colours and low lying shipwrecks offer you an unforgettable experience.

For an all year round destination it’s hard to beat the Florida Keys. Stretching out in a gentle arc south-southwest and then westward to Key West and finally onto The Dry Tortugas, still uninhabited and a wildlife paradise.

Take a step back in history at Fort Jefferson, built between 1846 and 1875 to protect shipping along the Straits of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, among other strategic needs. This subtropical paradise is in an area renowned for its laid back barefoot holiday destinations so its no surprise many people take to the water and go island hopping to experience the rich wildlife and flora that exists here

Even lesser known yet, but just as magnificent are the Canaveral National Seashore home to more than 100 Native American Indian shell middens and the Gulf Islands National Seashore home to the longest tract of protected seashore in the USA.

Our extensive selection of hotels gives you the opportunity to stay in these amazing National Parks where in addition to the beautiful natural environment, there’s an abundance of golf, tennis and water sports as well as some unusual attractions close to many of these hotels. So if you’re not spotting dolphins then you can surf the fashionable boutiques and outlet shopping!

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Billy Connolly’s Tracks Across America

Welcome to an epic journey that puts Billy Connolly in the company of three things he loves dearly – trains, America and his banjo. 

In these three episodes, Billy Connolly will circumnavigate the four corners of the United States on the magic carpet made of steel that is America’s rail network.

Beginning in Chicago and finishing in New York, Billy will head into the vast and astonishing landscapes that make up America’s backyard. An epic 26 states and over 6,000 miles of cities, coast, mountains, desert and swamp. 

Rich in the romance of the American dream, this is a travelogue in the tracks of the pioneers who built a nation. A glimpse into modern America and the states we rarely get to see onscreen. It’s a journey rich in people and places, chock-a-block full of moments you could only have in the company of Billy Connolly, a man who can move you to laughter and tears on the turn of a dime.

A series painted in visuals straight from the silver screen, with Billy on the banjo strumming along to the ‘chug chug’ rhythm of the ride.

Episode 1 – The first episode sees Billy travel from Chicago to Seattle on the mighty Empire Builder. Travelling from East to West, across six states, Billy stops off to witness a true slice of Americana at the Minnesota State Fair, where giant butter sculptures, corn beauty pageants and live animal births are just some of the bamboozling entertainment on offer.

He tackles a world famous ‘juicy lucy’ burger in Saint Paul before skirting the badlands of North Dakota to experience the highs and lows of an oil boom town. He marvels at the thousand upon thousand acres of uninterrupted prairieland before arriving at Montana’s answer to Glasgow, Scotland.  Glasgow, Montana is small town America in all its glory. And Montana is a land of cowboys and ranching families who have worked the terrain for generations.

Billy’s journey’s end is in windswept Seattle - not in the glamorous tech city but Tent City, where many of Seattle’s homeless live.  Here, Billy is moved by the tales of its residents.

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1st April at 9pm on ITV

Fantastic Shopping in New England

Everyone loves a bit of retail therapy and if you can combine it with a holiday in fabulous New England to find some of America's best state of the art and upmarket shopping malls, designer discount outlets, eclectic boutiques and more, so much the better.

With so many world-class shopping locations in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire Simon Shopping Destinations are a must for any visitor to the region.

However this isn’t just shopping. Some such as  Boston’s most distinctive shopping destination Copley Place, located in the historic Back Bay, has over 70 stores whilst New England’s largest upscale outlet centre Wrentham Village Premium Outlets  has over 170 designer and lifestyle brand stores at everyday savings of 25% to 65%.

You can enjoy outstanding shopping for every budget and style, plus incredible dining and entertainment options!

As one of our customers, you will receive a complimentary Savings Passport featuring hundreds of dollars in added value discounts and special offers to enjoy your trip even more.

We can arrange shop ‘til you drop’ holidays mixed with other activities in this wonderful region for you. We can even include Rockingham Park Mall at Salem, Massachusetts. You wont find many witches there these days but you’ll certainly fall under its spell.

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Missouri America's Heartland

The Gateway Arch built on the side of the Missouri River, is known as the "Gateway to the West".  Soaring high above the St Louis skyline in many ways it epitomises what the great State of Missouri is all about.

Built to represent the start of the Lewis and Clarke expedition and where many of the pioneer wagon trains started to the western seaboard the arch points out that Missouri is a mixture of the old west and the cosmopolitan East.

Situated in the heart of the country Missouri is the perfect place to experience what America is all about. With over 120 wineries The Show-Me State also boasts hundreds of conservation and natural areas, 87 state parks and historic sites, the vast Mark Twain National Forest, the Ozark National Scenic riverways, the 240-mile Katy Trail (America's longest rail-to-trail conversion) and thousands of beauty and hiking spots and the Iconic Route 66 to drive along and reach them all and get that retro  true ‘Americana’ experience.

It’s not just about the great outdoors though as Missouri has some of the most vibrant cities and fascinating small towns anywhere in the USA.  

Boasting more theatre seats than Broadway, Branson offers entertainment to please everyone. Country music, gospel, magicians, comedians whilst the Blues in St Louis and the jazz in Kansas City are known the world over.

From a vast choice of restaurants including great BBQ joints to farmers markets out in the small towns Missouri’s wonderful food is waiting to be discovered. The fact that you can do it with flights, car hire and accommodation included means you really should come and have a look. 

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Alaska and Yukon Highlights

You know you’re going for a spectacular fly drive holiday when you start it at a place called Whitehorse.

Our Alaska and Yukon holiday with flights, car hire and accommodation included starts and ends here at Yukon’s capital which with a population of only 28,000 lets you know what you’re in for.

Take the ferry from Skagway, trapped between the mountains and the sea, to Haines perched on the edge of Kluane National Park.

This holiday is all about driving past forests alongside glaciers and rivers that make you ache to try river rafting.

Alaska is famous for its seafood and Anchorage has some of the freshest in the world. Why not try cold-water Kachemak Bay oysters, King crab or wild Alaska salmon?

Take the car along the scenic Turnagain Arm and maybe take a detour to old gold mining villages but do take a wildlife and glacier cruise into amazing Kenai Fjords National Park. This area is renowned for its cultural sites, including the Alaska Native Heritage Centre, which displays traditional crafts, stages dances.

Drive on to the Denali National Park the home of bears, caribou and moose before arriving at Fairbanks via beautiful forest and mountain landscape. Then it’s the Alaska Highway, Taylor Highway and the Top of the World Highway back into Canada and Dawson City.

Be careful though, you’ll probably want to turn round and do it all again.

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Best of Washington and Oregon Fly Drive

The Pacific Northwest has a character all of its own with some of the most spectacular coastal and mountain scenery anywhere in the United States and exploring it by car also lets you turn up at Oregon’s renowed world class vineyards!

Our  15 day “The Best of Oregon & Washington” tour includes flights, car hire and accommodation and lets you discover this natural wonderland and some vibrant cities that at the same time seem to have a have slower pace of life than their continental cousins.

Start in Portland with its diverse neighbourhoods and great shopping yet that still maintains a friendly, small-town atmosphere, and drive southwards to the breathtaking beauty of Ecola Beach State Park in Cannon Beach for unforgettable views of the spectacular coast.

For some retail therapy drive on to Eugene and Lincoln City with tax-free shopping at Factory Stores, Oregon's largest outlet or explore the 48 mile stretch of sand dunes on a dune buggy ride.

Crater lake, The Cascade Mountains, Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument and the volcanic Lava Butte rising 500ft above you all await you as you journey southwards towards Seattle.

With its amazing café and music scene Seattle also has some stunning public art – including a 7-ton bronze statue of Lenin and a giant troll under a bridge. Go to the top of the Space Needle which at 605 feet provides a 360 degree view of the city.

Then drive down to Washington via a ferry across the Puget Sound, see Bald Eagles soaring high above the water and rain forest lakes bordered by huge trees, ending your tour at never to be forgotten Columbia River Gorge.

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South Lake Tahoe: Sun and Snow a Natural Treasure

Located 6,225 feet (1,897 m) atop the majestic Sierra Nevada mountain range in the western United States on the California and Nevada border, Lake Tahoe is widely considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. This natural treasure offers the ultimate high-country experience with superb outdoor recreation and magnificent scenery throughout the year. Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America and is known for its crystal clear waters and majestic scenery. Lake Tahoe’s Emerald Bay is one of the most photographed locations in the world.

Summer activities at Lake Tahoe include hiking, fishing, mountain biking, rock climbing, and horseback riding. Lake Tahoe also features exceptional golfing, where golfers enjoy the benefits of this high altitude location. Long sandy beaches at Lake Tahoe’s south shore are reminiscent of ocean seashores and provide fun for the whole family. There is a wide variety of water sports that include power-boating, sailing, parasailing, jet-skiing, kayaking, paddle-boarding, wake-boarding, water-skiing, scenic cruises aboard an authentic Mississippi paddle-wheeler, and even scuba diving.

In the winter, Lake Tahoe is home to 15 world-class ski resorts that feature an extensive choice of terrain for experts and beginners, all within a one-hour drive of each other. All of the resorts have excellent ski and boarding schools, along with equipment rental. The big three on the south shore of Lake Tahoe are Heavenly Mountain Resort, Kirkwood Mountain Resort, and Sierra-at-Tahoe. Heavenly Mountain Resort, the highest resort at Lake Tahoe and one of the premiere resorts in the nation, provides unrivalled panoramas of Lake Tahoe and an awe-inspiring view of Carson Valley in Nevada. For non-skiers, there is snowmobiling, tubing, ice skating, dog sledding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and sleigh rides. For hardy fishermen, ice fishing keeps anglers happy during the winter months.

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Sonoma's 50 miles of Pacific CoastLine

With its mild Mediterranean climate, mountains, valleys, forests and more than 50 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline, Sonoma Wine Country in Northern California offers a diverse range of outdoor activities.

Among the most popular activities among outdoor lovers are hiking and biking, often along trails in the county’s 11 state parks and more than 50 regional parks. Most parks offer other diversions, including fishing, swimming, boating, equestrian trails, and camping.

Of course, you don’t need to confine your walkabouts (or bikeabouts) to dedicated trails; it’s fun to walk or cycle through urban areas, too. The historic plaza in the town of Sonoma, with its ties to early California, is fascinating — and offers lots of things to do.

Be prepared to be amazed when you stroll along Sebastopol’s Florence Avenue, home to many whimsical sculptures by Patrick Amiot and Brigette Laurent. See the quiet side of Santa Rosa on the Santa Rosa Creek Trail. Bicycle to the coast along Highway 12 — and while you’re at it, try to spot the ghost of Alfred Hitchcock in the tiny town of Bodega, where he filmed The Birds.

Another popular way to enjoy a day outdoors? Spend it on the coast. With more than 50 miles facing the Pacific Ocean, the county contains a great many fabulous beaches. Some are intimate coves that require a steep hiking descent to reach (and a steep climb to leave).

At others you can park your car and easily step onto the beach. No matter how you reach a beach, once there you can choose an activity that’s perfect for you on that day: beachcombing, tide pool exploration, whale watching, curling up with a good book, building a driftwood fort, or simply sea-gazing.

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Adventure is Out There in Greater Palm Springs

There is no shortage of ways to explore the diverse natural beauty that is Greater Palm Springs.  Some adventure by jeep, others by hot air balloon, and there are those who prefer horseback or bicycle. Yet many of us believe there is no better path toward exploration than your own two feet, mixing fitness with up-close discoveries of the most beautiful areas of the oasis, from flora and fauna to amazing vistas. For inspiration, watch “Adventure is Out There” here.

Andreas Canyon Trail at Indian Canyons

The casual, two-mile hike amid Palm Springs' historic Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians tribal grounds counts among the most unique in the region. Part of the Indian Canyons' 60 miles of hiking trails, Andreas Canyon Trail’s adjoining stream gives rise to bountiful vegetation which starkly contrasts the texture of the canyon's rocky routing.

Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve

More than 25 miles of hiking opportunities define the Coachella Valley Preserve that contains the lush Thousand Palms Oasis. Nestled into the north end of Indio Hills, the true and unique palm oasis is nourished by the waters seeping from the San Andreas Fault.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Hiking

Ascend the 10-minute ride from the Tram's Valley Station to the bounty of the Mountain Station at 8,500-feet. Awaiting hikers at Mount San Jacinto State Park are 54 miles of trails, ranging from scenic walks to extreme tests.Joshua Tree National ParkA sweeping array of nature and fitness treks greets guests across the 1,250-square-mile breadth of space, which makes Joshua Tree among the most popular hiking, camping and rock climbing attractions, both nationally and internationally.

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San Simeon Safari

No trip to California is complete without a “San Simeon Safari”.  Located halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, San Simeon can be found on one of the most scenic stretches of California Highway 1.  Your experience begins at the very edge of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, known as the “Serengeti of the Sea”, and is sandwiched between a National Scenic Byway, Route Highway 1, and the Pacific Whale Trail, the grey whale migration route from the feeding grounds of Alaska’s Beaufort Sea to the breeding grounds of Baja California, Mexico.

Exploring this environmental wonderland on foot, bicycle, motorcycle or a convertible automobile is sure to be a memorable adventure.

Whether viewing the local zebras wondering amongst the grazing cattle, one of the thousands of elephant seals in their Piedras Blancas rookery, tide pooling, beachcombing, birding or kayaking, you are sure to be awed by this all inspiring collection of scenery and nature.

As if a breaching whale or surfing dolphin was not enough, no visit would be complete without a tour of “Our” Castle.  World Famous Hearst San Simeon State Historical Monument, the home of the late William Randolph Hearst, was the creation of two extraordinary individuals, William Randolph Hearst and world renowned architect Julia Morgan. This majestic structure, La Cuesta Encantada, “The Enchanted Hill” has a magnificent 115 – room main house plus guesthouses, pools and 8 acres of cultivated gardens. With its world class collection of art and furnishings, it overlooks this eclectic magical kingdom from the Santa Lucia mountain range 1600 feet above.

To ensure your leisurely enjoyment, San Simeon looks forward to welcoming you with accommodations and services to meet your every need.

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Enjoy San Diego's Great Outdoors

With a year-round near-perfect climate, varied terrain and an abundance of recreational activities, San Diego offers outdoor enthusiasts a vacation experience like no other. From its 112 kilometers of stunning Southern California coastline to the lakes, mountains and 600,000-acre Anza-Borrego Desert in rural East County, San Diego is a diverse outdoor playground to be enjoyed throughout the year.

During winter months along San Diego’s coastline, guests can watch the exciting migration of the California gray whale on its annual journey from chilly Alaskan seas to the warm water breeding grounds in Mexico.  Whale watching tours are offered daily and occur on a variety of ships from intimate America’s Cup yachts to large public cruises.

Throughout the year, water lovers can also surf, swim, sail, kayak, paddleboard, dive and snorkel as well as experience thrilling sportfishing on half, full and multi-day excursions. 

And, for the truly adventurous, guests can paraglide above the blue Pacific off the dramatic 300-foot cliffs of Torrey Pines, located just north of tony La Jolla.For those who prefer to keep their feet on terra firma, San Diego offers 93 golf courses including the world-renowned Torrey Pines golf course, as well as miles of biking routes and running and hiking trails.In rural East County, guests can rock climb, horseback ride, camp and stargaze under clear night skies in the Cuyamaca Mountains and serene Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. 

Also, during the spring and dependent on winter rains, guests can enjoy the annual bloom of desert wildflowers and see Anza-Borrego transformed into a spectacular desert floral display.

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Complete Kansas & Oklahoma

If you want a holiday that encompasses America old and new then our ‘Complete Kansas & Oklahoma’ holiday is for you. From Wichita the “The Keeper of the Plains” where Wyatt Earp learned his trade to the vibrant city of Tulsa rising from the plains like a giant cathedral these two central states have so much to offer the visitor.

Oklahoma was for many years the reservation hub of the Native Americans and here you can experience the heritage and cultures of the Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw, Choctaw and Seminole peoples.

There’s a musical heritage here too as no more than “24 Hours from Tulsa “ you can get “Your kicks on Route 66” as the iconic highway takes you to Oklahoma City providing plenty of evening entertainment with over 30 canal-side restaurant and clubs.

Take a step back in time and visit the Amish village of Yoder to shop for handmade Amish crafts and quilts or take a tour 650ft down in a working Salt Museum.Kansas City, Topeka, Lawrence and CottonWood falls all await but perhaps it is the tall grass prairie that will cling to your memories the most, just like the pioneers about to set out on the Santa Fe Trail al those years ago. Price includes flights, car hire and accommodation

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Utah's National Parks

Utah is home to five national parks: Arches, Canyonlands, Zion, Bryce and Capitol Reef whilst nestled in the south east corner is the amazing Monument Valley looking exactly as it did 3,000 years ago.

Our stunning Utah National Park's itinerary features all five of the parks and includes other unforgettable experiences such as meeting the Navajo nation, close encounters with dinosaurs and walking amongst deep, narrow canyons, towering cliffs, streams, waterfalls, hanging wildflower gardens and majestic, forested mountains.

Either way we think it’s a holiday you’ll remember for a very long time.

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Earth’s Greatest Spectacles New England

You’ve got 27 days left on BBC iPlayer to watch Earth’s Greatest Spectacles New England, a programme that showcases the extraordinary sights of colour change throughout the region. 

Earth’s Greatest Spectacles New England is found at Join the journey to not only enjoy the natural beauty of New England, but also to find out how the vibrant fiesta appears, the role the trees and their inhabitants have and how this area of diverse natural beauty was firstly created. 

Why not plan a trip there this Autumn? Stowe in Vermont has been recognised as the number 1 destination for fall foliage with North Conway, New Hampshire listed as number 2. Both of these destinations are included in our 14 day ‘The Best of New England in the Fall’ holiday which includes flights, car hire and accommodation.

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Shopping in the Capital Region

Most people regard the Capital Region as a prime destination for monuments, memorials, and museums such as Arlington or the Smithsonian.

However you can also go shopping in Washington. DC, Maryland and Virginia to find some of America's best state of the art and upmarket shopping malls, designer discount outlets, eclectic boutiques and more.

Without doubt the Capital Region boasts some of the best shopping in the United States and we can help you combine sightseeing and historical tours with some serious retail therapy at one of six centres fit for dedicated shopping.

The Mall is an American invention that has swept the world and some of these sites offer up to 135 stores with names such  Coach, Burberry,  Nike, Michael Kors, Polo Ralph Lauren and many more for you to while away an hour or two.

Of course you’ll also find top notch dining options in sites such as Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets a similar-sized mall 20 minutes north of Dulles International Airport representing everything from luxury to outlet offerings and designer, value and classic brands, shoppers really are spoilt for choice. 

We can arrange shop ‘til you drop’ holidays mixed with other activities in this wonderful region for you. Be it a visit to the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City or wander the cobbled streets of Annapolis to discover clothing boutiques, gourmet markets and jewellery stores!

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Bryce Canyon 4-day Astronomy Festival

Bryce Canyon is the ultimate place to learn about and enjoy the splendour of the night sky.Every Summer Bryce Canyon offers a 4-day astronomy festival where amateur astronomers from the Salt Lake Astronomical Society assist the Canyon's rangers in hosting a world-class public stargazing event.The annual event offers not only the opportunity to search the heavens through huge modern day telescopes but also the chance to hear famous astronomy/night sky guest speakers. Other attractions include Planet Walks (1/10 billion scale solar system), model rocket building & launching, learning to map the sky with a planisphere workshops.Green laser tours with your guide pointing out the constellations of  the night sky are a memorable occasion.You can even combine a visit to the festival with one of the many Utah tours featured on our website here

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Feed your soul in Alabama!

Feed your Soul! Alabama is flat-out famous for its food, from the fresh fish served daily on the Gulf to the succulent barbecue made from family recipes passed down through generations.

When it comes to authentic Alabama cuisine, you can't beat the soul food and barbecue cooked up low and slow all across the state. Pork, chicken and beef are cooked to perfection and served with sauces that you'll want to bottle by the gallon.  

See our Alabama 14 night Food and Music Trail  here - alternatively you can contact us on 020 8742 8299 or email us here for more information


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The Capital Region at Night

We know you love to explore and discover all the delights of your holiday that the daylight hours can bring. However we understand too that many of the characteristics that make a destination so special can be found after the sun goes down and perhaps nowhere is this more so than in the Capital region. 

Live music, high energy nightclubs, award-winning theatres, superb restaurants and festivals make for a fascinating collection of delights after dark.

If you think Blackpool is famous for its lights, take a night time tour to see some of DC’s famous illuminated monuments, including the Lincoln, Jefferson and Vietnam Veterans memorials by taking the Monuments by Moonlight tour. Or maybe get a bird’s eye view of the Washington Monument, the US Capitol and Alexandria from a climate-controlled gondola on The Capital Wheel at National Harbor.

The region is awash with Jazz, comedy and dance clubs and you can perfect your Charleston and Lindy hop every Tuesday at The Jam Cellar, a weekly swing-dance club at northwest DC’s historic Josephine Butler Parks Center.

If you fancy a flutter the Maryland Live! Casino in Arundel Mills has more than 4,200 slot machines and nearly 200 table games including poker, black jack, craps and roulette. Then finish off the evening in one of the many specialist cocktail bars in a cosy environment or visit a roof top bar where you can view the night life in all its splendour.


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Florida and Arizona as Winter Destinations

Escape the grey skies and winter blues with a trip to Florida and Southern Arizona. In the former you can take a trip out on Wild Florida airboats in the headwaters of the Everglades and have great fun out there in the primeval landscape, plus it’s just a 45 minute drive from Central Florida’s major theme parks at Orlando. Or try out the paradise that is Fort Myers and Sanibel in the southwest made up of 100 islands with white-sand beaches and turquoise waters strung along the Gulf of Mexico and known as Florida’s unspoiled island sanctuary.

For a winter destination from the UK though many of us think it’s hard to beat the Florida Keys. Stretching out in a gentle arc south-southwest and then westward to Key West and finally onto the The Dry Tortugas, still uninhabited and a wildlife paradise.

Not everyone wants beaches and marine life however and that’s why Southern Arizona is becoming so popular in the winter months.

The area has some of the most awesome attractions on the American continent. The stark beauty of the desert, (You can take a motorcycle or fly drive through it too!) the giant cacti of the Saguaro National Park and the world-class resorts of Tuscon, Phoenix, Scottsdale are also on offer with some great winter sun, hiking, ATVs, horse riding, high end shopping and dining, and also warm weather.

We can even organise a flight over the Grand Canyon. If that’s not enough adrenaline for you take the ultimate thrill, The Grand Canyon Skywalk!

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Elvis. 39th Anniversary Tour

In August we have a group tour for Elvis’ 39th Anniversary to Nashville and Memphis, with an extension to Las Vegas and Palm Springs.

This is a great way to see all the sights and sounds of Elvis’ Memphis, with experienced tour managers who know everything there is to know about Elvis’ life and can give any fan a true insight into the man and his world.

Our first night in Memphis is spent situated opposite Elvis’ Graceland mansion in the unique Elvis-themed Heartbreak Hotel. You'll see where Elvis went to school, performed and shopped. Including a tour of the famous Sun Studio, a visit to the Presley family’s Lauderdale Courts apartment plus lunch at the Arcade Restaurant - a downtown 'diner' that was one of Elvis' favourite eating-places. 

Even your tour of Graceland comes with a Platinum Pass, which will allow you to come back and visit again later in the week.

Then on to Tupelo to see where Elvis was born and discover the sites of his early years including the Hardware Store where his mother Gladys purchased his first guitar. For an Elvis fan this tour encapsulates all you need to know about the King.

Don’t forget we can also arrange fly-drive holidays including Nashville, Memphis and Tupelo for you if you’re looking for a bit more independence.

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Colorado. Destination of the month.

From the grassland prairies of the east, through the stunning Rocky Mountains and onto the red-rock bluffs of the west Colorado has so much to offer the visitor. With four distinct seasons and over 300 days of sunshine, Colorado has to be the perfect destination any time of year.

Daily direct flights arrive from London into the vibrant city of Denver where you can try out either of our two new itineraries Colorado Bikes and Brews and Colorado Urban Escapes. Pedal your way around leaving your bike at a plethora of secure stops at the city’s sites as you go or take a self-guided walking tour along the Denver Beer Trail and explore the 20 breweries and farm to table restaurants.   

Stunning scenery is never far away with four National and over 40 State Parks on offer making the state a natural playground  with cycling, ranching, rafting, hiking and kayaking activities available.

Hop on a train with the many scenic railroads spread around and visit communities for a range of activities such as Colorado Springs a city with a charming “small-town” ambiance where year round, visitors are embraced by breathtaking scenery and friendly people.

Our accommodations range from five star luxury hotels to rustic cabins. Whether it’s a city hotel, mountain resort, historic B&B or alpine lodge, Colorado accommodations provide amazing views, values and a variety of places to stay.

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Special offfer. A week in Boston over New Year

We have a week in Boston over New Year from £925 per person (based on two sharing), including return flights from London Heathrow to Boston, six nights room-only accommodation at the Omni Parker House, a City Pass, and a discount voucher book for shopping at Wrentham Village Premium Outlets and a voucher for 10% of at Macy's. 

In the daytime on December 31st the entertainment ranges from puppet shows and children’s entertainers to ice sculptures. Then local bands sing the night away, with dancing and light shows. Although fire pits dot the square, do make sure to dress up warm!

Another romantic way to spend the evening is ice skating to music over on Boston Common’s Frog Pond then at midnight, a dazzling display of fireworks lights up the sky above Boston Harbour.

On New Year's Day the street fun continues so get up late and have brunch at a bustling café or tavern or join in a fitness workout or the family games.

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Whales, Bergs and Bears; Magnificent Newfoundland

If you want to watch whales, Newfoundland is one of the most spectacular places to be. Between May and September, 22 species are found here including the minke, sperm, pothead, blue, orca, and the world's largest population of humpbacks. The site of these magnificent creatures breaching is something you will never forget.

Besides a boat tour you can also see the whales whilst following a coastal road, from the side of your sea kayak, hiking a seaside trail or when staying at a light keeper’s cottage. Indeed the Newfoundland Coastline is full of caves, waterfalls, and the majesty of gigantic icebergs, seabirds, and other wildlife.

Gros Morne National Park offers unrivalled opportunities for outdoor activities whilst The Torngat Mountains National Park is a wild time capsule to the past where polar bears, (one of the few places where they can be seen during the summer) wolves and caribou survive in a habitat that is breathtakingly spectacular. There are stunning mountain top lakes, tiny, delicate flora such as mountain cranberries and Arctic poppies and magnificent rock formations. There are only two places in the world having rock formations older than those found here – the Northwest Territories and Australia.

This is a unique area of the world and your memories are going to be even more so.

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Dogsledding in Ontario's Winter Wonderland

We pride ourselves on offering experiences that are just that bit different. The Algonquin Park in Ontario for example is renowned for its canoeing holidays. 

Well that’s fine in the summer months but the park is staggeringly beautiful in the winter too when most visitors simply don’t want to know.

This means we can offer a dogsledding trip in the Almaquin Highlands in the Northwest corner of the Algonquin Park which are home to some of the most celebrated dogsled trails in Canada where you won’t see another soul.Frozen lakes, waist deep snow, wildlife tracks, the howl of a wolf and the crisp clear air are just a few of the delights of a this trip experience.

Each sled has two mushers and a team of six Alaskan huskies, two of you can drive the sled or one can sit and one drive. Two nights are spent in a snug heated wall tent which is put up prior to you arrival.

This trip however is not just about the soft swoosh of the sledge across the snow with the inquisitive caribou watching you. It's also about your memories that will stay with you forever.



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Holiday with the Navaho and Apache

The Navajo are one of the most fascinating native American people. Their language is so ancient the tribe were used by the Americans in the Second World War as radio operators so the Japanese could not decode important messages.

Although they have adapted to the modern way of life with casinos and holiday tours in some of the most visually stunning areas of the continent, their heritage and the land they live on is still incredibly important to them, and something they want to preserve.  

We have several tours where you can meet these incredible people and view their art work, and where they act as guides in Arizona and Utah’s unforgettable canyons. Transportation in some areas is by 4x4 vehicle offering guided hikes and backroad touring in the spectacular Monument Valley (of John Wayne fame), Antelope Canyon and Canyon de Chelly.  

Of course you can also marvel at the Grand Canyon and visit the Navajo casino at Flagstaff or maybe cruise the Las Vegas Strip, or immerse yourself in the culture by visiting the remote Havasupai Reservation for incredible waterfalls and trails.  

Why not let us help you work out your trip before you go, and then set it all up for you, with flights, car hire, accommodation and tours? We can even set up a visit to the Apache and their distinct way of life.  

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Kissimmee, the wild adventure playground.

Well there are some super cool things to do in Kissimmee and we should know!

Here you can experience a part of Florida that hasn’t changed much from when early pioneers arrived in covered wagons in the 1800s and the Seminole still shared this land with alligators, spoonbills and other exotic wildlife.

Why not try a trip out on Wild Florida airboats in the headwaters of the Everglades? This is much more than just an Airboat Tour. At Wild Florida you can also take a ranch buggy tour, visit their wildlife park, or enjoy a bite to eat at the Chomp House Grill. You will make some amazing memories and have great fun out there in the primeval landscape, plus it’s just a 45 minute drive from Central Florida’s major theme parks.

Also if you’re ready for the trip of a lifetime, balloon rides will take you high above Kissimmee and the wilderness to allow you to view Florida as you’ve never seen it before and get the experience and memories so many others will never have.

Why not try kayaking in the calming Shingle Creek Regional Park? The paddling trail is renowned as one of the prettiest around - with alligators, turtles, many waterbirds and the beautiful cypress forest, this is a great option for taking a break from the theme parks and visiting the "real" Florida.

If dry land is more your thing, then why not rent a bike, or join a guided cycling tour in Celebration, through the picturesque neighbourhoods with world-class architecture, native scenic winding trails, and waterfront pathways. The tour is a hill-free 7 mile ride that’s available year round, perfect for all skill levels.

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Win an adventure in Ontario with Ray Mears!

This year, Discover Ontario are running a competition where you have the chance of winning an epic adventure in Ontario with Ray Mears Plus £300 of Mountain Warehouse Gear and flights with Air Canada rouge.

To enter the competition visit:

Ontario has more than one million square kilometres, 400,000 lakes, rivers and streams and an interesting history making it the perfect destination for exploration and adventure. The cities of Toronto and Ottawa are worthy additions to a holiday in Ontario and for first time visitors, a trip to Niagara Falls is a must! Besides the unforgettable Falls, there are world-class casinos, over 70 wonderful wineries and superb farm-to-table cuisine, inspired theatre and live entertainment. For the outdoor holiday, there are miles of cycling trails, the country’s largest collection of golf courses and sandy Great Lakes shores.  We have holidays encompassing fly drives, dog sledding  and Canoeing & Hiking  in Algonquin Park –  a vast landscape of maple hills, rocky ridges, spruce bogs, and thousands of lakes, ponds, and streams. 

Or you could try our Discover Ontario Tour where you travel through some of Ontario’s most beautiful areas sampling all that the Province has to offer. The price includes flights, car hire and accommodation.



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Philadelphia, America's First World Heritage City

Philadelphia has become the first World Heritage City in the United States. From its Colonial history to the present day the City has much to offer the UK visitor.  Independence Hall is where America’s Founding Fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence to give birth to a nation in 1776.  It is also where the United States Constitution was written and signed.

Because the city's oldest buildings are so well preserved, America's early history is in places more easily seen here than in Washington. It’s rightly known as a beautiful city that lends itself to gently exploring its sedate squares and cobbled alleways.

As well as the plentiful art museums and galleries, including the Rodin Museuem, visitors should not miss a visit to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Both part of Independence National Historic Park and after visiting places such as The Franklin Institute Science Museum honouring Benjamin Franklin you can try the all time classic Philly cheese steak sandwich. No less iconic are the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, immortalized by Sylvester Stallone’s triumphant run in the film "Rocky."

As the birthplace of America, with its rich heritage of history, arts and culture and an ideal location on the Northeast coast of the United States, Philadelphia has so much to offer and indeed only half an hour away by train from New York City and two hours from Washington DC makes an ideal base to explore the Northeast. 

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Kissimmee, Wildlife and Theme Parks

If you want to explore natural landscapes and lose yourself in “old” Florida scenery, zip line through the tree tops, glide across the headwaters of the Everglades then do have a look at our Kissimmee holiday.

Ideally located just minutes from Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Orlando, Kissimmee is the ideal family holiday destination.

Beyond the theme parks, you can explore pristine natural landscapes, and exciting outdoor adventures. Glide across the headwaters of the Everglades spying alligators and native species of squirrel and crane. 

Why not try kayaking beneath towering Cypress trees in the calming Shingle Creek Regional Park or enjoy a lakeside picnic at Kissimmee Lakefront Park or maybe make a lifetime’s memory with a hot air balloon ride? From thrills to restfulness  all of our outdoor excursions put you in the middle of the experience.

Golf is available all year-round in Kissimmee on championship-calibre courses plus you can dine outdoors on the brick-paved streets of Celebration, and shop ‘til you drop at local outlets malls where you will find some of the best designer brands.

Kissimmee’s central location puts it just about an hour from the coast and just 20 minutes from Orlando International Airport and we have a range of fantastic hotels to choose from. However you can also stay in an apartment or private home with a full kitchen, living area and plenty of space to relax in your own pool. Just ask us and we’ll sort it for you.

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The Wonders of New York State

With the American Football team Buffalo Bills playing at Wembley this weekend it seems  timely to talk about New York State today.

Often overshadowed by the Big Apple, the state has a tremendous amount to offer from mountains to museums and many people return annually for its magnificent Fall foliage and skiing.

Enjoy white-water rafting in the Adirondacks or take a gentle hike through the natural landscape on The Appalachian and many other trails. Soak up the mountain scenery of the Catskills, tour one of the picturesque villages.  Experience Niagara Falls from above or on the Maid of the Mist where the splash of spray and the roar of the Falls will stay with you for ever.

If you want to drive, the Great Lakes Seaway Trail parallels 518 miles of shoreline along the St. Lawrence River, Lake Ontario, Niagara River, and Lake Erie in New York and Pennsylvania. New York State has a plethora of wine or craft beverage trails or you can dine out in the Hudson Valley, a Fodors Top 25 destination in 2015.

Towns such as Rochester, Albany, and Syracuse all harbour echoes of the colonial and early days of American history with fascinating local culture attractions and night life.

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Wolves in Yelowstone

There are still places on one of our most popular tours which focuses on Greater Yellowstone's predators - the wolves.

You travel to the best sites for viewing  wolves including  Lamar Valley, known as America’s Serengeti. In addition, the trip may include stops at Old Faithful, the colourful Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone - crowned by a waterfall more than twice as high as Niagara Falls - and the terraces of Mammoth Hot Springs.

Journey north through dramatic Grand Teton National Park and into Yellowstone National Park searching for elk, bison, deer and pronghorn antelope, stopping along the way for breakfast at Signal Mountain on picturesque Jackson Lake.

The trip includes staying in Jackson Hole  on the floor of the valley between the Teton Mountain Range and the Snake River. This program is always a very popular and sold out quickly last year; we recommend making reservations as soon as possible to avoid disappointment

Website page here

Departures dates: January to March

Email or telephone us at +44 (0)208 742 1556


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Canoeing the Yukon's Rivers

Well if you want a real get back to nature experience why not try one of our canoeing tours on one of the Yukon's spectacular rivers? We have 11 (yes eleven!) separate tours that will immerse you and take you under the skin of the true wilderness with memories to last a lifetime.?


Canoeing on the Yukon's most beautiful rivers can be long or short from 7-22 days, challenging with white water rapids or a peaceful paddling serenity. Experience pristine wilderness with amazing wildlife-viewing opportunities while paddling the Beaver River where you will fly in by float plane with your canoes before paddling amongst ancient forests.


Or maybe take the classic canoe trip on the Yukon River from Whitehorse to Dawson City, specially tailored for visitors who like to travel far away from tourist routes. The tour starts in Whitehorse on the Yukon River with the compass set north, and passes many relics of the historic gold rush of 1898.


For those wishing to explore independently, we have rental canoes available. Our Rental and Transportation Service-packages have been designed to accommodate a leisurely wilderness holiday on some of the most spectacular waterways of the north.


Is it for me? Well a background in camping and paddling is an asset but not necessary. These programmes are open to expert and novice paddlers alike, just choose your tour and let us look after you.


Click Here to discover our 11 canoeing trips.

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Paddling with Manatees in Florida's Wildlife Paradise

The paradise that is Fort Myers and Sanibel in southwest Florida is made up of 100 islands with white-sand beaches and turquoise waters strung along the Gulf of Mexico and known as Florida’s unspoiled island sanctuary.

This subtropical paradise is in an area renowned for its laid back barefoot holiday destinations so no surprise many people take the water and go island hopping to experience the rich wildlife and flora that exists here

Where else could you paddle an arm’s length away from manatees bobbing along in the Great Calusa Blueway or marvel at the flocks of pelicans and spoonbills and more than 300 other species of birds in the J.N.  Darling National Wildlife Refuge, the largest preserved mangrove reserve in the USA?

Our extensive selection of hotels gives you the opportunity to stay in the area where you can get a feel for the old Florida that no longer exists in many regions.  Also in addition to the beautiful natural environment, you can find an abundance of golf, tennis and water sports as well as some unusual attractions close to many of these hotels. So if you’re not riding the waves spotting dolphins then you can surf the fashionable boutiques and outlet shopping.

With your evenings spent dining on delicious seafood and watching amazing sunsets you really will chill out. And of course during the day there’s those clear blues skies and perpetual sunshine to make your holiday perfect.

We are delighted to offer you a 10% discount on a 7 night package to Fort Myers and Sanibel in southwest Florida from £669pp (original price £743pp) including return flights, car hire and 7 nights accommodation.

Price based on two people sharing. Book by 1 December 2015!

To book Email or telephone us at +44 (0)208 742 1556


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The Best of New England in the Fall

Stowe in Vermont has been recognised as the number 1 destination for fall foliage with North Conway, New Hampshire listed as number 2.  Both of these destinations are included in our 14 day ‘The Best of New England in the Fall’ holiday which includes flights, car hire and accommodation.

Why not start thinking about a trip next year? Here’s a brief outline for you.

Begin your holiday in Boston, with a two night stay, before journeying along Maine's scenic coastline with is small fishing villages and many lighthouses and of course fabulous seafood restaurants!

Just outside of Boston, visit Salem with its history of witch trials, and then head for Kennebunkport where US presidents relaxed. In Bar Harbor you can shop in the boutiques, take a whale watching trip or hike through the foliage in Arcadia National Park.

North Conway offers a trip up Mount Washington as well as tax free shopping and it wouldn’t be New England without lakes and Lake Winnipesaukee where the film 'On Golden Pond' was set.

Travel along the stunningly beautiful Kancamagus Scenic Highway, stopping en-route at the Flume Gorge before continuing on to Stowe for two nights. Visit Lake Champlain, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory and the Woodstock / Quechee area, with its spectacular gorge and quaint shops.

The Berkshires is a rural region in the mountains of western Massachusetts dotted with villages and towns. It's known for its outdoor activities, fall foliage–viewing, farm-to-table food scene and thriving arts institutions. We think you’ll love it and indeed the whole holiday!

Full details here

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Discovering North America by Train

Discovering the USA and Canada by train is a wonderful experience as you are travelling across a continent not just a country.


The unforgettable scenery of mountains, deserts, deep gorges and lush grasslands make for an amazing holiday.

Like the scenery the trains themselves are inspiring. They may not be moving 5 star hotels but they are a different way to travel, with a variety of seating options and dining cars with freshly cooked food. Many trains have roomettes and some have family rooms and ensuite facilities with an on board attendant. 


You don’t have to enjoy the scenery just from your cabin window or the lounge as some trains have specialist 360 degree viewing cars where you can really soak in the wilderness.

Why not cross the Rockies from Vancouver to Calgary with the famous ‘Rocky Mountaineer’ or take the coastal ‘Coast Starlight’ service from Seattle to Los Angles or maybe even the ‘California Zephyr’ from Chicago to San Francisco crossing this great land? With many of the trips you can choose either to overnight on board the train, or stop off somewhere for a night or two before rejoining the train a few days later.


If you have a specific interest then there will be a trip for you such as the ‘Civil War Trails by Train’ visiting Richmond and Fredericksburg.


You’ll find full details of our train journeys here

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Walking The Appalachian Trail

With the release of ‘Walk in the Woods’ the film of the Bill Bryson book about hiking the Appalachian Trail we thought we would let you know about some of our holidays along the trail.

You don’t have to hike the whole trail to still be able to experience the stunning scenery, wildlife and spirit of adventure it brings. 

Our North Carolina Discovery and our Deep South and Carolinas Combination (details of both holidays here) include stays in Asheville, where you can hike in the Appalachians or take a scenic drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Parts of the film were shot in the mountains around the city. Asheville is also known for its vibrant arts scene and historic architecture, including the dome-topped Basilica of Saint Lawrence and the vast 19th-century Biltmore estate, displaying artwork by masters like Renoir.

The Downtown Art District is filled with galleries and museums, and in the nearby River Arts District, former factory buildings house artists’ studios. 

The Appalachian Trail runs from Georgia to Maine, and we have holiday ideas in all the states it crosses. West Virginia for example is the most northerly of the southern states and is located entirely within the Appalachian Mountain range (more holiday details here).

The Trails run northwards from Springer Mountain in Georgia through North Carolina and Tennessee where it enters the Great Smoky Mountains National Park .

Then on to Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and finally up to Mount Katahdin in Maine.

Explore any of these State’s pages on our site and we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll remember for a very, very, long time.


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Escape The Winter Chill with Three Great Florida Deals

We have three great deals to escape the winter chill for you!

ORLANDO AND ANNA MARIA ISLAND – 7-21 November (other dates are available) 7 Nights in Orlando at the Floridian Express in 2 double rooms, 7 nights on Anna Maria Island in a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condominium, car hire, return flights to Orlando with Virgin - Based on 4 people travelling together £875.00 per person.

MIAMI – 7 -14 November – 7 nights on South Beach at the Red South Beach, car hire and return flights with Virgin - £845.00 per person – based on 2 people sharing a room.

Luxurious Miami – 7-14 November – 7 nights at the JW Marriot , car hire and return flights with Virgin - £1125.00 per person – based on 2 people sharing

Full details of tours here

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The Ultimate Experience: Great Lakes Fly-Drive

Price includes flights, car hire and accommodation

This 16 day tour starts in Chigago where you can discover the Windy City with its  Chicago-style pizza and many famous Chicago Blues and Jazz clubs, shopping the "Magnificent Mile" of Michigan Avenue and walking along the Lakefront of Lake Michigan. Take in one of the best views of the city from the top of the Sears Tower Skydeck.

Continue your travels across Wisconsin towards the twin cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota or “Shop ‘til you drop” at the famous Mall of America in Bloomington. With 520 stores, 50 Restaurants and Nickelodeon Universe with over 30 rides, there will be no shortage of activities.

Travel to Grand Rapids, Minnesota through the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”. This birthplace of Judy Garland is rich with the dual heritage of iron mining and logging.  

Journey deep into  the Apostle Island National Lakeshore, a magnificent natural wilderness region. Take a cruise among the islands of Lake Superior and why not take the ferry to spend the day on Mackinac Island, a timeless resort island of the 19th century where no motor vehicles are allowed.

In contrast then on to Detroit, home of Motown and Motor City, USA and make your way to the ‘New American City’, Cleveland, and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. In the evening enjoy one of the many restaurants located in the riverside Flats.

Discover the cultural city of Pittsburgh, visit the Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History, and the Warhol Museum. In the evening indulge in the cultural district’s many theatres.

Travel along the Seaway Trail, stopping at the various wineries and watch the world famous sunset over Presque Isle. Then on in to Indiana, the ‘Hoosier State’, to visit the Northern Indiana Amish Community. Then continue to South Bend, home of  Notre Dame University and home to one of America’s great industrial legacies, the Studebaker Corporation.

As you can see this tour encapsulates so much about this wonderful region and it will live with you for a very long time.

Full details of tours here

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Winter Wildlife Holidays

If there’s one thing you can say about America and Canada they do offer a wealth of winter activity holidays. It’s not all about skiing though, there’s the amazing wildlife too.  We pride ourselves on giving our clients exactly what they want with a range of tailor made holidays often with our sister sites Windows on the Wild and Go Fishing World Wide.  So here’s a selection:


Wolves in winter. This 10 night holiday takes place when Yellowstone National Park is snowbound. Wolves can  be viewed and/or tracked not far from the roadside.  Website details here


We have a five night winter holiday to explore the largest forest region in Canada with some amazing wild life. Website details here


One of our sister site Windows on the Wild most popular tours focuses on Greater Yellowstone's predators, bears and wolves. Website page here


Husky sledding in The Yukon is one of Canada’s great experiences. Not only will you enjoy the incredible scenery but you will start to bond with the dogs as you get to know each of them by name, their character traits and their personalities! Full details are on the website here.


Mahikan Dog Sled Safari in Quebec.  Six days journeying over frozen lakes and rivers and through the beautiful Saguenay forests. You will learn how to drive the sleds and spend two nights in a log cabin and three in rustic camps.  Full details here


Seeing polar bears in the wild is always an incredible experience.  To see them up is unforgettable. Once seen the world’s largest carnivore is never forgotten. We have a range of holidays where you can literally be no more than a few feet away from these magnificent creatures albeit protected inside a viewing vehicle.  Full details of tours here

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Georgia Southern Charm and Coastal History

Price includes flights, car hire and accommodation.

There are few more romantic and fascinating places than Georgia. Dripping with history and culture it’s not just the Southern charm and hospitality which you meet wherever you go but the echoes of the old South are still everywhere you look.

This fly drive lets you get under the skin of the Peach State” with overnights in places such as Jekyll Island with wildlife tours to Cumberland Island, the Okefenokee Swamp or even a visit to the Sea Turtle Hospital.

This holiday is about coastal history and where better to start than Palm Beach when you fly into Miami with its chic boutiques and shops and celebrities walking the streets or just stretch out on its glorious sands after your flight.

If beaches are your thing then relax as you move further up the coast on 5 miles of beaches backed by sea oat-covered sand dunes that are perfect for sunbathing, people-watching and frolicking in the sand and surf of the Atlantic Ocean.

No visit to Georgia is complete with immersing yourself in the beautifully preserved 18th century city that is Savannah. Be it by a carriage or walking tour to Visit the museums, browse in the shops and dine in one of the many restaurants or even take a ghost tour at night.

If that’s not enough wait until you pass in to South Caroline and see the glory that is Charleston with it rich history, famous restaurant community and impeccably well mannerly people. “Y’all come back now is really meant here.

Back into Georgia to stay at Madison the "authentic southern town", with a renowned choice of dining cuisines, speciality shops and over 160 antique dealers before finally arriving at Atlanta. You may not be able to ride by carriage through the flames like Rhett Butler and Scarlet O’Hara but your heart will be on fire wanting to come back very soon to this most alluring of the southern states.

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Small Ship Cruising In Hawaii

We have an offer to explore four Hawaiin islands on a 7 night small ship cruise. Save $500 per couple ($250 pp) on NEW bookings for travel on November 21, 28; December 12, 2015;  January 2 - April 2, 2016. Book by September 9, 2015.

Visit the islands of Moloka‘i, Lana‘i, Maui, and Hawai‘i.  where life has a welcome slower pace. Cruise along shore and watch marine life gracefully leap around your skiff; “talk story” with locals; enjoy exclusivity; and spend time at play—kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, and snorkelling among black rock and coral gardens teaming with underwater life .

Get some sand between your toes at Papohaku Beach, one of Hawaii's longest beaches. At Kailua-Kona, stroll through town at your own pace, and uncover the charm of this historic town or skiff to Kealakekua Bay, where Captain Cook was slain in 1779.

Onboard, relax on deck, mingle in the lounge, or chat up the captain. Many of the crew members are from the islands—so they know its secrets and keep it authentic—and uncover the islands’ natural gifts in a way only accessible on an small ship cruise adventure. Immerse yourself in aloha, and experience the islands from a different perspective.

The next "port" may not be a port at all. Instead, it may be a passage rich with wildlife, thousand foot high cliffs a walk up a volcanic cone or a stop on a secluded sandy beach or a quiet cove where you will explore the surroundings on the shore or in the water. It is truly a privileged experience to visit one of the richest marine mammal environments in all of North America and to meet the people of Hawaii.

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Oktoberfest on the Mississippi

We are offering  30% savings on double occupancy as you celebrate Oktoberfest and the best of German style beers from the breweries of America's Heartland onboard the fabulous Mississippi steamboat American Queen.

Share fun facts, cultural traditions and the overall history of Oktoberfest while acclaimed polka band, Brian Brueggen's Mississippi Valley Dutchmen, makes a special guest appearance to provide you with an outstanding musical performance complete with dance sets and Polka lessons. Bring your Lederhosen, a taste for beer and dance a polka!

Pay flat rate of £1,290 on single occupancy cruise fare for stateroom categories F and G - while inventory lasts.

Offer expires September 30, 2015 and is only valid on new, paid-in-full bookings.

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Oregon Electric Car Road Trip

Because Portland is one of America’s greenest cities its influence is slowly spreading out into the rest of Oregon. This means you can now take a trip with an electric car to make your driving holiday emission free.

To be honest you could spend your time exploring the city itself.  Oregon's biggest city has plenty of museums, great seafood restaurants and boutique shops in which to take advantage of Oregon’s NO sales tax, and all are set against the magnificent backdrop of Mt. Hood.

This trip lets you drive along the coast to visit Seaside with it miles of public beach, spectacular ocean views and a bustling downtown.

The beach here is  wide and open and  is home to the world’s largest beach volleyball tournament every August with more than 1,000 teams playing on over 100 courts.

Follow this by driving slowly down to Pacific City which despite its name has a small population of around a 1000. This is also where you will find the Cape Kiwanda Marine Gardens with tidal pools and interesting sandstone formations.

All the time you have Oregon’s incredible scenery unfolding about you as the Northwest’s Pacific coast reveals its stunning beauty and power.

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Georgia The Peachy state

As a winter destination Georgia has an awful lot to see and do. It’s not just the Southern charm and hospitality which you meet wherever you go but the echoes of the old South are still everywhere you look.

If you want to step back to the time of Rhet Butler and Scarlett O’Hara we have a ‘Gone With The Wind Georgia Fly-Drive’ tour or perhaps visit Madison, Georgia's "authentic” southern town, with an array of ambient local dining options, speciality shops and over 160 antique dealers.

Explore Atlanta, including World of Coca-Cola and the CNN Center, the world’s largest television network and enjoy great shopping restaurants and nightlife.

Savannah, where ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil’ was written, has a number of historic mansions which can be visited and some great restaurants.

The Okefenokee Swamp & National Wildlife Refuge has long captivated the imaginations of those living in and around its murky mire. Home to scaly cypress trees, gators and snakes. In fact, many visitors find their visit to the bog downright unsettling — quite literally, thanks to the unstable peat floor that causes trees to shiver at the slightest disruption.

We have a range of tours to explore the wonderful ‘Peach State’ and if like Gladys Knight you want take that midnight train to Georgia. Why Not?

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Autumn leaves

It’s not just New England that has wonderful Autumn trees, there’s great leaf colour in Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and North Carolina. Why not take a trip driving scenic byways visit small towns and villages buy great local produce in shops and restaurants and take in beautiful scenery?

All across the country from New Hampshire to Oregon deciduous trees put on an amazing colourful display. ‘Leaf viewing’ is one of the least expensive and simplest ways to experience the North American continent’s beauty.

From the orange Hickory trees in  the Shenandoah National Park  to the  golden Aspens of Mammoth Lakes in the Eastern Sierra  there are 31 states where you can drive or take an organised tour  to more than 3,000 miles of national scenic byways, plus thousands of other roads dripping with colour.

In California the Redwoods can be ablaze with colour which coincides with the sound of the clashing antlers of the Elk rut, yet another natural wonder you can watch from your car, mobile home or motor cycle. Either way we’ve got it covered.

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California, not what you think

When you think of California most people think of Los Angeles, home to Hollywood and the Disney California Adventure and hilly San Francisco, with the the Golden Gate Bridge. San Diego is one of California’s sunniest destinations, not just in terms of the weather, but also in attitude!

All are big draws but there is far more to this wonderful state whose vineyards produce some of the finest wines in the world. Stretching north from the wine country to the Oregon border and east from the Pacific Ocean to the Nevada border, is an area with a rugged coastline, huge Redwoods, state parks and forests.

Pride of place amongst them must go to Yosemite one of the natural wonders of the world. We can arrange hiking in the beautiful pine forests, raft or fly-fish on the Sacramento River, try fresh oysters and seafood on the coasts. California is a place of contrasts from the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Central Valley farmland and to the arid Mojave Desert with its fossilised forests sparkling in the rising sun.

If you want to explore on your own why not take the Coast Starlight train journey from Seattle down to LA or may be take the Pacific Coast Highway  south to visit spectacular ocean bluffs and romantic hideaways in Carmel and Santa Barbara, plus an unforgettable detour to California’s wildest islands.

By the way don’t forget your surfboard!

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British Columbia Activity Holidays and Fishing

British Columbia is one of the world’s favourite destinations if not just for what is probably the best place in the world to see Orcas off Vancouver Island or taking a bear-watching tour to see Vancouver Island black bears or grizzly bears at nearby coastal inlets on the mainland.

The choices are endless, wilderness or car accessible camping, single or multi day hiking in spectacular scenery or cycling along city paths or wild river banks. If you don’t want be quite so active then a motor home trip is also popular with our clients as it gives you the freedom of the open road and a chance to see the wilderness and scenery of this amazing province at close quarters.  

We have fishing holidays too in British Columbia with our sister site Go Fishing World Wide.  Why not try British Columbia fishing by  staying at Deep Creek lodge in beautiful surroundings, for 6 days fishing with excellent food and service? You’ll fish for all the Pacific Salmon species as well as Steelhead. Rod average at this time of year is an excellent 6 or 7 fish per day per rod. Transported by 4x4 and jet boats with professional guides. Flying into Terrace via Vancouver. 23-30th August £4,190 (Flights included)

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Activity Holidays in the USA and Canada

If there’s one thing you can say about America and Canada they do offer a wealth of activity holidays all year round.

We pride ourselves on giving our clients exactly what they want with a range of tailor made holidays often with our sister sites Windows on the Wild and Go Fishing World Wide.

Be it husky sledding in the winter north in the Yukon or Quebec, Polar Bear watching or taking a trip across the Arizona desert or along the Florida keys by motorcycle we can arrange it.

If you don’t want be quite so active then a motor home trip is also popular with our clients as it gives you the freedom of the open road and a chance to see the wilderness and scenery of this amazing continent at close quarters.  You’ll find more information here

We have fishing holidays from British Columbia to Pennslyvania or if you want to be an explorer why not take an adventure cruise along the Alaskan coast and hop in and out of a zodiac to visit uninhabited islands and see wildlife undisturbed by human presence.

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Dancing with Wolves

Well not quite dancing with them but certainly seeing them in the wild. Here's a sample of what we can offer:

1) We have a five night winter holiday to explore the largest forest region in Canada with some amazing wild life.  Wolf, moose and elk, all live in the area. With excursions using snowshoes, car and if trail conditions allow dog sledding through Prince Albert National Park it all makes for a memorable holiday.

Website details

2) Wolves in  winter. This 10 night holiday takes place when Yellowstone National Park is snowbound. Wolves can easily be viewed and/or tracked not far from the roadside. Since the reintroduction of 16 grey wolves in 1996, their numbers have steadily grown. 

Website details

3) There are still places on one of our sister site Windows on the Wild most popular tours which focuses on Greater Yellowstone's predators, bears and wolves.

Website page here

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New Orleans. The Big Easy

The ‘Big Easy’ is aptly named perhaps no other city in America is so laid back and so thoroughly enjoyable. As such more and more UK visitors are enjoying its ambience to escape the winter months at home.

It’s not just Mardi Gras that make this city so alive but rather its round-the-clock nightlife, vibrant live-music from Jazz to Blues and the Cajun heritage of music and the spicy, individual cuisine found here.

Seafood, chicken, sausage, or okra – no matter what goes into your gumbo, you can’t go wrong and because the Big Easy is not your average city therefore beignets are not your average doughnut.

A melting pot of French, African, Spanish and American cultures there is always something going on with museums, festivals and tours of the city’s amazing architecture and historic or just hop on one of the historic Street cars and explore yourself.

The French Quarter contains all the excitement of Bourbon Street and so much more. Contact us to let us know how you want to enjoy the Big Easy and we’ll arrange it all for you.

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Orlando The Perfect Destination?

Orlando and the surrounding Central Florida region is a great attraction for visitors from the UK. It is also becoming increasingly popular as a winter destination. 

You can eat in some of the finest restaurants, share a cheeseburger with Mickey Mouse or dip into amazing seafood or other superb Florida or international cuisine.

The area has a great reputation for world-class golf with 168 spectacular course scattered around and it wouldn’t be Orlando without its unforgettable shopping experience.  There are nine world-class malls where you can get anything from a diamond encrusted watch to a pair of Bermuda shorts.

Orlando is full of theme parks, museums and rides from the classic Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World to LegoLand Florida and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the Universal Orlando Resort.

With an average year-round temperature of 72.4  F (22 C) you can also get up close to the local wildlife of alligators, manatees, osprey, deer and eagles. There really is something for everybody.

What ever you want from your trip here just contact us and we’ll make sure it’s just right for you.

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Cruise The Big Muddy

As Louisiana is our destination of the month why not try a trip on The American Queen?  A Mississippi River icon she is the only authentic paddle steamer in America that offers overnight cruises, where you can experience the history, heritage and culture of the country’s heartland on our 8 nights March to May.

 Indeed there’s no more unique way to enjoy the Mississippi River and the ports along it, than on a cruise aboard the American Queen. Stroll through charming towns and vibrant Mississippi river cities. Explore historic ports of call like New Orleans, Natchez, Mark Twain’s Hannibal, Chattanooga and Pittsburgh, just to name a few.

The largest steamboat ever built, the grand American Queen is a gracious and elegant triumph of American ingenuity. Although filled with today’s modern amenities, her rooms and accommodations display all the opulence of the American Victorian era. Glistening woodwork, fresh flowers and antiques adorn her interior spaces. While on board, you can select a volume from the vast collection in the Mark Twain Gallery, the boat’s library. Or enjoy a sing-along in the Main Deck Lounge, and then tap your toes to a lavish show in the two-deck-tall Grand Saloon, the most elegant showplace on the river.

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Spring Wolves And Bears Expedition

There are still places on one of our sister site Windows on the Wild most popular tours which focuses on Greater Yellowstone's predators, bears and wolves.

You travel to the best sites for viewing bears and reintroduced wolves including  Lamar Valley, known as America’s Serengeti. In addition, the trip may include stops at Old Faithful, the colourful Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone - crowned by a waterfall more than twice as high as Niagara Falls - and the terraces of Mammoth Hot Springs.

You will journey north through dramatic Grand Teton National Park and into Yellowstone National Park searching for elk, bison, deer and pronghorn antelope, stopping along the way for breakfast at Signal Mountain on picturesque Jackson Lake.

The trip includes staying in Jackson Hole  on the floor of the valley between the Teton Mountain Range and the Snake River. This program is always a very popular and sold out quickly last year; we recommend making reservations as soon as possible to avoid disappointment

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Baton Rouge and 'The Magnificent Seven'

MGM have chosen Baton Rouge, the capital of Louisiana as the production location for their new feature film, The Magnificent Seven, a remake of the 1960s Western classic.  

The Baton Rouge area owes its historical importance to its strategic site upon the first natural bluff upriver from the Mississippi Delta which allowed it to be safe from the seasonal flooding.

The levee also built to protect the city from the river offers a relaxed experience and is a perfect daytime stroll or bike ride on the 2.5-mile path. Many visitors pack a lunch and simply take their time.

Known for its friendly people, its unique food and its lively music, ‘Red Stick’ has something for everyone. The French Colonial influence is all around and one of the joys of visiting here is the spicy Cajun food to be had in restaurants a plenty.

The city's unofficial motto is "Let the good times roll", and roll they do as you sample a riverboat casino, tap your feet in one of the many bars dedicated to a specific type of music or simply gaze out at the mighty Big Muddy.

Both the old and new capitol buildings make a great stop when touring Baton Rouge. The new building is the tallest capitol in the US and is beautiful on the inside. From the 27th-floor observation deck you can take in the beauty of this lovely city at one time the heart of plantation country. Stately antebellum mansions still abound in the area whilst the old capitol building looks like a whitewashed castle.    

More informaton on the website here

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To Kill a Mocking Bird

Monroeville, Alabama, was designated as the “Literary Capital of Alabama” because of its history in producing many famous writers and is in the spotlight again due to the release of 'Go Set a Watchman' by Harper Lee.

The picturesque town with a small population of 6,000 is located between Montgomery and Mobile on the El Camino Corridor- historically one of the most important east-west routes – linking Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.

The town is expected to see a surge in visitors who want to take in the historic courthouse, town square, statues recognizing characters, murals depicting scenes from the novel and countless other sites of 'Mockingbird' significance. “To Kill a Mockingbird,” published in July 1960, was Lee’s first published novel and has been translated into 40 languages.

Contact us if you would like to visit this fascinating town with its museum and readings from Harper Lee’s works.

Full details are on the website here

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South Carolina as a Winter Destination

South Carolina is known for its shoreline of subtropical beaches and unspoilt sea islands, lush gardens and fun filled activities all year round. As such it offers an amazing winter destination for the UK visitor.

Charleston its oldest city, founded in 1670 it is characterised by its cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages and pastel coloured pre-Civil-War-era houses particularly in the bustling French Quarter and Battery areas.

The shore hugging Battery promenade and Waterfront Park both overlook Charleston Harbour, while Fort Sumter  where the first shots of the Civil War were sounded, is across the water.  To the north of Charleston is Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand, a 60-mile stretch of beachfront known for its championship golf courses and year-round activities.

The state’s Upcountry region is tucked into the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and has many beautiful small towns and villages to explore. The area boasts more than 150 spectacular  waterfalls, three major lakes whilst The Chattooga National Wild & Scenic River is ideal for hiking.

Full details are on the website here

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Natchitoches - Louisiana’s oldest city

Natchitoches (pronounced “Nack-a-tish”) is Louisiana’s oldest city and was used for the setting in the film Steel Magnolias.

You can experience the charm of this the original French colony in Louisiana established in 1714 and named after the local Indian tribe. It retains its European heritage through its wonderful buildings, most found in the historic Landmark centre with fort sites, museums, and a year long programme of cultural events and festivals. The city is home to the Cane River Creole National Historical Park at Oakland & Magnolia Plantations.

If you’re thinking of a winter break then the Christmas Festival of Lights has over 300,000+ lights and over a 100 riverbank set pieces on every night from late November.  Downtown attractions include carriages tours through the historic district and shops and restaurants are open late. 

Full details are on the website here

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The Florida Keys

For a winter destination from the UK it’s hard to beat the Florida Keys. Beginning at the southeastern coast of the peninsula they stretch out in a gentle arc south-southwest and then westward to Key West, the westernmost of the inhabited islands and finally onto the The Dry Tortugas, still uninhabited and a wildlife paradise.

The  unique Overseas Highway is a coastal route that allows you to travel by car, or motorbike if you prefer, through the tropical islands and view exotic plants and animals found nowhere else on the US mainland and experience the wonder that’s is Seven Mile Bridge.

The Keys are a holiday experience you’ll never forget. Still under visited with pristine beaches and some of the finest hotels and guest houses in the country the climate and environment are closer to that of the Caribbean than mainland Florida.

Of course one can’t mention the Keys with talking about Ernest Hemingway. His home in Key West is now a museum but like Hemingway once did the Keys come alive at night with bars and restaurants and some of the finest sea food and music anywhere.

Full details are on the website here

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Alabama as a winter destination

Alabama is known as the "Heart of Dixie" and the Cotton State. An ideal winter-fly drive destination ‘Sweet Home Alabama' sweeps down from the foothills of the verdant Appalachians in the North to the pristine white sands of the Gulf of Mexico in the South.  

Rich in history with towns such as Mobile founded by French colonists and civil war sites the state has a great musical tradition not only from the blues and jazz but also guided tours of the recording studios will you show you where Aretha Franklin, The Rolling Stones, Paul Simon and Otis Redding made their classic recordings.

Contemporary history is available at Huntsville’s U.S. Space and Rocket Centre, the Earth’s largest space museum featuring a full size Space Shuttle, a Saturn V rocket and the actual Apollo 16 capsule. Step into the interactive rides and flight simulators but save time for the Huntsville Botanical Garden with 112 acres of plants and trees.

Alabama's signature dishes will enslave you. Stoneground baked grits at Highlands Bar & Grill in Birmingham,  Oysters at Wintzell's on the Gulf Coast and other dishes such as pickled ochre and  mouth watering crab cakes are just a few of the "Sweet Home" specialities.  

If that’s not enough its National Parks offer lush forests and lakes with walks and wildlife spotting opportunities. Alabama really is a destination not to be missed and the hospitality is legendry. “Y’all come back now" is not just a parting but a heartfelt wish.

Full details are on the website here

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Gardens of Massachusetts

This year Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism is inviting visitors to the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show (30th June – 5th July) to discover The Massachusetts Garden as part of Discover America’s Great Gardens of the USA.  Sadie May Studios has designed a Boston city garden inspired by both the modern and historic elements of this East Coast city.

If you can’t get to the show then why not try our “Highlights & Gardens of Massachusetts” tour? In Boston we visit gardens based on the tranquillity of Japanese Zen design and the fragrant pleasure parks of Italian palazzos. The small town of Beverly has the Long Hill Garden, a 114-acre hillside property with lovely views of the rural North Shore. The gardens are laid out in a series of separate garden “rooms” surrounding the handsome, Federal-style, brick house. Each “room” is distinct in its own way, accented by ornaments and statuary.

We visit the Garden in the Woods, in Framingham, New England’s premier wildflower garden, and named as one of Great Places to Visit in Massachusetts, it has more than 1,000 native plant species, with many rare and endangered native specimens throughout the gardens, as well as the unique New England Rare Plant Garden.

This 9 day tour boasts perfectly formed garden dating from colonial to Victorian times so one can get understand the history of the state from its buildings and garden layouts. A truly wonderful holiday for the plant lover and historian alike.

Full details are on the website here

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Husky Sledding in the Yukon

Husky sledding in The Yukon is one of Canada’s great experiences. Not only will you enjoy the incredible scenery but you will start to bond with the dogs as you get to know each of them by name, their character traits and their personalities!

You’ll be based some twenty miles north of Whitehorse, the Yukon’s capital - known as the Wilderness City. Tucked into a mountain range on the banks of the Yukon River and intersected by the Alaska and Klondike Highways it’s home to a vibrant arts community, great restaurants, buzzing coffee houses, glitzy galleries – all within a short drive of the pristine wilderness.

You’ll feed, and take care of the dogs sometimes taking them on a 30 mile sled ride though the silent country where the only sounds are the hiss of the runners on the snow and the dogs’ panting. On your return after you’ve bedded them down for the night it’s your turn to relax maybe in the sauna or just simply sipping Canadian whisky after your  sumptuous meal. Well let’s face it you’ll be dog tired.

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Georgia as a winter destination

As a winter destination Georgia has an awful lot to see and do. It’s not just the Southern charm and hospitality which you meet wherever you go but the echoes of the old South are still everywhere you look.

If you want to step back to the time of Rhet Butler and Scarlett O’Hara then visit Madison, Georgia's "authentic” southern town, with an array of ambient local dining options, speciality shops and over 160 antique dealers. We have a range of tours to explore the wonderful ‘Peach State’ and if Like Gladys Knight you want take that midnight train to Georgia. Why Not?

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Wolves in winter in Saskatchewan

We have a five night winter holiday to explore the largest forest region in Canada with some amazing wild life.  Wolf, moose and elk, all live in the area. With excursions using snowshoes, car and if trail conditions allow dog sledding through Prince Albert National Park it all makes for a memorable holiday.

Consisting of 3,874 square kilometres (1,496 sq miles) in central Saskatchewan the park is located 200 kilometres (120 miles) north of Saskatoon and at this time of year visitor numbers are much lower so you can appreciate the stunning scenery much more.

The Park has the largest concentration of wolves in Canada and they are difficult to see. However in February and March they are often spotted more often as they are mating. They are particularly vocal at this time so you will need to keep your ears open as well as your eyes!

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Louisiana in Winter

If you’re worried about the winter blues at home why not take a trip to Louisiana where the winters are warm and so is the welcome?

Not only can you encounter the real “Blues”, the jazz of Bourbon Street but maybe enjoy some Cajun delicacy by the banks of the ‘Big Muddy’ on a sultry New Orleans evening.

A huge melting pot of races and culture Louisiana is totally different from any other state and there is so much to see and do from Civil war battle fields and grand plantation houses to festivals such as the Mardi Gras in February and a host of museums and the haunting beauty of the primeval swamp lands.

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Southern Arizona in Winter

If you’re thinking about the dismal UK winter then why not consider a trip to Southern Arizona? This part of the state has some of the most awesome attractions on the American continent and is the ideal winter trip. The stark beauty of the desert, the giant cacti of the Saguaro National Park and the world-class resorts of Tuscon, Phoenix, Scottsdale are also on offer with some great winter sun, hiking, ATVs, horse riding, high end shopping and dining, and also warm weather.

Phoenix is the jumping off point for the Grand Canyon it can be a little bit chilly in the winter but you don’t get the crowds plus we can organise a flight over the Canyon. If that’s not enough adrenaline for you, how about the ultimate thrill and bragging rights, The Grand Canyon Skywalk?

This transparent horseshoe shaped glass bridge commissioned and owned by the Hualapai Indians, stretches out over the Canyon floor some 800ft below. A memory that will stay with you for ever.

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Bears In British Columbia

Knight Inlet is located in Glendale Cove, a spectacular fjord carved by glaciers in British Columbia's coastal mountains. Remarkable for its excellent grizzly bear viewing, it’s not uncommon for up to 40 bears to be in the vicinity when the salmon are running up the river.

A floating property anchored 60 kilometres from the mouth of the inlet in sheltered Glendale Cove, Knight Inlet Lodge offers plenty of activities to help enjoy this stunning wilderness area.  Not just bears but wolves, orcas, kayaking and river cruises taking you deep into this pristine wilderness are all on offer.

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Winter dog sled holidays in Quebec

Mahikan Dog Sled Safari 

Six days journeying over frozen lakes and rivers and through the beautiful Saguenay forests. You will learn how to drive the sleds and spend two nights in a log cabin and three in rustic camps.

What a way to discover the beauty of the wilderness no petrol fumes no motorway noise just the whish of the sleds over the snow, the chatter of dogs and the calls of the wildlife.

Price includes flights, all transfers, meet and greet at Montréal airport and Saguenay train station, services of a certified musher-guide, 1 dog sled per person for 5 days, ‘Extreme Cold’ clothing (snow-suit, boots and gloves) expedition-grade sleeping bag, spa and sauna access during nights at the log chalets, Full Board whilst dog sledding.

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Holidays in Florida

From alligators ambling across the road to Mickey Mouse handing you an ice cream and rockets blasting off to outer space there really is no other state like Florida.

From the natural beauty of the Everglades to the vibrant nightlife of Miami and the long, slow drive down to the laid back lifestyle of the Keys, Florida really does have it all.

Choose to stay in one or two destinations or do a fly-drive and include a variety of experiences. We are happy to offer suggestions for whatever you want to do.

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Wolves in Winter

This 10 night holiday takes place when Yellowstone National Park is snowbound. Wolves can easily be viewed and/or tracked not far from the roadside. Since the reintroduction of 16 grey wolves in 1996, their numbers have steadily grown. There are now several well-established packs within the park’s boundaries, mainly in the north along the Lamar Valley. At this time of year the park is closed to motorists, but can still be accessed by snow coach (a converted minivan with tracks) or snowmob. 

Price includes return international flights, transfers, 2 nights in Bozeman, 5 nights at Mammoth Hot Springs with 3 days wildlife excursions, 3 nights at Old Faithful Lodge, breakfast and lunch on Days 4 and 5.


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Visit Alaska

Alaska boasts more than half of the country's National Parks and over 33,000 miles of coastline with stunning fjords and the Glacier Bay National Park. Its wildlife viewing opportunities are immense with wolves, Brown and Grizzly bears, moose and majestic eagles to be seen.


We also have a range of fly/drive holidays as well as escorted tours in suitable vehicles, kayaking with bears, whale watching trips and travelling around the state by rail. 


You can delve deep into Alaska’s history with its native American culture and the days of the Klondike gold rush of the Yukon.


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Fishing in British Columbia

Our sister brand Go Fishing World Wide has a great trip on 23-30 Aug in British Columbia, 6 days fishing - Steelhead & Salmon hosted by Stevie Munn.

Guests will stay at the Deep Creek lodge just outside of Terrace, in the heart of the Skeena River system with beautiful surroundings plus excellent food and service. You’ll fish for all the Pacific Salmon species as well as Steelhead. Rod average at this time of year is an excellent 6 or 7 fish per day per rod. 

The fishing at this time of year takes place mainly on the Skeena with access to the Kitimat river also, plus tributaries such as the world famous Kalum River and numerous others for when fish make an early move up stream to their spawning grounds. Transportation is by 4x4 and jet boats with professional guides.  Flying into Terrace via Vancouver   £4,190 (flights included )


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Small Ship Cruising in Alaska and British Columbia

If you fancy exploring Alaska or coastal British Columbia with only nine other people on board then have a look at our small ship cruises.

One of them is the MV Swell which accommodates 10 passengers in private state rooms with private bathrooms. It has comfortable lounge areas, 2 shore boats and 2 kayaks.

There are other options available from 20 metre sailing ketches to 80 passenger luxury small cruise ships. Prices include international and internal flights, plus pre and post cruise nights in a hotel on the mainland. 

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West Coast Fly Drives

Why not discover California and the West  with a fly-drive tour? The Golden State is a unique, rich mixture of magnificent natural wonders and fantastic cities, with sparkling entertainment and theme parks. Visit the world renowned wineries of the Sonoma Valley, the splendours of the National Parks and the high deserts, or stay in some of the finest resorts in the world.

Full details of all of our West coast tours are here.

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Facebook and The Desert

Our Facebook page today is all about cacti and the desert. You can find the page here. 

Do 'Like' it and spread the word please!  It holds some interesting offers not found on the blog and it's a place you can leave advice and tips for your fellow travellers.

Don't forget you can drive or motorcycle through the desert too! Click here to find out more


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See North America by Rail

Seeing the USA and Canada by train is a wonderful experience not just the stunning scenery but the trains themselves are pretty amazing too. They may not be moving  5 star hotels but they come pretty close! Long distance trains have dining cars with freshly cooked food, some have famliy rooms and specialist viewing cars.

Cross the Rockies from Vancouver to Calgary or take the coastal route from Seattle to Los Angles or maybe Chicago to San Fransisco, you’ll love every minute of it.  If you feel like it you can even step off and spend a night in city or town.


Prices start from £758 per person. Click here to find out more information about the various itineraries we offer.

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Sail the Mississippi!

American Queen: Southern Culture

This journey showcases the diversity and drama of the Lower Mississippi River from New Orleans to Memphis on board the fabulous Mississippi Queen. Gracious towns with palatial mansions and tree-lined streets abound. History is everywhere - in silent Civil War cemeteries, in the soulful gospel blues of Helena and virtually everywhere you turn in Memphis, best known for jazz, barbeque, and of course The King of Rock and Roll and his home at Graceland.

Prices start from £1820 per person. Click here to find out more information about the itinerary, departure dates and what is included.


8 nights March to May Departures

Walk the National Parks of America!

Our  9 night National Parks Walks itinerary was featured in the Telegraph on Saturday.  It includes Zion National Park, the Route 66 town of Seligman, guided hikes in Bryce Canyon National Park, hike to Delicate Arch in Arches National Park, full day in Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park, half day hiking and a  backroads tour led by a Navajo guide in Monument Valley, visit Goblin Valley and full day hiking at Grand Canyon National Park.  

Prices start from £1529 per person. Click here to find out more information about the itinerary, departure dates and what is included.

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John Carter's Kansas and Oklahoma Adventure!

Click here to read all about John Carter, former presenter of television’s Wish You Were Here programme and avid globetrotter adventure in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Many states lay claim to being ‘the real America’, but Kansas and Oklahoma are the real deal. With a welcome as big as the prairie, vibrant Western and Native American history and culture, genuine working ranches offering unique horseback experiences, and the longest drivable section of the legendary ‘mother road’ – Route 66. The Heartland States are unforgettable! 

Located in the geographic heart of the country, Kansas generates images of cowboys, Old West Gun fights, pioneer trails, cattle drives, frontier forts and Native American culture. All of these images are more than past history in Kansas. They exist today in dozens of attractions and events found througout the state. 

The larger-than-life cowboy legends of the Old West were born on the frontier plains and in the cattle towns of Kansas. Experience this heritage in museums and historic sites across the state. Kansas has a rich history surrounding the westward expansion of the USA when thousands of pioneers and traders moved along the Santa Fe, California and Oregon Trails. Later, millions of cattle were herded along the great cattle trails such as the Chisholm and Great Western. Kansas still boasts an extensive trail network used by hikers, mountain bikers, equestrian trail rider, birders or anyone wanting to enjoy the great outdoors are offered in virtually every corner of the state. 

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Discover Food, History and Music in the Deep South!

Renowned for their charm and hospitality, the Deep South states of Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee offer a wealth of experiences for people to enjoy. Explore the world famous music cities of Nashville (home of Country and Western and the Grand Ole Opry) Tupelo (birthplace of Elvis Presley) and Memphis (renowned as the ‘Home of the Blues’  Graceland and the birthplace of ‘Rock ‘n Roll’). Experience the rich Civil Rights and Civil War history of Montgomery, Alabama and the antebellum and plantation homes of Natchez, Mississippi. Enjoy the fantastic flavours of tradtional Southern cooking from fried chicken to biscuits and gravy.  There is nowhere else in the world quite like the Deep South. The rich history, art, vibrant culture, amazing people, mouth watering food, music and beautiful architecture, available here all combine to create a once in a lifetime holiday experience.

If the above has whet your appetite, we are currently offering £300 off two of our 10 night Deep South itineraries!

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